What Does Your Clothing Style Tell About You?

How did you dress up today? Did you spend a lot of time trying out different outfits in front of a huge mirror, or simply put on the first thing you have found in your wardrobe? Do you spend a lot of time figuring out what fits best for you – and how do you want to look in front of others? Studies show, that our outfit is the first thing other people judge about us – therefore we have to be sure that the impression we leave is positive (I guess no one would want otherwise). Yet what does your clothing style say about you and your personality?


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Classical style

A person, who likes to dress up in an official (or simply called “office”) style, can definitely called to be a goal-reacher. Women who like to dress up in a strict office style are usually tend to be very career-oriented and a strict. A disadvantage of dressing up in a classical style is, that it might make you look too strict. Do you recall Barney from “How I Met Your Mother”? That’s a perfect example of why the suit doesn’t always fit (even though he thinks it does)…

Sporty style

You probably are full of energy, easy-going and self-confident person. Usually men, who tend to dress up in sporty style, do not like official (or classical) style at all, since they hate uncomfortable clothes and ties. A sport is probably a big part of your life and that is why such people usually seem to be full of energy yet rushing somewhere. The disadvantage of sporty style is looking too vain and without any imagination since you choose pre-made, comfy yet not extremely good-looking clothes.

Romantic style

Without a doubt, a person wearing romantic, lacey clothes can be described as passionate and feeling-driven. A woman, wearing girly and romantic clotes is definitely feminine, and wants to love and be loved. She is also most likely a little naive and believes in a lifelong love.  Disadvantage: there’s a very tiny line between looking “inviting” and romantic and too sweet.

Simple style (so called “no style” style)

Even though in the very beginning it might seem that you do not really care about how you look like and simply put the first thing you found in a wardrobe, you probably are simply too busy to think about it. “No style” style adorers are simple humble people who are still in search of themselves.

Colourful or bright style

You most likely are the one who’s following trends. You like to provoke with your appearance. It could seem that you might be too self-confident and cheeky, yet you have a really good taste and pay attention to what kind of accessories do have and use. Yet you probably have a big heart and know how to feel and look good.

Bohemia – style

You are either an artist, or an art-lover. You must be an adventurous and courageous person. You know that home-made accessories have a certain meaning and you wear them with a pleasure. You how to free your thoughts and how to show that you are free and have your own world. You must be creative!

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