Worst Habits Before Going To Sleep

Morning. Your alarm screams that you must wake up, but you keep pressing “snooze” for a number times in a row until you actually have to leave… Is that a familiar feeling? According to doctors, there are three bad habbits that keep us awake for too long and do not let us have a quality sleeping time.



Watching TV/sports

According to doctors, it is not recommended to watch TV before going to sleep as it keeps our brains awake even though we might feel sleepy. The same story with the sport: if you engage in an activity that requires a lot of physical strength and patience, it stimulates higher blood circulation and keeps your body awake for too long. The only good physical activity before going to sleep, according to doctors, is sex…

Hot air

If a temperature in your bedroom is higher than 21, most likely you will face some troubles to fall asleep. It is said that a room, which is too hot for an appropriate and relaxing sleep (i.e. over 21 degrees of Celcius) will not let you sleep tightly and therefore your body will not feel relaxed. Adjust the room temperature so that it would be a little below 20.

Time checking

If you cannot fall asleep, you should not check the time on your mobile phone or a wristwatch. Realizing that you have less and less hours of sleeping will make you feel stressed and you will have even harder time to fall asleep.

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