White chocolate and rhubarb cake

This cake is inspired by a recipe of Pierre Hermé. His name is connected to the highest class of French patissier, due to his exquisite taste and combination of flavours. Of course, this makes his recipes difficult and time consuming. Therefore, I have chosen to simplify it together with adding gelatine to the cream in order to make it possible to transfer it, for example, to a friend’s house. Well, you do want to amaze someone with your cooking skills, right? ;)

White chocolate cake


- 500 ml whipped cream

- 100 gr white chocolate

- 1 lemon

- 4 eggs

- 100 gr flour

- 170 gr sugar (Note: I usually use brown sugar for all my recipes, as it is less sweet than the white one. In case you use white sugar, use 10-20 gr less.)

- 500 gr rhubarb

- 10 gr gelatine

- A bit of vanilla


Separate egg whites from egg yolks. Add 35 gr sugar to egg yolks, and beat until it becomes white. Whip the egg whites with the same amount of sugar until white peaks. Sieve the flour into egg yolks, add some vanilla and carefully mix together. Next combine yolks and whites with a spatula. Place the dough in a round form, covered with parchment paper and bake at 180⁰C for 20 minutes, or until ready. Take the cake out, leave it to cool, cut the outer sides and cut into 2 layers lengthwise. Meanwhile, wash and peel the skin of rhubarb, cut in 1 cm pieces. Soften the gelatine in cold water.

Place rhubarb in a pot with 50 ml water, 70 gr sugar and juice from one lemon (shred the lemon zest on beforehand, and leave aside). Cook until boiling point and add gelatine. Let the rhubarb jelly cool down. In a round form, place one layer of cake on the bottom and place a thick layer of aluminium foil around it. This will prevent rhubarb jelly from blending together with white chocolate cream. Pour the cooled jelly and place another layer on the top. Leave the cake in the fridge for 30 minutes. Now, soak the rest of the gelatine in cold water. Melt chocolate on a water basin with 200 ml of whipping cream. When the chocolate melts completely, cook the mixture on the stove together with lemon zest until boiling point and then add gelatine. Whip the rest of the cream and combine with cooled white chocolate. Take the cake out of the fridge, remove foil and cover it with white chocolate cream. Let the cake settle in a fridge for 2 hours, take it out of the form and decorate with fresh strawberries. Enjoy!

Lea Rozena

Food Journalist

Having two major passions in life, healthy products and Japan – I am happy to share my experiences with you putting the two in one: cooking Japanese style. For me, it is very important that a product has natural flavour and colour, no preservatives or excessive amount of fat. I always prefer to make my food from scratch- making my own dough, batter, filling or cake decoration. And Japan… Japan is the land of my dreams, where a fairy tale becomes reality. The combination of traditions and highly modern metropolitan life encourages you to explore it more and more. Japanese cuisine is rich with fish, vegetables and rice, making it one of the healthiest. Therefore, I will introduce to you some of the most basic Japanese recipes, along with the ones I have adjusted to European lifestyle. Happy reading and happy cooking!

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