What’s Your Summer Smell?

Summer is a beautiful perfume itself: when the trees and bushes are blooming and little colourful flowers show off their amazing blossoms, we feel like putting some of the beauty of nature on our own skin. I remember my mother in my childhood would teach me the art of perfume: “A woman should always have “Parfum” or “Eau de Parfum” of their favorite perfume as well as “Eau de Toilette” for summer”, she would tell. She would also explain that “Parfum” and “Eau de Parfum” versions stay longer on the skin, reflecting the base notes (or base ingredients) only after 3-5 hours, whereas “Eau de Toilette” is a lighter version of perfume with lesser percentage of aromatic compounds. One could also use perfume mist or splash for summer, if one is willing to get a really fresh, summerish smell. Yet what is your favorite summer smell? 

What is your favorite perfume


I have recently become intrigued by one girl, who was in search for summer perfume. She has asked other girls to help her find her own unique summer scent as she couldn’t find her favorite smell. Quickly after, girls started sharing their favorite summer scents and, without a surprise, one could quickly realize that for summer young women would prefer fresh, fruity smells forgetting about oriental or woody, since they do not give a splash of freshness during a hot day.

D&G L'imperatrice

D&G “L’imperatrice”

Every single perfume is usually described like a musical chord by its base, middle and top notes. Top nots are usually perceived immediately on application of a perfume. Middle notes come just prior to when the top notes dissipate. Middle notes are also sometimes reffered to as “Heart Notes”. And, after all, base notes of perfume can be noticed after the middle notes. Base notes usually cannot be smelled at least 30 minutes after the application. Therefore, for summer perfume, it is adviced to seek for light perfume with easy recognizable base notes.

Calvin Klein Euforia

Calvin Klein “Euforia”

Dior Addict

Dior “Addict”

L'eau Par Kenzo

Kenzo “L’eau Par Kenzo”

One could easily notice one similarity between all the summer perfume: summer perfume is (well, and has to be…) fresh and fruity, slightly bit sweet. Therefore, majority of summer fragnances’ top notes consist of fruity ingredients, such as lemon, peach or mandarin, heart notes usually include a bouquet of flowers, such as rose, jasmine or lily and base, the most important notes, without a doubt, include musk.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

Elizabeth Arden “Green Tea”

Chanel "Chance"

Chanel “Chance”

I have listed the most popular summer perfume choices amongst international girls. What are yours?

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