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Since spring is coming, I believe all of us, women, start thinking that it could be a good idea to exercise a little more in order to lose some weight and fit in our favorite spring dresses. It is generally thought that exercising is a relatively hard and boring activity, yet I must say that if all of us lived like French women, thinking “why should we postpone it for tomorrow if we can do it now”, we all would be slim and gorgeous. And confident. Always.


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I don’t know if it’s simply my own perception influenced by the fact that I adore France, but it is an obvious fact that nearly all French women are extremely slim and good looking. They are very chic yet not overdressed: it is said that a French woman looks best in a simple white shirt and a pair of good jeans. And a hint of a red lipstick, if she is flirting with someone she is interested in. Yet one thing I completely adore about French women: they don’t postpone the things they can do not. They don’t leave their best Chanel lipstick “for the better occasion” since the only occasion, and the best one, is actually today. They don’t postpone wearing their favorite perfume. And they don’t chose lift over stairs. “If you can exercise now to be a little slimmer and in a better shape, why would you postpone?”, once a friend of mine asked. True indeed – why would I?

Simple exercise – best exercise

As already mentioned, one of the easiest ways to exercise and keep your shape would be having a rule “a little each time is best”. If you can choose stairs over taking a lift, do so. If you can reach your destination without using a bus, do so. If you have a bike and can bike at least a couple time a week, do so. And if you can choose a healthy smoothie over a muffin, do so – all small efforts after all come into one big effort, which in a long term will make you feel better and healthier.

Choose what gives you pleasure

If you decide to start going to gym, choose classes that you like. If you are against box but would gladly do yoga, don’t force yourself. Yet if you are lead to a new class by your curiosity, feel free to do so: who knows, after all, maybe you will enjoy it?

Since weather in Denmark is getting better and better, don’t forget to go for a long romantic evening walk, which will make you feel relaxed. If you are strong-willed and want to challenge yourself even more, I would also suggest you to start jogging at least a couple times a week: believe me, there’s no better feeling than taking a shower afterwards and feeling fresh and refreshed. If you can’t manage doing it on your own and feel that you need some support, it could be a good idea to approach a friend of yours who would like to go jogging together. It’s always best to have someone who supports and controls you a little bit.



Dancing classes

It could be a good idea to try going to dancing classes. If you want to find new friends, burn some calories and get energized, dancing or zumba classes would be the best choice. Besides, it could be useful: learning new dancing moves would definitely impress your friends!

Besides, when the weather gets even better, I would encourage you to choose outdoors activities rather than sitting at home in front of your computer. There are many choices what you can do outside – walking, jogging, playing outdoor games, biking and so on.

No matter what you choose to do – dancing, gym classes, a special spring detox diet or simply not eating sweets – remember to make your spring exercise fun. Everything can be achieved as long as you work towards your goal and make it fun!

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