Wandering in Aarhus: TGV Café

Aarhus is an amazing city, with lots of places to go and new things to try. It can be perceived as both an exciting and relaxing city, it just depends on what you make it.

Our first destination is TGV café. It’s one of my favorite dessert places and I am madly in love with their French orange juice, brought all the way from the Rungis market in Paris.

The first thing that strikes you when entering TGV café is a sophisticated, but cozy ambient. The Danish interior with a French twist and 50’s music (they were playing Frank Sinatra the last time I was there) makes you feel like you step back in time in the era of gangsters and pin up mademoiselles. Nonetheless, you can still find hints that you are in the XXI century.


The staff is very welcoming and friendly, making sure you have a good time since the moment you set foot into the café.

There are various dish choices, but I would suggest you go for their exquisite desserts! What I went for this time is the chocolate cake mousse and a large glass of the orange juice I have mentioned earlier…

…while my boyfriend went with the Gateu Marcel and a café latte.

I don’t even think it’s necessary to say how delicious the desserts were (and yes… I have tasted both of them!). Even more, the sweet courses were served by the chefs of café’s, which I personally found very exciting!

In terms of price range, we each paid 100 kr (approximately 13,50 euro). It can sound a little pricy in the beginning, but it’s no different from other cafés and what you get is definitely worth it.

This being said, all I can add is Bon appetit!

Adina Helen Florescu

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