Wandering in Aarhus: Café, Restaurant and scene Gyngen

Ecological ingredients. Cozy atmosphere and friendly, customer-oriented and service-minded staff. Jazz, rock and salsa concerts during evenings: welcome to Café, Restaurant and scene Gyngen - a cozy place which has become the second destination we are heading to in order to discover interesting and worth-visiting places in Aarhus.


Archive picture by Gyngen

Archive picture by Gyngen



An inviting offer to try two dishes as well as enjoy two glasses of wine for only 200kr (probably the smallest amount for the quality food you could find in Aarhus) definitely caches attention. Even though the menu does not consist of a large amount of choices, however, one can definitely find some worthy options including vegetarian customers.

Pasta dish

Trying out amazing pasta dish with lemon sauce and pan-roasted almonds…

beer braised pork cheeks

Whereas my boyfriend went for beer braised pork cheeks with vegetables and chestnuts.

The fact that Gyngen is organizing a number of various events during evenings, the whole place seems even more interesting – since one can discover both delicious food and interesting events in the same place. To sum up: a creative space with satisfying culinary offerings.




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