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Malta, or officially the Republic of Malta, is a European country in the centre of Mediterranean, only about 80km away from Sicily. Throughout the history, the location of Malta has given the country a great strategic importance. Malta is a very touristic destination due to its historical monuments (including worlds oldest temples, picturesque landscapes and nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And, most importantly, you can get there directly with Ryanair from Billund…

The malta experience

To be honest, before I visited Malta I hadn’t heard much about the country except that it’s been British colony and therefore a great majority of people speak English relatively well. With a limited knowledge I began searching for more information and it led me to ticket purchase an an incredible 1-week journey in a warm country, where one can easily visit biggest attractions within one week.

Fisherman's village

Variety Of Attractions

If you happen to sneak a week in between your daily routine life, you might want to choose Malta because of its great weather and a number of activities available. If you like diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, simply swimming, traveling by boat, sightseeing, visiting museums or prehistorical places, having good food and beer, it is a place for you to go to. For only 20 eur one may get tickets to Gozo island, which is said to be an ideal for beach holidays due to its picturesque bays. Besides, Gozo island is famous for its breathtaking cliffs, particularly an Azure Window. You probably shouldn’t except breathtaking active city life since there are only 400,000 inhabitants in the whole island and a “big city” does not exist. Even Valetta is relatively small! However, Malta has a number of attractions to offer and, if you enjoy being in a nature, lying in a beach and sightseeing you will definitely have something to do over there.

The blue Grotto

Plan Activities Beforehand

I would strongly advice to plan your trip before coming to Malta. Do spend a couple of hours googling different activities and comparing prices, since a variety of activities and a number of salesmen trying to sell you tickets to one or another attraction will definitely make your choice harder if you already are in Malta. Write down on a piece of paper where do you want to go and what do you want to see beforehand. Yet probably the best option is to rent a car at least for a day and drive around the island. If you do so, you will not be dependent on a touristic bus. When renting a car you will be given a mapAnd, most of all, there is a great number of car rentals with competitive prices, so simply choose the cheapest option available. If you are unwilling to do so, get tickets for a touristic bus: it costs only 20 eur/person and there are four routes available. You can get off at any point you want and get into the next bus, which comes in 45 minutes! Just make sure you put a sunscream regardless of weather: I got sunburnt during a windy, cloudy day…

Maltese cities

Maltese church

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