Second-hand Shopping Guide in Aarhus

Who of us doesn’t want to look fashionable and interesting? Who of us doesn’t want to find something unique yet affordable, something that all of our girlfriends would be jealous about and would keep asking where did you get it? Even better if it happens to be cheap and good quality at the same time. Some time ago Danish Crown Princess Mary has been “caught” shopping in one of little second-hand store in Denmark. If the Crown Princess can, so can we!

I remember talking to a friend of mine some time ago, who complained that shopping in Denmark is way too expensive, and therefore she would always get her clothing and accessories at H&M. Knowing that Danes are are a little crazy about sustainability, I decided to dig deeper… Literally. It was worth it.

Second-hand shopping to me is fun, sustainable and cheap. I am always interested in purchasing good-quality yet cheap clothes and accessories, therefore I usually visit second-hand stores with the joy. Well, if you can save some money whilst shopping and being fashionable – why not, right? (My suspicious about shopping friend joined me afterwards, too!). Whereas it is relatively shameful to go second-hand shopping in Baltic countries or Eastern countries (as other people think you don’t have money to afford full-price clothes and accessories), it is pretty fashionable to do so in Denmark. Besides, as mentioned earlier, Danes care about sustainabily, usage and recycling. So it kind of even makes sense to get a cheaper second-hand piece of clothing rather than paying 2, 3 or even 4 times more for a new one which will not even be of a better quality. Besides, if you enjoy matching different styles and techniques – second-hand shopping is your paradise for sure!. Therefore lets not waste our time and lets just visit some best thrift shops in Aarhus!..

Genbrug / Blå Kors

retro clothes - Copy

It is said that Blue Cross only has over 1800 volunteers in over 60 stores around the country… But back to business, (I mean shopping!) – Blue Cross offers a wide range of goods yet, if I had to criticize, I would say you really have to be a good thrift shopper in order to find something useful. It is relatively easy to find basic tops, flip-flops and accessories, yet such things as shoes or dresses usually seem to be very old and not too fashionable…

Shoes blue cross

Advantage: you can find pretty interesting garments as well as decorations and furniture.

Disadvantage: old-fashioned clothes.

Some shops even have online stores, such as this Blue Cross shop in Aalborg.

If you are curious to visit Blue Cross second-hand store, you should visit the one at Paludan Mulersvej 38-40, Aarhus

Second Hand Bazaar @StudenterHus

StudHus second hand

If your garderobe is craving for new, fresh pieces for a relatively small amount of money, you might want to consider going to a monthly bazaar at the Student House. Bazaar’s take place on the first Saturday of the month, where about 20-25 young women (sometimes men, too) are selling the pieces they do not wear and/or like anymore. The biggest advantage is, that if you are in your mid 20ies, you will probably find a number of suitable pieces of you, as sellers are around 20-30 as well. The garments they usually sell are pretty fashionable as well.

Advantage: good-quality, fashionable clothes for a small amount of money.

Disadvantage: the event takes place only once a month.

Address: Nordre Ringgade 3, Aarhus

So Ein Ding

The Bag at So Ein Ding

If you are a real retro-vintage lover, you will fall in love with So Ein Ding. We promise. A number of ’50 and ’60 shoes, accessories and garments will definitely fit in your style. A worth-visiting and inspiring vintage shop in Aarhus offers old-style clothing which can be mixed with the modern garments pretty well.

The owner Gitte Steiniche has had a shop over 10 years and, even though she only sold furniture in the very beginning, it’s become a luxury-like exclusive vintage shop in Aarhus, selling vintage garments and accessories.

Advantage: interesting, unique and rare-to-find clothing and accessories.

Disadvantage: relatively high prices. Be ready to pay as much as for a new garment.

Address: Nørre Allé 17, Aarhus

Godsbanen Swap Event

Godsbanen, a newly established centre for cultural production offers various fashion related events. One of them is a swap day, where people are encouraged to purchase less and enjoy new stuff without buying it.

Godsbanen invites you to a 100% free event where everyone is encouraged to “give what you have, take what you want”. You are welcome to bring everything what you are not using anymore, yet something that could still be used: kitchen utensils, clothes, accessories, make up, shoes, books, furniture etc.

Advantage: it doesn’t cost anything at all + you will get rid of the old clothes! If you are lucky, you can find some pretty good stuff (last time I was there I saw some really, really good jackets – too bad they were too little for me…).

Disadvantage: having attended the last swap event I could conclude that people would generally give relatively bad quality stuff. Even though I gave the full IKEA bag of clothes, I took only 2 simple t-shirts with me back home.

The upcoming Swap Market is taking place on 16th of November, from 10.00 to 15.00 in Godsbanen, Aarhus.


As you can see, Denmark overall offers a number of cheap (or free…) shopping opportunities. Join the sustainable movement, save the money and get new stuff – doesn’t that sound good? Happy cheap shopping!

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