Valentine’s Day Means Something Different To Men Than It Does To Women

One thing your man wants above all others for Valentine’s Day: he wants you to be happy. Whether he chooses to bring home seashells he picked up from the beach, or give you pearls he ordered from some brand shop, he wants to feel that he’s made your day. You see, the average guy starts to get pretty nervous around this holiday because he knows you’re expecting something special. That’s a lot of pressure. So if he tries to do something special, remember to bubble over in rapturous appreciation. Believe me, your enthusiasm will mean more to him than any present you can buy (and may result in even better presents next time, as you build his confidence).


Says Dr. Haltzman – clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Brown University

If  you’re willing to spend a little on a Valentine’s Day gift, you have to consider for how long you have been together and what is the status of the relationship (1 year marriage , 1 -2 years relationship or 1 month relationship) as then you can figure out what type of present is appropriate. When picking a gift try being funny and practical at the same time. Guys are more willing to share what they want than girls so if you are lacking any ideas just ask him and everybody will be happy in the end .

Some men want material objects for Valentine’s Day, but the majority of them would rather have time with you then something you bought. Going out to dinner, for example, is nice for both of you. Seeing you smiling while eating will mean as much to him as glancing at you over candlelight and fillet mignon. Going out for a walk together, taking the dog out for a Frisbee catch, bringing home a video or some Chinese food all say, “I enjoy being with you” are worth more than a new silk tie.

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