Valentine’s Day Outfits: No More “I Don’t Have Anything To Wear” Syndrome

At our first FAMEIVA meeting my colleagues suggested: “Why don’t you write an article about the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day? I always spend a whole day wondering what exactly to put on.” I only smiled, I did not know how to respond nor did I know what to write. Valentine’s day is not a holiday or celebration like the others. Without a doubt, us women always want to look good; although to my mind, this day is not about how trendy we look. Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love to your significant other.


If there is a specific piece of clothing that means something to you as a couple, that is somehow connected to you, has some special value and brings sweet memories back – put it on. Remember how you met, fell in love, and why you are still together and enjoy each other’s company. If your boyfriend/husband is very fond of particular piece you have and loves the way you look in it – put it on.

Having said all of that, the colour of Valentine’s Day is red or pink, and the shape is a heart. There is a range of dresses and outfits one can choose from – from the screamingly sexy Hervé Léger dresses, to classics like Nina Ricci, or the opulent models of Lanvin.

Red dress

Depending on the colour you have chosen for the dress, pair it with a contrasting pair of shoes and clutch. Black and gold suit very well with a red dress, and will make it shine even more. If you are a faithful follower of the Little Black Dress movement, and you don’t want to cheat on it, then you can combine it with a gorgeous pair of red heels, like Love Me heart-appliquéd suede pumps from Charlotte Olympia. On the other side, having chosen a red dress, nude is the keyword and Charlotte Olympia’s Delphine suede platforms are your pick. They will fit perfectly with black, pink and red dresses. Heart is the symbol of love and therefore you can choose some part of your outfit to bear a heart. Since Valentine’s Day nowadays is related to love and eroticism, it is a perfect day to wear lace. You can choose a beautiful lace dress and combine it with some pearls and a pair of nude shoes for a classy-romantic outfit.

This season there is a broad range of Valentine’s Day themed accessories you can buy. All designers have jewelry with the shape of heart or lip in their collections. Moreover, the animalistic movement has been screaming out from the catwalks of all designers. So, for the brave ones – you can put some feathers on. You will look like a gorgeous angel, you will attract attention and will definitely be remembered.

Last, but not least: do not forget the underwear – it could be something new, chosen specially for the occasion or something your man particularly likes. The most important is to show that you have done all this only to impress him. I personally believe, that in this day, through your clothes you can express how much your better half means to you. Use the occasion to create positive associations and memories in his mind with the outfit you have on.

And above all – enjoy this evening and love each other. As love will save the world! 

Elena Dimitrova

Stylist and Fashion Journalist

Fashion enthusiast and music lover. Keen on all classics - from Chanel to the Milan scala. Fameiva's fashion journalist since 2013. Loving it. Ambitious and laconic, adventurous and with a huge sense of humour. Adoring Karl Lagerfeld and Louis Vuitton.

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