Unwritten Rules Of The Gym

Gym is one of those places where people go to forget their problems and improve their bodies. Just like in the other places, there are certain gym rules of conduct to be followed. Yet some of them are unspoken and are not always well-known even for the most advanced visitors. Therefore, read on to find out the unspoken rules of the gym…and feel better when working out!



Be nice

It’s not polite to laugh or gossip about other people just because they can’t lift or cannot do as much as you. Remember, there is always someone else who can do more than you.

Excessive talking

Don’t talk too much to people during their workout. They are (usually) at the gym to work, not socialize. Socialize after the workout.

Excessive screaming

Try not to yell and scream unnecessarily as this can distract other gym members. Sometimes it is necessary but if you scream during a set of wrist curls, something is wrong.

Dropping and banging

Don’t drop weights or bang them together unnecessarily. Not only can you hurt your joints by banging and dropping weights, it is very distracting to others too.

Clean it up

After lifting weights keep it back and don’t leave them to someone else to pick it up. Not doing so is a major no-no.

Bench hogs

Don’t hog benches or machines (unless it’s quiet and nobody else wants to use them).

Water everywhere…

Don’t take too long at the water fountain. This includes filling up your water bottle. If someone is behind you, let them drink then resume filling. Don’t leave an empty water bottle somewhere in the gym, either.

Overdosing fragrance

Don’t wear excessive perfume. It can be very unpleasant to others who are breathing very heavily and can smell a mix of perfume and sweat.

No Sweat

When you have finished your exercise with a machine and get sweaty, wipe it with a towel.  It is definitely not nice to clean someone else’s sweat before using a machine.  Always carry a towel with you.

Be on time

If you signed up for a class, arrive early to your aerobics, Pilates and other classes and take your spot as well as respect other’s spots. Like it or not, most exercise studios have a first come first serve policy.

Proper attire

Wear appropriate clothing for exercise. Gym is not a fashion podium. The most important are appropriate shoes. Also, avoid wearing such things as jeans or sexy shirts that can disturb other people’s attention.

So, now you are ready for more efficient work out and also by following all those unwritten rules you will make your favorite gym a better place!

Egle Mockeviciute

Zumba Instructor

Dance is my passion. It moves me and gives me energy, but I never say no to other kinds of sports. I love trying new things which enrich me with challenges and astonishing experiences. I believe that the true beauty is hiding inside of every person and only then come high heels and glitter. Therefore, healthy-lifestyle and active leisure are inevitable parts when creating the overall beauty. Also, I have a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Management Communication, at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences. That’s why I am excited about combining the two things that interest me the most – communication with readers about my life’s passion.

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