Magic On Your Skin: Make Your Own Perfume Brand

According to Christian Dior, a woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. A magical mixture of essential oils and aroma compounds can suddenly make you feel energized or relaxed, romantic or cheeky and might even lure you – including everyone around. What is important to know before choosing your own perfume – and how can you actually make your very own and unique perfume, we are talking to the owner of the first perfume store in Aarhus, where you can make your own personalized scents according to your taste.┬áNo doubts about the successful idea – who wouldn’t like to have personalized perfume, expressing our individualities and feelings?

The bottle of perfume

A little bit of history

Perfumery and the willingness to express personality through different scents has began in an ancient Egypt; and most likely that is the reason why Middle East, especially United Arab Emirates, is perceived to be one of the largest perfume exporters nowadays. Even one of the most expensive and most famous perfume brands, named Amouage, is created by a sultan of Oman, and smelling luxurious Amouage perfumes you are suddenly being brought to a sweet illusion of “One thousand and one nights”… And probably that is why it doesn’t make me wonder why Fahad Majed, who comes from Dubai, decided to open his own perfume store in Aarhus. “My whole family works in perfume business, we have got the perfume shop in United Arab Emirates, Dubai. My family, which has even got its own well-known perfume brand, has worked in this business for many years, giving perfume-creation secrets from one generation to another.”

According to the owner of the store, Europeans prefer fresh and light smells. “Women would ask for fresh citrus or sporty smells. Compared to Arabic world, we use more spicy oriental smells”.

Perfume bottles

The way of expression

Creating your own scent can become a luxurious unique experience, expressing your personality and individuality as well as feelings and emotions. Since perfume can be described as having three sets of notes – top, middle and base – the great variety of unique ingredients gives an opportunity to make a number of different scents. And, certainly, scents are different from one another and can boost different feelings and emotions: energy, relaxation, sexual arousal, even curiosity. Using such ingredients as musk one can create an interest of another gender, as musk is perceived to be a great pheromone. And using such┬áingredient as fresh lavender smell one will suddenly feel relaxed and a little dreamy.

“All in all, I am glad because I buy quality products and sell them to the customers” says Fahad Majed.

Natural ingredients

Since all the primary ingredients, needed to make personalized perfume are being directly brought from United Arab Emirates, they are unique and no one in Denmark has the same ingredients as raw materials to produce perfume. “All ingredients are natural and I myself bring them from Dubai, where I have to get them checked and then transport to Denmark.”


Lasting longer than ever

“Generally, perfume on a human’s body stays up to 8 hours. Having made perfume out of my ingredients, one can enjoy the scent up to 2 days” – claims Fahad Majed. And really – is that true, can perfume really stay so long? Apparently, yes. “The finished product, perfume, is being made of oil mixtures that stimulate stronger smell for a longer time.

You are welcome to visit a store in Bazar Vest, Edwin Rahrs Vej. Since Misk Parfume has just opened, you can get a discount: a 20 ml bottle would cost approximately from 50 to 200 DKK, according to what ingredients are used.

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