Emile Sodyte: Turning Passion Into A Small Business

Everyone has a talent for something and it is totally up to us to discover our own capabilities.  After having discovered what we like and are able to do, we either keep it as a hobby or make our living out of it.  It certainly is best when our hobby can become a source of income, especially if we enjoy doing something so much that we simply cannot separate the line between “hobby” and “job”; it simply blends together. Lithuanian Emile (24), who has decided to earn from her hand-made unique bags, has an opinion about it. “If you want to earn some money from your hobby, don’t wait until someone pushes you to do so, because it might not even happen. Just start doing what you love to do, practice and enjoy”,  she says.


One-way ticket to Denmark

Emile explains that she did not plan to come to Hans Christian Andersen’s land at all, even though she had heard about the country and  mermaid in Copenhagen.  “At that time, I had a boyfriend who I had dated in Lithuania for a while. He decided to come to Denmark and I simply followed him.  I realized a lot of internationals coming to Denmark have to face such difficulties as finding housing or a job, and for me everything was already done beforehand, therefore I am very thankful for him. Unfortunately, our relationship did not work out, but now I have another boyfriend with whom I am very happy and madly in love”, Emile says.

The creative Lithuanian has always been into art, but she discovered she should find an activity which could give some extra income since she had a debt.  “To be honest, when I got a Danish number for a car, I found myself in big debt. Then I started searching for an activity where I could earn some extra money.  Since I have always been into art, I got interested in making gift wrapper bags.” she explains.  “So I started practising and slowly turned it into my little business”.

Turning hobby into business

Emile is a brave young woman who came to Denmark thinking that she would only stay for a year… “I came to Denmark thinking that I will work for a year, save money for a car and computer and go back to Lithuania”, she explains. “Yet I met a girl who studied tourism in Randers, and got curious about an opportunity to study here. Since I was not interested in tourism, I thought that studying marketing could be an option”.  It was a great surprise for her parents and friends who always thought that the young woman would choose a little more artistic career path. “From my childhood I was a very artistic girl, who was always sewing, painting, or doing some kind of handcraft.  Yet since I chose marketing, I now know how to make my hobbies profitable as I learnt how to market and advertise”, she smiles. “So after I discovered how interesting it is for me to make gift wrapper bags, I started practising and selling them to my friends, who told their friends about them”.

Emiles handmade bags

Emile could be called an artist who can express herself in a number of ways. “Besides making bags, I also sew and paint abstract paintings.  When I saw some sewing machine on sale, I decided to buy one and create some feminine garments”, says she, describing what she has already sewed – a number of elegant dresses, Halloween costumes, and accessories. “I have always been passionate about sewing Halloween costumes. I remember some time ago I organized a theme party, but a couple of my girlfriends didn’t come because they did not have a costume. Since then, I began sewing different kinds of costumes. It feels so good to dedicate your time and then see the whole finished result, even though it takes a long time”, claims Emile, who usually dedicates about 8 hours of work to make one bag, which she sells for 220 kr.

“Even though some people don’t really understand me, I think I see the world in a little different way.  I like being an artist. And I like to be different”.
“Are you still in search for your passion?”, I ask. “I am”, says Emile. “But I know where to find it.”

If you feel like taking a look at gorgeous Emile’s bags and purchasing one, visit her Facebook profile: here

Photo courtesy of Ramona August

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