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Arriving at the airport in Port of Spain, the Capital of the republic of Trinidad and Tobago, tourists are easy to spot. One cannot see many tourists here,  in general. The oil and gas industry leaves tourism low down on the priority list. Up scale resorts and hotels are out there, and more so on the island of Tobago, but generally spotting tourists is as easy as finding Nemo in the seven oceans. Like many of the Caribbean Islands Trinidad and Tobago has a history of slavery and colonization leading up to their independence in 1962. The name of the Capital, being Port of Spain, gives away much of the history. This was one of the places Christopher Columbus visited on his search for India. Since then Trinidad and Tobago has been in several different colonial hands leading up to their independence.  These two islands are located just outside Venezuela and are the islands placed furthest South in the Caribbean sea. The nature here is fertile and quite unspoiled as far as the eye can see once you get out of the city.

Schoolgirls in Trinidado and Tobago


There are many reasons to visit this Caribbean island. One good reason for wanting to go to Trinidad is their Carnival. Originally Carnival was created by the West African slaves mimicking their French owners, known for their balls. Being slaves they were not allowed to participate, hence creating their own celebration combining elements from their own culture to the banquets. From the abolition of slavery it got taken to the streets through expression of drums and other instruments. This annual event takes place in end February or beginning of March, and can be recommended, because even though almost all the Caribbean islands celebrates Carnival, Trinidad is special because Trinidad has so many students. The University of West Indies are the only university in the Caribbean island, and it is located on three of the Islands, Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad. UWI in Trinidad is located in St Augustine just outside of Port of Spain.

The stunning island

Trinidado Tobago

Port of Spain

Walking around Port of Spain, one quickly realizes that tourism isn’t on the agenda here. The city looks very corporate, neat and fine. One thing to mention about Port of Spain is it crazy night life. Clubs like Zen and  51 degrees gives a look into what Caribbean soca, reggeton, chutney and limbo and calypso music is all about. To quote Dirty dancing, it was more naughty only if they would be making babies on the dance floor. Most of the music originated from Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the other Caribbean islands have very sexual innuendo and the dances are very sexual.

There are not many good beaches located on the island of Trinidad, since most of the coastline isn’t accessible for a common man, but one of the very beautiful beaches is Maracas beach, located on the other side of the island. While visiting this lovely beach, why don’t you swing by for a famous T & T special Bake and Shark or Shark ‘n Bake? As the name shows this is pieces of shark, deep fried and served in fried bread with numerous of sauces. When it comes to food T & T are known for cooking extremely hot and spicy food, so be sure to tell the waiter that you don’t like hot flavoured food, no matter how spicy you think you can handle, this will be to spicy. The kitchen of this Caribbean island is famous world wide for it’s food, with a lot of specialities that can’t be found other places in the world.

Beach in Trinidado and Tobago


If you want the lotto-beaches and laid back lifestyle with drinks on the beach, hammock, empty beaches and paradise Tobago is the island to visit. You can chill out on a beach, go beach hopping or island hopping in a glass boat where you can get a sneak peak of the coral life that is a part of the Caribbean Sea. If you are into Scuba Diving, Tobago is also a popular diving destination. The nature is gorgeous and the island is much more based on tourism than Trinidad, though more on the south-western part, where most of the idyllic beaches are located. This part has less waves as well because it is on the west side, and don’t get the waves from the Atlantic Ocean. Tobago lies outside the hurricane belt, which means that it has good weather roughly all year around.

A Callaloo island offers a wide variety of ethnicity, religion, culture, biodiversity as well as food and I promise, here you will never need to be bored. Do you like sipping tropical drinks in a bar on the beach, diving, enjoying the nature, the foods – are you into luxury, budget or local, here is a place where you can find it all.

A child in Trinidado

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