Little Tricks Before Summer To Have Beautiful Body (NO Diets OR Exercises!)

Dreaming of a perfect summer body but cannot / don’t have time to exercise? A few simple habits will get you rolling so you can enjoy healthier, stronger body once the calendar starts showing the first of June.

More Action, Please!

The more plans you have in your daily routine, the less time you have to think about the food. Automatically, you will eat less and it really works. If you are just sitting in front of TV, of course, you will naturally think of snacks. Choose active leisure instead!

Green Tea Instead Of Coffee

I know, I know. It is difficult to resist temptation to drink a cup of delicious Latte. However, fat milk certainly does not help to improve our figures. Instead, it would be best if you tried to change your habit and start drinking green tea with lemon instead.  When you get used to it, you will like it. Green tea is a natural antioxidant, which accelerates metabolism and breaks down the sugar burning hundreds of calories. Therefore drink 3-4 cups a day of green tea.


Since the warm weather finally showed up, we can move from thinking to doing, especially when it comes to sport and some action. By taking a long walk you do not only exercise your legs’ muscles, but also you can also enjoy the spring and admire of exploding trees. If you are single, who knows, maybe you will meet a nice guy when walking. Are you in a relationship? Invite your second half to take a romantic walk in the evening and watch the sunset together. Walking is a really nice form of a simple meditation that relaxes our nervous systems.

Prep Lunch/Dinner At Home

It’s about time to try new recipes at home and carry that food to work. Home-made food is not only healthier, but mostly cheaper than at lunch cafes or restaurants. Award yourself for saving money and buy a new bathing suit or a spring dress. After changing your habits you will definitely need a new one! :)

The biggest advantage of cooking at home is that while preparing the food you taste and smell it, thus become fuller and the best thing… you eat smaller portions.

Don’t Let Your Friends Influence You

I admit it: friends do influence us a lot. Partying with alcohol and late dinner will not help your body relax. Same story at work, when your sweet colleague offers you even a sweeter doughnut. Think before you act: do not let your friends influence you negatively.

Sleep Well

Studies show that people who sleep well consume fewer calories per day than those who are faint. Besides, from lack of sleep during the day, people consume 300 calories more than those who are well rested. Is this not the right excuse to go to bed earlier?

Egle Mockeviciute

Zumba Instructor

Dance is my passion. It moves me and gives me energy, but I never say no to other kinds of sports. I love trying new things which enrich me with challenges and astonishing experiences. I believe that the true beauty is hiding inside of every person and only then come high heels and glitter. Therefore, healthy-lifestyle and active leisure are inevitable parts when creating the overall beauty. Also, I have a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Management Communication, at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences. That’s why I am excited about combining the two things that interest me the most – communication with readers about my life’s passion.

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