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Cozy Norway: Mountain Huts and Still Waters


Quiet for a thousand years since the crazy viking days, Norway often seems calm, remote and very mysterious. It did to me, as well.

Hello New Zealand: Welcome To Mãori Aotearoa!


Feeling like having an adventure and going to a warm country to Christmas? How about having a pleasant beach barbeque instead of rolling a snowman? New Zealand is the place to go, then.

Sydney: A City Of Fireworks

Welcome to miraculous Sydney: a city, which is consistently high-ranking for quality of life.

Crete: Mediterranean Pearl

…which will treat you with stunning landscapes, old-fashioned houses, friendly people and, certainly, traditional yummy cuisine.

Hong Kong


Did you know that service industry accounts for 93% of Hong Kong’s GDP with 42% of its population employed there? Neigher did I. But the influence of the latter is felt in a business district in Hong Kong.

Welcome to Miami, United States

Ever wanted to be on an Air boat? Like the one Horatio is on in CSI Miami? This is the place to go.