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The elder generation has constantly reminded us that we have to treat our skin and face with more patience and care than anything else.  The calendars of fifties and sixties have been full of advice on how to improve the two with the help of natural products, that you can generally find in your fridge.

Beautiful skin

If you cared about the rule “one carrot a day”, the skin “doctor” would definitely need to stay away. Or, vice verca, would come closer to ask why does your skin look so good. Beta-carotene, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, will make your skin look resilient and young. You should also not forget to consume as much water as possible; since it simply is responsible for moisturizing your skin.

Good mood

Mackerel, brown rice and broccoli it is! Generally, broccoli is said to be the healthiest vegetable on Earth. It contains a number of B group vitamins, iron and folic acid. Due to the numerous amount of vitamins, usage of broccoli is said to give an energy boost.

Brown rice is rich in B3, which is said to be able to improve the mood, however, the result is a relatively short-term. And mackerel is rich of omega-3 fatty acid as well as vitamin D, which is definitely needed for people living in relatively grey and not sunny countries.

Improved digestion

It is said that one has got a better digestion with the consumption of bananas, pineapples and dairy products. Since dairy products are full of needed and beneficial bacteria’s, your metabolism will improve greatly. Bananas, which are generally thought to be the richest fruit, will guarantee bowel cleansing. And last, but not least, scientists have found that pineapple consists of 16 beneficial micro-elements,  which improves metabolism, contributes to slag removal and improves immunity system as well as mood. Happy healthy eating!

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