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Are you moving forward in your career? Have you just finished (or are finishing) your education and are not sure whether you should include a student job on your CV or not? Anette, who is working as a project manager of an internationalization project InterResource at the Career Centre at Aarhus University, suggests that you should include your student job in a CV if you do not have other career-relevant jobs. “In Denmark it’s never embarrassing to include your student job in a CV,” says Anette.

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Purpose of the CV

Anette, who finished a degree in Business Administration and Psychology at Aarhus University,  counsels many students in writing a good CV as part of her job. What is the key to writing an outstanding CV, you might ask? According to Annette, before writing your CV you should definitely spend some time thinking about the purpose of it, which is a quick overview of your past and focus on your experience as well as the results of those experiences.

Student job – write it or not?

Since a CV must contain only relevant information in regards to the position that one is applying for, the question of writing about the student job appears. “When talking to students I sometimes look at their CVs and I see that it contains very little information. When I ask how come they don’t have a job, it turns out they all do, but they think it is embarrassing to write that they have a low-class job,” says Anette. “However, I wouldn’t agree. Studying and working at the same time shows that you are very dedicated.”

Whether you should or should not include your student job in a CV depends on how many years of experience you have. “When you have a few years of experience it becomes more important to emphasize what is related to the position you want to get. But you have to keep in mind, in case you do not have a lot of relevant experience, it could be a good idea to write about the student job. It is better to write that you have some experience, even if it not directly related to the job you want to get, rather than have a gap in your CV,” explains she. “In this case, an employer might think that you have never had a job. And remember: in Denmark it’s never embarrassing to include a student job in a CV.”

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