Tip Of The Week: Education VS Experience

“If you do not have a lot of experience, employers usually are more interested in your education and achievements”, says project manager Anette, who is working at Career Centre in Aarhus University. In this certain case one should know the trick that writing your education first and experience after can change the focus point of the employer.



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Looking from employers perspective

One has to realize that while applying for a job, you have to look at the job advertisement and adapt your CV accordingly. There are no perfect templates that can help you to write the perfect CV. “Whenever you are in a doubt, always think about the employer. Think what would be relevant for him to read. From student’s perspective everything seems relevant, however, since you are writing it to an employer, think about what he would like to see”, advises Anette.

Things to be aware of

“To be honest, once I saw a CV where the student wrote that he participated in a number of different projects, but he did not mention that it was via his school. It is important to be honest in your CV both in terms of education and equally important in work experience.  For example, if you have had a lot of experience working wih project in school it’s good to include it in your CV, but remember to write that it was a school project.”, explains Anette.

Things to remember:

-       If you do not have any (or very little) working experience, write your education and achievements first;

-       If you have a lot of experience related to the job you are applying for, write your experience first and education afterwards;

-       Think about what is relevant for the employer, and adapt the CV emphasizing the requirements for the job advertisement.

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