Thursday’s Must-Have: An interesting skirt

Short, simple and very flirty. What? A skirt.

This simple garment, usually perceived to be women’s clothing in western world, also serves a clothing purpose for men, as for example, in Scotland and Ireland men wear kilts. That is the reason why fashion designers (for example, Jean-Paul Gaultier), got inspired and created a series of kilts.

Did you know that in certain cultures it is illegal for a woman to wear trousers? Such rules are valid in now, in 21st century. I personally believe that trousers should be forbidden in Europe at least ┬áin summer time. Well, in summer men usually enjoy examining girls’ legs. So let them enjoy that at least for three months – make sure you put a nice, flirty skirt on and answer a warm look at you and your legs with a smile! ;)

Skirt by MANGO

Skirt by MANGO

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