Things To Do When the Weather Gets Awful

Living in Denmark could be perfectly compared to a ride on roller coastersĀ - one minute you are completely happy and energized because of an amazing weather, and another minute you are under the weather and totally soaked. And cold. Even though one could argue that such bad days, in terms of weather, do not give any energy boost and therefore one might feel slightly depressed, I would argue otherwise – bad weather gives you a number of possibilities of activities that you wouldn’t do otherwise.

Clean your mini-library corner

It could sound a little boring to go through all the books you have in order to make sure your shelves look nice, yet one thing I can guarantee – you will get inspired! Looking at the books you have purchased and read will make you remember what you have read and what you should. Skimming through the favorite books makes you memorize your favorite ideas and thoughts written down over there, and well, isn’t great that you have time for that?


If the weather is good, you will most likely rather feel like going for a long walk by the seaside instead of sitting home and updating an Excel spreadsheet, full of numbers. If it’s raining and relatively cold, you can be sure you will be “teased” to go outside and enjoy the weather, therefore you will have a better focus on your books and notes.

Long skype talks

If you are not Danish, I bet you have a number of friends and relatives who are missing you. Why don’t you call them and have a long, sincere and hearty talk with them? It could be a good idea to follow up on your old friends, do you know what they are doing and what was the last time you talked to them? Make sure you keep the contact and share your experiences with them!


You might have forgotten that you are a talented artist who likes to paint with water colours. Or that you enjoy writing poems. Or that you like sewing, but haven’t had time nor mood to do so for a long time. Why don’t you do it now? It’s cold and rainy outside, and you are looking for an activity that would make you feel happy and energized. If you have never done any handcrafts in your life, it could be a good idea to try!


Nothing feels better than drinking warm cacao and eating a home-made apple pie, especially if one can observe a miserable weather when sitting inside. You don’t have to be a chef to bake a simple shortcake or an apple pie to spoil yourself, your friends and/or your beloved one. Half an hour and your tummies will get a minute of joy!..

Watching TV/Youtubue

What was the last time you’ve seen an episode from you favorite TV show? And what was the last time you laughed so bad till your tummy hurt? Watch a funny comedy or a stand up comedy (check out Gabriel Iglesias) and have a good time regardless of the miserable weather outside!

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