Thermal Beauty Experience Mask From “by Dead Sea Premier”

I remember the times me and my mother would go to Turkey. During the first days we would always try to enjoy Turkish Hamam (i.e. Turkish version of Sauna) where we would be treated as princesses: we would take a nice bubble bath, then we would get massage, facial mask, and a facial massage. Therefore, the first thing I thought of, when trying Thermal Beauty Experience mask is, that my imagination is bringing me back to Turkey, where I am being treated as good as possible.

Thermal mask by Dead Sea

The Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories was established in 1990 in Israel and is part of Hadan Group, which has been specializing in cosmetics since 1979. A company, which is famous for producing anti-age products is very well known all around the world. Premier by Dead Sea Premier produce high quality skin care products which includes hair and body care, toiletries and cosmetics exported to over 62 countries.

I had a chance to try Thermal Beauty Experience mask and it amazed me with its effect. First, the product comes in a nice, luxurious packaging. The mask packaging can be opened in two ways; it consists of a mineral bar, which should be used to wash the face before putting on a mask, and a mud mask. Besides, you can find an applicator in a packaging, which is useful to mix the mud before the usage (since it becomes a little watery sometimes).

thermal beauty experience

The mask has a very nice warming effect and leaves your face very smooth. The only disadvantage would be, that one has to use quite a lot of moisturizer afterwards, since skin gets relatively dry (well, at least mine did). Yet I would highly recommend it to women (as well as men) who want to cleanse their pores and smoothen their faces. 10 out of 10!

Advantages: nice warming effect, great pore cleansing.

Disadvantage: it felt like my skin got much drier after the usage. So one should have a good moisturizer afterwards.

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