Be a D&G Girl: Confident Femininity

As today, on 28th of February Italian high-end fashion designers Domenico Dolce and his partner Stefano Gabbana present their Fall/Winter 2016 collection in Milan, it is worth having a sneak peak into what the D&G girl will look like this year.

Snapshot from D&G fashion show

The couples recent collection Fall Winter 2016 has been named to be a “Fairytale collection” – standout pieces creating ladylike silhouettes, stitched with chandelier and golden clocks, teacups and mirrors. Dresses featured fairytale-like embellishments and beads as well as light, nearly transparent and airy laces. The fairytale theme was not kept under wraps – the runway set included a number of references to Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Flowers, feminine laces and pleats, tasteful glossy embellishments and fruity colors – that’s what the “2016 D&G girl” will look after, when revising her wardrobe for the next big fairytale show.


During the Summer 2016 fashion show Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana presented a number of Ready-to-Wear feminine pieces inspired by contemporary pop culture. Contrary to fall/winter looks, summer D&G girl will choose comfortable, simple pieces that will lead her to new adventures. Fruity colours, flirty bright pleats and brave combinations are the right choices for summer for a busy, life-loving, energetic woman who chooses clothing to reflect her personality.

For the summer 2016, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana suggest to stick to romantic looks. To support the natural and fresh looks designers suggest choosing slightly winged eyeliner, fresh, nourished and glowing skin and pinkish lip tones. The hairstyles, such as ballerina style buns with flyaway strands around the face, can be accessorized with scarves, flowers and jeweled accessories. Comparing summer and fall looks, it is apparent that D&G girl in summer will choose slightly simplier looks and will put more effort in makeup and hair compared to the fall/winter looks.


The garments created by the couple usually portray wildly feminine look and reflect the natural, poetic beauty of couples native Italy, where both designers live and work. During this Fall/Winter fashion show designers seem to have reflected the elegant, slightly unrealistic feminine beauty that a number of women dream of since the childhood by portraying fairytale accents in Ready-to-Wear garments. The essence of D&G girl in fall 2016 will summon a spirit of confident, powerful, strong and feminine female – sun-kissed, feminine and confident (is it surprising yet that Sia’s stong “Unstoppable” was played during the show?).

Contrary to the summer looks, hair and makeup of the fall/winter D&G girl will be centered on simplicity. Fresh-faced feminine looks with little to no make up at all matched with simplistic hairstyles, such as romantic messy buns decorated with headbands and embellished hair accessories. The main accent of the D&G girl during the fall and winter will be fresh, nourished, dazzling and healthy skin and tasteful glossy accessories.

Watch Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear videos for more inspiration:

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