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Trash To Fashion: Adidas Presents Shoes & Swimwear From Ocean Plastic

Last year Adidas teamed up with Parley, an organization raising awareness against ocean pollution. Both companies teamed up to design a shoe made from up-cycled marine plastic to launch a limited-edition running sneaker. After releasing the first sneaker prototype made from repurposed ocean waste in 2016, Adidas and Parley designed a soft-looking running sneaker made from plastic rubbish. 

Adidas x Parley collection was launched in 2016, where the first running shoe prototype called “Adidas x Parley” was presented to the public. This year, both companies took a step further and presented yet another version of a running shoe – UltraBoost. Adidas’ latest running shoe version is subtle, comfortable and soft-looking at the same time reminding the “wave” due to the blue stitching that evokes the sea. The shoes are made almost entirely from plastic found in the ocean – the new limited-edition shoe’s upper is made from Parley Ocean Plastic and illegal deep-sea gillnets retrieved by the non-profit Sea Shepherd during a mission to protect sea life in the Southern Ocean.Through collaboration, however, only 7,000 pairs of the UltraBoost Uncaged Parley pairs will be made. Unlike the Adidas x Parley Silhouette, where 100 first pairs were given away through an Instagram contest, this one you will actually be able to purchase for $200.

Adidas sneakers from ocean plastic

Following the release of shoes made from ocean plastic, Adidas has yet again teamed up with Parley to create a collection of swimwear that is also made from upcycled fishing nets and debris. The ocean plastic is turned into a technical yarn fiber called Econyl that offers the same properties as the regular nylon used to make swimwear. Adidas design director Roger Hahn commented that a huge amounts of research is being conducted to collect insights from leading athletes to follow the highest standard swimwear that is resistant to extended periods in chlorine water.

According to Parley, “the majority of the plastic in our oceans is broken into small pieces 1/4 of an inch or smaller and scattered over massive areas.” Waste plastic is a growing concern among both designers and environmentalists who have started creating products to help raise awareness of the problem proposing solutions on how to minimize waste.

What’s your take on pollution and repurposed plastic – would you use clothing and footwear made of recycled materials?

Source: Adidas

Source: Adidas

Modavanti – Sustainable Fashion Boutique Tthat Changes Perception On Sustainability

Derived from the Italian words ‘moda’ and ‘avanti’ (“fashion forward”), Modavanti.com is a new online shopping destination for contemporary sustainable fashion. They produce eco conscious, energy efficient, fairly traded, organic, recycled vegan hand-made pieces. Whilst being sustainable and eco-friendly, Modavanti also manages to produce clothes that look fashionable and edgy. “Our mission is to promote the sustainable fashion movement by building an active community around a curated and social shopping experience”, claims Adam Clancy, director of operations at Modavanti.com.


Mission of Modavanti.com

I have always thought that mission is something what companies would simply write on a piece of paper and would put it in a drawer afterwards, not really thinking what comes next. Especially if those companies happen to be working in a fashion industry, and if they claim that they will try to become a little more “green” and “sustainable”. Since style is supreme in a fashion industry, it could seem a little controversial to introduce a sustainability term in an industry where new trends are being presented nearly every day. According to Samata Agel, who wrote a brilliant article on how Sustainable fashion has to be design-led, ethical companies have to recognize the importance of design while focusing to make sustainability a trend. ”Sustainable fashion absolutely has to be design-led. In order for sustainable fashion to have an impact, it is critical that shoppers feel like they do not have to sacrifice style for sustainability. And that’s what Modavanti.com has set out to achieve – the biggest compliment we get is when people tell us that we look like a “real fashion store”. No longer will you have to choose style over sustainability; at Modavanti.com you can look good AND feel good”, says Adam Clancy.

sustainability badges

After looking at Modavanti.com offers one could quickly realize that Modavanti.com sells clothes that are heavy on sustainability but light on style. They manage to involve environmentally conscious shoppers into one community, where they share newest inspirational ideas on clothing as well as sustainable consumption consequently inspiring conscious consumers to purchase sustainable fashion. “Sustainability means different things to different people and that’s reflected in our site and in our 8 sustainability “badges”. The sustainability badges empower our consumers; rather than us declaring what sustainable should mean, we let our customers decide for themselves what matters to them. For us, sustainability covers two broad areas – environmentally friendly and ethically sourced. The fashion industry is incredibly wasteful and has a poor record when it comes to labor rights, and by starting Modavanti.com we want to reduce waste and improve the lives of the workers behind the clothes”, Adam explains.

The way they do (and will do) it

Modavanti.com  was born out of our desire to make a social impact through business. The company is said to be more sustainable than an average retailer, and more fashionable than average sustainable retailer. Even though the core of company is sustainability, yet Modavanti.com is done with a fashion-first mindset: the clothes have to look wonderful, the design of the site has to be visually compelling, and they explain and educate, without being preachy, why Modavanti’s clothes are sustainable and how that is helping the environment and the workers behind the clothes. With 21 different brands and a clear mission to change fashion industry into a sustainable one, Modavanti.com combines what’s good with what’s new in fashion. Besides, on Modavanti.com one can browse among different designers and products, trying to match it with the needs as well as “badges”.

“We are actually in the process of introducing dozens of new designers. By the end of April you will see a much different range of prices on Modavanti.com. Our aim is to become the premier destination for sustainable fashion, and we want to be able to attract both a luxury customer and a contemporary customer”, says Adam Clancy.


Beyoncé – The New Face Of H&M

When it seems that a giant Swedish retailer H&M couldn’t get any better, it proves my thought wrong: for this summer H&M is collaborating with a worlds superstar.



The face of H&M’s summer campaign this year will be Beyoncé. She says that “I have always liked H&M’s focus on fun and affordable fashion”. The concept that Beyoncé and H&M are collaborating on explores the different emotions of women represented by the four elements – fire, water, earth and wind.

She will feature in print ads as well as commercials. The campaign was shot in Nassau (Bahamas), where Beyonce is wearing the key pieces from H&M’s summer collection – bodycon dress and flowing sun dress. In addition to this, it seems she did not only lent her beauty and face – she has also helped in the design process creating summer pieces for H&M.

Besides, H&M has currently been putting a lot of attention on sustainability issue in a fashion industry. A Swedish retailer has currently initiated recycling initiative and has just released its annual sustainability report which this year seems to be the most informative. The company has revelaed details about the sustainability within the manufacturing processes as well as usage of eco-friendly materials.