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How to Create Scandinavian Hygge at Home

Winter, especially January and February is a time when many of us can feel a bit low in energy. All we crave is a big cozy blanket and a cup of hot fragrant tea. And perhaps a pumpkin pie. And a good movie. The holiday season is over and spring seems to be still a long way off, so no wonder we get a bit of the winter blues “knocking on our door”. And let’s face it: winters can be rough. Days are shorter and colder, we don’t get as much sun anymore so it might be a bit challenging to stay positive, even indoors. In Scandinavia (i.e. Norway, Denmark and Sweden) the weather never really gets crazy hot and autumns as well as winters are long and dark so Scandinavians know pretty well how to improve the winter blues with a bit of hygge. If you have read my old-favorite post on the reason why Danes are thought to be the happiest nation on the Earth, (hint-hygge), then you know what I’m talking about.

So let’s get started and make our homes a bit more hyggeligt!


A pleasant warm glow is one the easiest (and probably cheapest) ways to make your home interior feel more comforting. Since bright sunshine is not too frequent in Scandinavia, Scandinavians try to get as much of natural daylight as possible: after all it is essential to our well-being and is tends to make us happier. Get rid of heavy curtains and keep window sills free from ornaments. In Scandinavia people rarely use any curtains at all, but if you feel you need some privacy, get sheer floaty fabrics and semi-transparent white material curtains instead. Keep it light!

Rustic Modern

Forget cheap plastics, imitations and extremely bright, bold colors in your interior. Stick to organic furnishings: move towards wood, ceramics and stone. Choose quality, natural products which will create “modern rustic” feel. Scandinavians love producing and supporting local designers and rather invest in a few, but well chosen home accessories, such as an interesting frame, a chic rustic mirror or alike. To create a more Scandinavian-like interior, avoid too much acrylics and “temporary fashionable” items, rather invest in a few but well-made and well-designed pieces. Also consider soft rugs in tonal colors (preferably soft, warm grey) and smooth, simplistic patterns.


A big part of Scandinavian hygge is cozying up in the afternoon with a good atmosphere by the candlelight. Scandinavians LOVE lights – all the time, everywhere, for any occasion (or no occasion at all). Candles are light during cozy afternoon chats, for lunch time, evening by the TV and sometimes even in the office to create a more home-y, relaxing atmosphere. It’s probably not surprising why: Danes love enjoying the little pleasures in their lives and candlelight helps creating intimacy and coziness in the smallest everyday moments, which is something hygge is about. After all, hygge is all about the constant pursuit of homespun pleasures, such as wearing cozy fluffy socks, having an interesting chat by the candlelight, eating yummy oat porridge topped with nuts or baking Danish Drømmekage together in a good company.

Fun fact: Danes burn more candles per head than any other nation in Europe, according to the European Candle Association.

A few tips to make your home more of a hygge place:

- Candles – ALWAYS light up a few. Even in a daylight!

- Don’t be in a rush – rushing somewhere destroys tranquility and, therefore, hygge.

- Treat yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but has to make you feel the life worth living.

- Enjoy the things. If there’s something you dislike – change it.

- While buying interior items, stick to the same color pattern. Gray is always a good choice.

- Choose soft, pleasant and natural over cheap, bold and vibrant.


Kenzo x H&M: High-end Fashion made Affortable

Back in May H&M announced that Carol Lim and Humberto Leon from Kenzo are the latest designers to bring their work to the masses via collaborations with H&M.


Good news – while Kenzo is a high-end fashionwear brand, with the latest collaboration there might be something for everyone. So starting from November, shoppers will be able to get a piece of the action for way less, and Kenzo x H&M collection will hit stores on Thursday, November 3.

The Kenzo x H&M lookbook stars a global cast – DJ Juliana Huxtable, photographer Youngjun Koo and activit writer Amy Sall. The newest collection, which is described as “colorful comfort fashion” will celebrate where Kenzo Takada began and where the fashion world has taken the brand to.

Spoiler: it’s been worth the wait. The collection, which was designed by Kenzo’s creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim is as bold, colorful and bright as you’d expect, featuring animal prints, oversized style and, obviously, tiger logos, which has become Kenzo’s trademark.

Make a note of your favorites by browsing below.

Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M


Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M


Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M



Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M



Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M

Kenzo x H&M Sweatshirt

Courtesy H&M

Available from 3 November in selected H&M shops and at hm.com.

Be a D&G Girl: Confident Femininity

As today, on 28th of February Italian high-end fashion designers Domenico Dolce and his partner Stefano Gabbana present their Fall/Winter 2016 collection in Milan, it is worth having a sneak peak into what the D&G girl will look like this year.

Snapshot from D&G fashion show

The couples recent collection Fall Winter 2016 has been named to be a “Fairytale collection” – standout pieces creating ladylike silhouettes, stitched with chandelier and golden clocks, teacups and mirrors. Dresses featured fairytale-like embellishments and beads as well as light, nearly transparent and airy laces. The fairytale theme was not kept under wraps – the runway set included a number of references to Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Flowers, feminine laces and pleats, tasteful glossy embellishments and fruity colors – that’s what the “2016 D&G girl” will look after, when revising her wardrobe for the next big fairytale show.


During the Summer 2016 fashion show Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana presented a number of Ready-to-Wear feminine pieces inspired by contemporary pop culture. Contrary to fall/winter looks, summer D&G girl will choose comfortable, simple pieces that will lead her to new adventures. Fruity colours, flirty bright pleats and brave combinations are the right choices for summer for a busy, life-loving, energetic woman who chooses clothing to reflect her personality.

For the summer 2016, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana suggest to stick to romantic looks. To support the natural and fresh looks designers suggest choosing slightly winged eyeliner, fresh, nourished and glowing skin and pinkish lip tones. The hairstyles, such as ballerina style buns with flyaway strands around the face, can be accessorized with scarves, flowers and jeweled accessories. Comparing summer and fall looks, it is apparent that D&G girl in summer will choose slightly simplier looks and will put more effort in makeup and hair compared to the fall/winter looks.


The garments created by the couple usually portray wildly feminine look and reflect the natural, poetic beauty of couples native Italy, where both designers live and work. During this Fall/Winter fashion show designers seem to have reflected the elegant, slightly unrealistic feminine beauty that a number of women dream of since the childhood by portraying fairytale accents in Ready-to-Wear garments. The essence of D&G girl in fall 2016 will summon a spirit of confident, powerful, strong and feminine female – sun-kissed, feminine and confident (is it surprising yet that Sia’s stong “Unstoppable” was played during the show?).

Contrary to the summer looks, hair and makeup of the fall/winter D&G girl will be centered on simplicity. Fresh-faced feminine looks with little to no make up at all matched with simplistic hairstyles, such as romantic messy buns decorated with headbands and embellished hair accessories. The main accent of the D&G girl during the fall and winter will be fresh, nourished, dazzling and healthy skin and tasteful glossy accessories.

Watch Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear videos for more inspiration:


H&M To Launch Organic Cosmetics Line

Swedish multinational retail-clothing company Hennes & Mauritz, better known as H&M, is launching a new organic cosmetics line. The manufacturer is already producing and selling a number of cosmetics items, however this time the company is preparing to launch eco-friendly line of organic cosmetics, called ‘Conscious’.


The new product line is expected to include a total of 30 items. The collection will present a new type of make up products, such as lip balms, facial masks, retreat masks as well as body and hair products, such as body oils, shower gels, hair shampoos and more. Product range is EcoCert-certified and packaging will be made out of recycled materials. The French certification body requires the use of substantial amounts of natural and organic ingredients, environmentally-friendly processes, and prohibits the use of many synthetic ingredients. H&M has said that products from the Conscious Beauty line will be silicone-, GMO-, paraben- and synthechic fragrance-free. Product prices will range from 4.5 eur to 10 eur.

The new organic cosmetics line is expected to reach the stores by the end of February.

Lupita Nyong’o Becomes The First Black Ambassador Of L’ancome

Lupita Nyong’o, a 12 Years a Slave star, has become the new ambassadress of luxury French brand Lancôme and will appear in their next campaign in September.

Arrivals at the HBO Golden Globe After Party

The Oscar-winning ’12 Years a Slave’ actress has just signed up to become the new ambassadress of the luxury French brand, and will appear in their September 2014 campaign shot by star photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. The 30-year-old Kenyan-Mexican star, who claims she doesn’t wear make-up apart from on the red carpet, is the fourth Academy Award winner to front Lancôme ads, following on from Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts.

Lupita said: “I am truly honoured to join the Maison Lancôme, a brand with such a prestigious history and that I have always loved.

The General Manager of Lancôme International, Françoise Lehmann said that “Lupita is by essence the Lancôme woman – a strikingly beautiful and intelligent”.

In the Mood by Lala Berlin

Not only notably feminine, but also emphatically “rock” Lala Berlin embarks on the fall/winter season 2013. Inspired by “godmother of punk“ Patti Smith as well as her Persian roots, designer Leyla Piedayesh ventures into an artistic field of tension between the poles of western protest culture, oriental tradition and avant-garde futurism.

On the road of fashion revolution the legendary Lala Berlin Parka is a must and is hence celebrating its renaissance with a revised design. It is accompanied by voluminous bomber and biker jackets. On the whole the outerwear look is defined by slightly oversize H- and O-line silhouettes which together with miniskirts and skinny jeans portray the epitome of female coolness. Sexy transparent silk dresses combined with the raw charm of the Lala Berlin biker waistcoat bring the current Lala Berlin look to the point. The choice of material is exquisite without exception. Silks in the shape of crepe de chine and georgette, either self-coloured or with expressive prints, constitute the basis. To underline the “rock” attitude various styles are combined with leather.

Colourful coat

The knit collection is characterized by an exclusive choice of premium fibers. It features yarns of captivating lightness, softness and quality, from cashmere to mohair and angora. An element of excitement is added through the use of metallic thread and high quality hand knit yarns. In terms of colour the winter collection moves within a red palette that ranges from rosy to bright pink and from red to burgundy. This is framed by blocks of black and cream while different shades of blue forming a beautiful contrast. In addition to the popular camouflage pattern another important print is the ethno pattern which is dissected and pieced back together in different ways in order to create variations. These are nestled between a playful star print on the one hand, and the Matrix print on the other. The Matrix print in particular is the result of a discourse with the science fiction theme.

Grey Sweaterdress

pink fewer