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5 Ways To Beat Your Monday Blues

Oh No, It’s Monday… If you are one of those who rolls eyes and sighs deeply just by thinking of Mondays, you might have a case of the Monday Blues. Monday morning blues are a real problem, but you can take the sting out of Mondays and (at least) try to make your Mondays better. Here are a few simple things you can do to help start the week off right so Monday’s don’t have to be that one disastrous date you so passionately dislike.

Woman stretching in bed after wake up

1. Enjoy Your Weekend Fully

As cheesy as it may sound, enjoy your weekend fully, once it’s there. Relax to the whole 100% and turn off not only your email but your mind as well. Having an amazing, cheerful and positive weekend will let your mind and body relax, which is exactly something you need. Having an awesome weekend will help you “cope” with your Monday better as you’ll recall great events and emotions, which is something we all want.

2. Wake Up In The Mood

Make sure to start your week with an attitude of gratitude. Appreciate yourself and others, and make sure you focus on the things you enjoy. Waking up feeling happy (or setting the right mood purposefully) is more than 50% of success! If you’re having difficult time, make sure you listen to high-energy music to help you prepare. You can even dance a little and prep some “yay” moves  that will put a smile on your and your partners face before he leaves.

3. Eat Healthy Breakfast

Healthy and balanced meal is the best way to start your day. If you want to start your week off right, it’s important that you combine the healthy side with something that you enjoy eating. Let it be some tasty soy yoghurt with granola and your favorite caramel coffee or a slice of rye bread with some scrambled egg and a cup of tea. Research shows that kick-starting your day with balanced meal will improve your focus throughout the day.

4. Dress For Success

People say that a forced smile is better than no smile at all. If a forced smile is better, so is a forced mood! Even though you might wake up feeling anxious, put some energetic mood on while sipping your favorite coffee and choose something WOW to wear. Show and share your spirit, charisma and vibe – people will notice and will appreciate. Putting a flawless dress and those sexy shoes will straighten your back which will already show good body posture. This can help build your confidence around the office especially as you might get a few compliments from your co-workers and your boss.

5. Have Fun At Work

Let’s face it: most likely you are not the only one who dislikes Mondays. To brighten your day, you can do something fun, for example, bring some food for no reason (or rather, the “Monday reason”). Everybody likes food. Let it be a fruit basket, some doughnuts, cookies or pizza – it’ll create some cool funky mood.- for example, bring a few homemade cinnamon rolls that you made together with your partner during the weekend. If you don’t want to or cannot bring food, at least make sure you compliment somebody for their shoes/bag/smile. Make sure to break up the day with some positivity – if people notice that you’re smiling and are enjoying your Monday, the good vibe will “infect” others as well!