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I must admit that I have never been a fan of people interested in yoga and medidation. For some reason they have always seen too calm and stressless, therefore I have perceived that they must also be careless about their busy lives. However, after a friend of mine has dragged me into a bookstore full of stories of people who practice medidation regularly I was left amazed. It seems that only ten minutes of daily medidation (i.e. regular ten minute not-thinking-about-anything relaxation) can give great benefits to your mind and body.



Medidation is a practice where an individual trains its mind in order to get a psychological and physiological benefit.  As I got interested in medidation, I stumbled upon an inspirational TED video where a neuroscientist who stidues the effects of mindfulness, Dr. Hedy Kober, said that “It did to my mind what going to the gym did to my body – it made it both stronger and more flexible”.

Time out

Probably the greatest benefit of a daily (or simply regular) medidation is time out. As you have a couple of minutes just for yourself and concentrate onto nothing (literally!), you spend some minutes relaxing your mind and body while getting out of a daily busy life.

Health Benefits

It is said that constant practice of meditation brings serenity and improves many conditions, such as arthritis or high blood pressure as well as better sleep (if you happen to be suffering from insomnia). Well, the only thin to find out is to try, right?

Stress Issues

I guess it is pretty clear that a ten minute break can calm you down, especially if you feel you are going to burst. Do you remember your childhood times you would get angry? In such situations, I bet, your mom used to tell you “breath deep”. This particular situation, when one has to deal with a lot of stress, is probably known to all of us. In such cases the best exercise would be a ten minute meditation time where you relax, breath deep and calm down.

Psychological issues

It is said that medidation stimulates brain work and creativity as well as builds self-confidence. It purifies character and increases emotional stability. Or in other words, one becomes its own version of an optimist where one knows how to enjoy joyful situations and knows how to handle stress.

Watch the TED talk on meditation.

Pilates: Let’s Exercise!

Pilates has so many advantages to offer that it can be listed among the most popular excersices without a doubt. Every Pilates exercise develops flexibility and strength and it could be a great alternative if you want a calm activity during the summer. These exercises pay special attention to the back and abdominal muscles, but those are not the only advantages. Pilates is also good for:



Body awareness: it helps to control your body and enhances the awareness on how you carry yourself and move every day;

Mental function: it builds mental stamina and focus by requiring concentration on each repetition, exercise, and sequence;

Beautiful skin: pilates helps the body to get rid any existing toxins and promotes a healthier skin tone. So, girls, instead of using tones of cosmetics recovering skin tone, try pilates. It’s cheaper in a long term;

Internal organs: Pilates promotes optimal performance by your interior organs and helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels;

Inner Harmony: Releasing endorphins naturally causes your mind and body to feel more positive;

Physical Fitness: Every area of physical fitness develops from flexibility to endurance;

Cross Training: Pilates is used by a variety of athletes to achieve their athletic pursuits;

Breathing: Improved breathing nourishes the body and increases oxygen levels in the blood;

Relaxation: Tension release and relaxation is encouraged by a sense of calm and well-being experienced during Pilates;

Body shape: Muscle definition sculpts your waist and shoulders while toning your abs, arms and thighs;

Body alignment: Proper alignment decreases your injury risk and helps joints stay healthy as you age;

Pregnancy: Pilates offers mums-to-be a safe yet effective form of exercise.

Interesting facts about Pilates method: it was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. It was originally used as a rehabilitation program for prisoners of war and was later found to be of great benefit to anyone seeking a higher level of fitness. Pilates exercises are recommended for people who have suffered injuries in professional sports, or other activities of the car crashes. These exercises are also suitable for people who suffer from chronic back and neck pain, but today everyone can savor the rich revolution of the Pilates and feel  its advantages.

Breath in… breath out… and enjoy it!

Bikini Bootcamp At Fitness World



Fitness World launched Bikini Boot Camp which goal is to become completely ready for the beach season. And if you thought that it might be too late, change your mind…it continues til the end of June. So, if you want to be more confident while sunbathing with your bikini at the beach, give a thought for this campaign.

All you need in order to be a participant of this campaign is only a membership of Fitness World club with access to the classes. You do not have to pay any extra. When you register to Bikini Boot Camp classes you get the access to the classes, two lectures on diet and motivation and bikini tips from fitness expert, Anne Bech who is very famous in Denmark. So, you will receive those lectures on your mail weekly and it will contain the information about training, nutritions and excersices.

Bikini Bootcamp Classes consist of a series of pulse and strengthening excersices, and there are shifting focus from week to week which part of muscles you will train. What is more, you can find Bikini Bootcamp classes in all Denmark‘s Fitness World clubs, so feel free to choose the one that is nearest to you.

Good training and more confidence! 

Summer Activities




When summer starts, I‘m most happy when I realize that now I can spent more time with my friends and enjoy various activities oustide. This summer I want to combine productivty and leisure and many different options can help me to reach this goal. When the sun is smiling outside, TV watching or chatting on social networks should be forgotten. Instead, in order to have a memorable vacation I‘m kicking off the summer with something I enjoy including physical activities while spending time with my beloved ones. Weekends and summer evenings are perfect for pursuing the things that make for a full life and here are a few examples which also can enrich your summer‘s activities list:

Beach volleyball is definately one of the non-guilty summer pleasures. Organise a tournament of volleyball at the beach, invite your friends and make it fun. If it is very hot you could enjoy pleasures of cold sea water and after playing make some barbeque while wathcing the sunset. Sounds perfect ! Or… if you are on the beach with the girls do not forget to take a voleyball and play some games instead of just lying and sunbathing. Physical activity can help you feel active all day long especially when high temperature makes feel you tired.

Riding bikes should also be a must in your summers plan list. You can explore new places that you haven’t visited yet or even plan a weekend trip with tents. Both thousands of calories are burned and fun time with your friends including new adventures are guaranteed.

Also, if you are ready for new challenges try adventure parks like this one in Odense. All you need there is comfortable sportswear, sports boots, enthuasiasm and a good company. Adventure parks examines your physical powers, courage and endurance as well as it trains concentration and seduces to defeat inner fear. It‘s definitely not an ordinary attraction that must be tried at least once in your life!

Feel more enthusiasm about something more extreme? Then kiteborading can be a next challenge in your life. It is a surface water sport combining wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding and gymnastics into one. And as my friend Tadas, who is kitesurfing 2 seasons now, told that „while kiteborading almost all your body muscles are working including legs, arms and stomach“ which means that it is the best training where not to mention all the excitement that you get from this sport.  Besides, he also mentioned that this extreme sport, as it could look from the first sight, is not only for boys and that he also sees girls enjoying it. So don‘t be afraid and try something totally different and who knows… maybe it will become one of your life‘s passion.

Last but not the least, try kayaking or canoeing.  Give it a try and explore beautiful danish nature as well. Also, remember that there is no experience necessary and that it will bring unforgettable adventures to your best summer.

And these are not the only summer outdoor activities that you can enjoy, I believe that you know much more and will be active the whole summer. Do not forget that you can make all this together with your friends which means a more quality time with those who are important to you. Besides, after all these activities you will definitely burn a lot of calories and it will be done with a pleasure which is the most important thing. So, don’t sleep, make the most of active leisure time this summer and enjoy!

Little Tricks Before Summer To Have Beautiful Body (NO Diets OR Exercises!)

Dreaming of a perfect summer body but cannot / don’t have time to exercise? A few simple habits will get you rolling so you can enjoy healthier, stronger body once the calendar starts showing the first of June.

More Action, Please!

The more plans you have in your daily routine, the less time you have to think about the food. Automatically, you will eat less and it really works. If you are just sitting in front of TV, of course, you will naturally think of snacks. Choose active leisure instead!

Green Tea Instead Of Coffee

I know, I know. It is difficult to resist temptation to drink a cup of delicious Latte. However, fat milk certainly does not help to improve our figures. Instead, it would be best if you tried to change your habit and start drinking green tea with lemon instead.  When you get used to it, you will like it. Green tea is a natural antioxidant, which accelerates metabolism and breaks down the sugar burning hundreds of calories. Therefore drink 3-4 cups a day of green tea.


Since the warm weather finally showed up, we can move from thinking to doing, especially when it comes to sport and some action. By taking a long walk you do not only exercise your legs’ muscles, but also you can also enjoy the spring and admire of exploding trees. If you are single, who knows, maybe you will meet a nice guy when walking. Are you in a relationship? Invite your second half to take a romantic walk in the evening and watch the sunset together. Walking is a really nice form of a simple meditation that relaxes our nervous systems.

Prep Lunch/Dinner At Home

It’s about time to try new recipes at home and carry that food to work. Home-made food is not only healthier, but mostly cheaper than at lunch cafes or restaurants. Award yourself for saving money and buy a new bathing suit or a spring dress. After changing your habits you will definitely need a new one! :)

The biggest advantage of cooking at home is that while preparing the food you taste and smell it, thus become fuller and the best thing… you eat smaller portions.

Don’t Let Your Friends Influence You

I admit it: friends do influence us a lot. Partying with alcohol and late dinner will not help your body relax. Same story at work, when your sweet colleague offers you even a sweeter doughnut. Think before you act: do not let your friends influence you negatively.

Sleep Well

Studies show that people who sleep well consume fewer calories per day than those who are faint. Besides, from lack of sleep during the day, people consume 300 calories more than those who are well rested. Is this not the right excuse to go to bed earlier?

24h Of Intensive Training

24 hours of amazing fitness experience for a good cause: support the ones fighting cancer, why not?! 280 people from all around Denmark in Herning, DGI huset on 6-7th of April got together for an amazing event supporting women fighting breast cancer.

24 hour training

It was impressive that a bunch of people organized and event, got well-known fitness instructors from Scandinavia to participate for free and all the money paid for participating, massages and other things were donated for the foundation. In the end 180 000 DKK have been raised! To be honest, I am always very skeptical about donating money as I feel that I can’t donate enough to make a difference but at that very moment when the organizers handed out a check for such big amount of money it made me so proud that I have been part of this and I did make a difference by participating.

It is amazing how crazy people are! You would say 24 hours of fitness is a bit too optimistic? The way it worked was that we participated in teams; I was part of a team with 5 members, so each of us divided classes (28 in total). The fitness classes offered were all by Les Mills, a very well known brand that issues different fitness classes such as: Body Combat, Body Attack, Body Pump, Body Jam, RPM, Body Flow, etc. It was truly an amazing experience to see the best instructors in Scandinavia, to feel how much fitness means to them and how much they enjoy it.

24h of training

So we started our warm up on the roof of the DGI huset (!), how amazing is that? People were dressed up with to make their team look the coolest. In the mean time when your team members participated in a class we were able to use all the swimming pools, saunas and relax.

When the last Body Combat song finished and the instructors screamed out “Klokken er 12kl, vi er færdig!” – I truly got tears in my eyes, feeling amazingly proud of myself as I was way too optimistic that I can do almost 12 hours of fitness in 24 hours, and at the same time feeling so happy that at least this is how I can support and help women fighting cancer.