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10 Habits Of Healthy People

 You’re tired, busy and definitely don’t want to follow yet another “to-do-list” as you have no time at all. But guess what? All those successful and healthy people are also busy as hell but they manage to implement some healthy habits that sustain their happiness, health and wealth. Also, they don’t only try to sustain it, they try to improve it. So here’s a cheat sheet – copy them. They don’t take forever to implement and picking up these simple eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits can change your life.

1. Setting Goals

Healthy people plan their time. They know that some deviations from the initial plan are OK (we don’t want to stress and get frustrated, right?) but setting goals and following them step by step is crucial. Note a few small, achievable objects for a week, month, six months and a year to begin with: fx. finish reading that book til the next Sunday, start exercising in April, run a marathon by July and learn Spanish to be able to communicate in basic language for your next trip in November. Setting up a certain deadline (fx. no refined sugar for a month/ bi-weekly language classes for 3 months / more exercise for one month) along with an objective (fx. losing 5 kgs / being able to swim) will make you more focused and determined!

2. Taking Care Of Your Nutrition

Undoubtedly, when it comes to physical health nutrition and sports are in the ‘must-do’ list. Healthy people aren’t just born that way – they make the choice to live a healthy lifestyle one day at a time, one meal at a time. It doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a glass of wine from time to time or snack on chips on a Friday evening – it rather means balancing your diet and choosing healthy, nourishing meals most of the time. Food selection (i.e. selection of a healthy meal over junk food) is important, but controlling portion sizes is even more important – it will improve your digestion and control your waistline. And I guess most of us could do with some reduction in this area…

3. Exercising

Living in a digital age when our computers, phones and notepads are full of notifications and news and our diaries are full of planned meetings it’s important to set up at least an hour few times a week to “cleanse” your mind from all that craziness and dedicate it for some physical activity. Physical activity improves mood and works as a fantastic “thought detox”. If you’re wondering what are the benefits of sport – there are plenty! Dedicating some time for a few days a week at the gym and following a meal plan does wonders. If you’re a newbie and have just started getting a bit more interested in your health (both mental and physical) try experimenting with your diet and mental focus a bit: try giving up refined sugar and focus on positive thinking at least for a week.

4. Expressing Gratitude

Appreciating little things make us happier. Showing and recognizing how grateful you are for a number of things in your life can actually reduce depression and increase your immunity. Don’t only focus on the whole but rather try noticing small things. Even more to that – you can start writing a “gratitude diary”, noting down 1-3 positive things daily. Good emotions and increased self-confidence guaranteed!

5. Having “Me” Time

We all get dragged into routine – work, home, cleaning, making food, dish washing, bed… It’s important to follow a plan and get used to that but what’s even more important is breaking that plan from time to time to fully dedicate at least half an hour for yourself and nobody else. Spend at least 30 minutes a week (or bi-weekly) doing something you enjoy – reading a book, going for a long walk or simply sipping some aromatic tea while trying to “empty” your mind. Give yourself a break, you deserve it.

6. Being Adventurous

Have you ever seen a “Yes Man” with Jim Carrie? If not, then you totally should. It will make you think and re-consider why saying “no” to most of the thing in your life is simply unhealthy. Healthy people seek for new experiences, fresh ideas and discoveries. They know that quietly sitting in your comfort zone does not bring changes and improvements, stepping out of your comfort zone does. Many of us feel comfortable when we do things we know and are good at BUT doing something new and stepping out of your comfort zone brings joy, new experiences and that (sometimes) even gives a crazy addictive rush of adrenaline. Saying “yes” to new things means a different thing to different people and it totally depends on you. Whenever you say “no” you miss an opportunity to discover something new, to try something you haven’t tried before and to learn and grow. Next time when somebody suggests something crazy and your comfort zone kicks in with “hell no” try giving it a chance – after all, we live once, right?

7. Seeking Engaging Company

It is no doubt that communication plays a vital role in human life – it does not only help to facilitate the process of sharing knowledge and information, but also helps people to develop relationships with others. Humans are social animals and social life is one of the most important influences on our mental health. Without engaging, positive and durable relationships we feel lonely and not appreciated. To be your best surround yourself with socially engaging, motivating people that encourage, motivate and challenge you both mentally and physically.

8. Laughing

Being able to see the funny, humoristic side of yourself and others (yourself first!) makes life simply easier to live and also makes you look happier and friendlier. Positive people who are not afraid to laugh are usually the ones liked most, as they are able to see the “happy” side of any situation and are not afraid to look or be perceived as careless or silly. A good sense of humor won’t cure all ailments, but data is mounting about the positive aspects laughter can do: it soothes tension and stimulates many organs (enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air & stimulates your heart). Laughter is also a powerful stress-relief medicine.

9. Sleeping Well

Don’t underestimate the power of a good sleep and naps. Sleeping around 7-8 hours is optimal for a grown up and that’s the amount of sleep you should always be getting. Sleeping plays an important role in your physical health – sleep is a “body recovery time” after a long day and sleeping is involved in repair of your heart and blood vessels. Aim at sleeping at least 6 hours every night.

10. Saving

You don’t need millions to live a happy, fulfilling life but you do need an extra coin to set aside cause… you can never know what might happen tomorrow. Young Chinese are a good example of how to save an extra penny even when it seems close to impossible. Always try to save a bit (even 5 or 10 euros) from your salary – you can always skip buying a candy or soda and rather put that coin into your savings account. Control your impulse spending and always re-ask yourself whether this item is something you really need.

Hit the Heat Wave

Fitness World now offers a new concept of classes called Heat Wave which includes both pilates and yoga lessons.



What is Heat Wave ?

It consists of two classes  pilates and yoga. The seminar is happening in a room , which is heated with infra red heat up to 37 degrees , providing great training benefits. The infra red rays warm your muscles and joints from the inside. With infra red rays heated body becomes faster and deeper warmed , so you will experience greater flexibility. Also, it will become easier to get deeper into the positions of yoga and pilates. Heatwave classes bring an ancient practice into the 21st century to assist with daily challenges such as  weight loss, stress management, tight muscles, insomnia and detoxification.

Results of Heat Wave :

  • Your body will be more balanced
  • Better elimination of waste products
  • Tackling stress
  • You will be more enduring
  • You will improve your muscle function
  • Faster and deeper warming of muscles and joints
  • Your muscle recovery becomes faster
  • Greater flexibility

Attendance at Heat Wave Class

Remember to drink plenty of water both before and after Heat Wave training and students of Heat Wave are advised not to eat for at least two hours before a class to allow their digestive system to cleanse and work freely.

Towel must be carried when participating in Heat Wave classes and one more towel for the yoga mat to prevent it from becoming slippery and for reasons of hygiene.

What is more, you have to come before the class starts because the doors  are locked up and if you are late it will not be possible to attend.

What does it cost to attend Heatwave?

Price for a new member in Fitness World would be 349 kr per month plus 299 kr. a one time entrance fee. The price for existing members is 349 kr. per month and one time heatwave class 50 kr. So, my advice would be first time to try this class one time and see if you love it. Yes? Then become a constant member and enjoy advantages of Heat Wave.

For more information visit: http://www.fitnessworld.dk/muligheder-i-fitness-world/heat-wave (in Danish)

Fitness Journey With Personal Trainer Kristin Julia Hannesdottir

Kristin, 22, is an Icelandic personal trainer at Fitness World, Scandinavian centerand fitness play a big role in her life as it has become a habit to start or end every day with a workout. Kristin says “I actually just don’t feel as good about my day if I haven’t gone to the gym“. Therefore, in order to get some insipiration to train and enjoy the worout, let’s speak with the fitness enthusiast about her career and what a good workout means.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/


How long have you lived in Denmark? Do you like this country and what was the reason for coming to Aarhus?

- I moved to Denmark with my fiance in August this year as he is studying engineering. We plan on living here for at least 5 years since I hope to start studying physiotherapy next year at VIA university. I love Denmark for couple of reasons: first of all, it’s was such a bad summer at home this year, lots of rain and a really cold summer, so coming to Denmark made me immediatly start loving the country because it was so warm! I also really like the people here, everybody is so friendly and nice.
The toughest thing about living here is, I think, the distance from family and friends as well as trying to start to talk the language but, we’ve only been here for a few months so I hope that soon enough we will be able to talk only Danish, not kind of English/Danish .

How did you start your fitness experience?

- I have always been interested in sports and as a kid I played every sport I could, we were actually so few in my school in Iceland that I sometimes played both with the boys and the girls team in all kinds of sports. As I grew up I stopped playing sports and started to focus on the weight room instead which I really started to love and in spring 2011 I applied for ÍAK personal training study in Iceland. Since then I have been hooked.

How many times per week you do a workout? How that workout does look like?

I workout 4 – 6 times a week and I like to train diffrent musclegroups every day. As an example, I train chest/tricep, back/bicep, shoulders/core, legs, plyometrics all on different days. I don’t like doing cardio in the gym, I much more prefer to go outside and run, take sprints, bike or, in Iceland I used to go hiking once – three times a month. That’s also what I miss about Iceland, the mountains.

Personal Trainer

What else do you do without personal training?

Right now my primary focus is building my career in personal training here in Denmark but I am also studying danish at UCplus, a really nice danish school in Hasselager.

5. How long you are working as a personal trainer? What is the most exciting part of your job?

I have been working as a personal trainer for 2 years now and I absolutly love it! The most exciting part of my job is to see my clients succeed and to help them do things they didn’t think they could. For example, one woman thought she couldn’t do a pullup – an exercise where you hang from a bar and pull yourself up,  the look on her face when she finally did was priceless. I think it is a privilage to be able to help people to reach their goal and I hope to help for many more in the future here in Denmark.

Why people should hire a personal trainer? What is the most common reason for people to ask for a help from a personal trainer?

Personal trainer really can help for every person if they are just starting to go to the gym, to get help starting their fitness journey, to be able do the exercises properly as well as to get help to achieve their goals.As a personal trainer, I specialise in corrective exercises for the body because too many members have bad posture that affects their body in a bad way, f.eks they have back pain or shoulder pain by sitting to much by a desk as well as neck pain, hip pain and I could keep on counting. And usually people seek professional help in order to lose weight and feel better.

What other kinds of sports do you like?

I love basketball! I am though only 1,60m tall so it’s a little bit difficult for me to play with a team since the players are usually a lot taller, but I love the challange since I am usually quicker than the taller players.

Are there some athletes that inspire you?

- Actually, I keep an eye on athletes‘ trainers more I admire, and I love to read stuff from two of the leading experts in the industry, Mikael Boyle and Martin Rooney. I also like to follow some Icelandic fitness-competition athletes on facebook since I think they are very hard working people, its amazing what fitness competitors do before a contest. But the best insipiration for me is to see the average person do his/her best in training.

Are Danes different in terms of their training habits if comparing with people from your homeland, Iceland? Is there something you were surprised about?

- I actually haven’t been able to observe all that much Danes training habits, but what surprised me the most, is that Danes run outside in every weather whether it’s sun or rain! Danes are very diligent in running, I admire that.

Tell me about your day? Do you prefer do training in early morning or vice versa?

- My life is very easy and fun, I usually wake up around 8, start my day eating good breakfast and then I cycle to Fitness World Scandinavian where I work now. I spend some time there, depending on how much work I have to do and I usually like to workout midday. Afterall, I make some programs or read some training books and plan the next day.

What motivates you to wake up and do what you do every day?

- I don’t like seeing people putting their health in danger when not exercising and eating unhealthy and I want to help these people to understand that to be able to live longer and have a better life you have think about your health. That is what motivates me to do what I do, that I am able to help people feel better and help them get closer to their goal, whatever it is.

To your opinion, what is the biggest mistake most people make when setting up a workout routine?

- I think a lot of the time the reason why people quit their program is that they expect too much too soon. One week of exercise and healthy eating is not going to do much against lifetime of bad habits. Don’t misunderstand me, a week of exercise is better than nothing, but you can’t expect to loose 10kg in a week.
I think the  main mistake people do when they start a workout routine is that they think it’s only a diet, but it isn’t suppost to be a diet, it’s suppost to be a lifestyle change.
Another mistake I think people make is that they don’t go to a professional to learn to do the exercises properly, then they get injured and as a result they think exercise is dangerous and quit.

Currently it has been very popular to talk about a healthy lifestyle and diets in particular. Do you think that healthy food plays an important role when achieving good results in training? Why? How important is it?

- I definitely agree that food is very important if you want to achieve good results. For example,  the 80/20 rule: 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Together they make each other perfect! If you only eat right and don’t exercise, sure you’ll get result, if your result is fatloss, but you won’t have the shape most women desire, the tight buttocks and stomach, which you can only achieve with exercise.
And if you live of candy and junk food but exercise regulary you won’t get the result you want as well.
I am a firm believer in the “middle rule”. I myself like to exercise and train most days of the week, but I also like to have a glass of redwine in the weekend and maybe eat a little bit of chocolate.
I have found that the best for me is to find healthy recipes for unhealthy food I like, I love pizza for example, so I have found a healthy recipe for pizza that I can eat, guilt free. I also like to find or imlement healthy cake and snack recipies. You can almost always find a replacement for your unhealthy food.

People can contact Kristin either by filling out a form next to my picture and deliver it to reception in the Scandinavian center or online. You only have to remember to choose Scandinavian center.

 Do sports-people crave for sweets?

Aparently, they do. And so does Kristin, who has a recipe, as she says “for an excelant “candy” which you can consume as a snack between meals, maybe with Sunday green tea. Be careful though of not over eat these, because it’s easy!  3 pearls is quite enough if you want to eat this between meals, 1 is enough if you are craving for something sweet.

Pearls for the body!

Candy recipe

- 100 gr dates soaked in water until soft
- 40 gr almond flour
- 40 gr coconut flour
- 15 gr cacao
- Little bit of seasalt
- 3 drops liquid sweetner

Mix the dates in a blender, blend the rest in. Shape around 16 pearls and roll in coconut flour. Put in freezer or cooler, depending on when you want to eat them. Enjoy! (and stay healthy and fit!)

Never Rode a Bike?

When in childhood, my grandpa and grandma would teach me all kinds of various activities, such as cooking, sewing, swimming, riding a bike or setting up a fire with two stones. The only thing I haven’t learnt yet is swimming. I am happy I learnt how to ride a bike, as that is pretty useful in Denmark. Though some friends of mine still don’t know how to.

ride bikes


In Denmark you can see all kinds of people on the bike: a student rushing to lectures, a young girl with a short skirt and stilettos as well as a businessman with a suit going to work. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much do you earn or where are you going; everybody has and rides a bike in Denmark. In Copenhagen more than 50% of all inhabitants use their bikes every day…


Before starting the whole “must-ride-a-bike-in-Denmark” discussion, I have to mention two simple facts comparing my homeland and Denmark, which are worth mentioning;

Fact nr.1: cars in Lithuania are cheap and every student has one.

Fact nr.2: cars in Denmark are incredibly expensive and therefore (nearly) no one has one.

Since cars are expensive, the solution is pretty simple: bus (if you live far away) or a bike (99.9% of all possible cases). The reason why Denmark has become a biking nation is pretty obvious: it’s healthy, convenient, cheap and green. And Danes are all of the listed: healthy, seeking for convenience, interested in saving money and green. Having said that, you can make a pretty simple conclusion: no matter what kind of weather it is, everyone rides bikes. In summer, autumn, winter, spring. When it raining, when it’s snowing and when it’s slippery. Even when raining, snowing and slippery at the same time. Everyone rides bikes. Real Danes don’t buy cars. To be honest, it is kind of shameful to have a car since you seem like a lazy ass in others eyes. Danes are fit, sporty and ride bikes whenever they can. And, unlike in my home country, when Danes have families, they just get longer-larger bikes for 2 or 3 people or simply get a “trolley” for the kids instead of getting a car.

Supermom 1 http://www.flickr.com/photos/newsoresund/

Supermom in Denmark

Cargo bike in Copenhagen http://www.flickr.com/photos/newsoresund/

Superdad riding cargo bike in Copenhagen

Bikes for tourists

The whole Denmark is famous for its biking culture. In 2008, Copenhagen was voted the “Best city for cyclists” and ”World’s most liveable city”. If you are a tourist in need of feeling the Danish bicycle culture and lacking a bike, government has thought about you: you can use City Bike which you will find in one of the most “important” and visible spots in the city: by the city hall, by trainstation and so forth. Inserting a coin of 20kr you can get a city bike, use it and deliver it to the most convenient placement in the city as well as get the money back. So it’s free and you can be saved from using buses and most of all cars, which Danes are not very keep on anyways. You will also save 20kr – the amount you would use for using a bus.


Danish City Bikes

My only love = Bike

When my fellows in Lithuania are buying and being proud of their relatively good BMWs in their 20ies, my classmates in Denmark are proud of their bikes (not only classmates, but sometimes even their older parents, too). They love their bikes. They sometimes even talk to them (my classmate has a pink flowery bike called Molly…). They wash them constantly, clean their “wheel” and the seat with the wipe, put a soft seat on, put a special plastic cover when it rains and decorate the whole bike with some funny applications or flowers.

Giraffe bike http://www.flickr.com/photos/islandsofthemind/

Giraffe bike




Shark head tricycle http://www.flickr.com/photos/pphaneuf/

Shark head tricycle

As I was thinking “why” for about a couple of weeks right before I started uni, as soon as I started going to lectures I realized the need of decoration pretty quickly: you simply cannot find your bike in a “parking lot” by the uni if it is not any different than others. As simple as that.

Welcome to university. Try finding your  bike…



The magical pick-up like

When I just came to Denmark, it seemed a little weird that men in their late 20ies and beginning of their 30ies wouldn’t have a car. It is the time we all start earning relatively good money – so to me, foreigner from Baltics it seemed really weird that majority of men would ride bikes. Besides that, I remember my classmate complaining about guys with no cars. She explained the inconvenience she faced: you meet a guy, you get interested and he has no car. For her, it seemed a little weird that a man she would talk to and flirt a little would not be able to drop her home simply because he would not have a car. Yet if you don’t become shocked after you hear a sexy “let’s go get my bike…” pick-up phrase and agree to be “driven” home on a back of his bicycle, you can sit, hug him and he would drop you home with pleasure.

couple on a bike

Some things to remember if you are about to Denmark soon or if you just came to live here:

*Real Danes don’t drive cars

* Everyone rides bikes

* Everyone knows how to ride a bike

* It’s shameful not to know how to ride a bike

* Everyone takes care of their bike

*And yeah, pretty much everyone rides bikes :)




If you live in Copenhagen and want to learn how to ride a bike, check out a Free Bicycle Course.

How To Motivate Yourself to Exercise?

There are many reasons why we should exercise  and there are many more than a healthy body weight. Sport also helps to reduce blood pressure, bad cholesterol and triglycerides , it strengthens bones, reduces the risk of cancer , help fight depression, reduce stress, add self-confidence and it can even improve our sex life.



Unfortunately, all these facts sometimes do not motivate us enough to go to the gym and even though we all know that sports is good for us… we still  lack motivation to exercise. And, trust me, I’ve had days (and I bet that most of you had it too) when I’ve struggled with motivation to exercise. But I have made a list of things that really have helped me to change my lifestyle and love the sport.

Be realistic

One of the biggest reasons to fail for the beginners is unrealistic goals. They set the most unbelievable ones and often can not reach them . Do not start trying to exercise for an hour every day. Instead, start with 20-30 minutes of a selected sport 2-3 times a week.

Keep track of your progress

Do not forget to keep the track of your progress regardless whether you would use a modern web-based tool or good old notebook. Seeing your progress will motivate you even more – it could also be an idea to take pictures of yourself to see visible results so that you could compare them over time.

Do not expect perfection

Another threat for lack of motivation is the ” all or nothing ” type of thinking , which translates to give up. You have to realize that there will be days when you will have do a breaks from sport (e.g. you are too busy, too tired…) and you have to deal with it. But be sure that these breaks do not become an excuse to give up.

In order to avoid injuries be sure to do warm up and/or do some stretching exercises. Do not force your workouts.

Do not compare yourself with others

We’ve all seen them – those trained bodies with no fat, gracefully strolling the gym with a Barbie – sized shorts and sport bras . Do not compare yourself with them. Forget them. Release them . But do not let them distract you from your goals. Think of a think, happy and strong you as your final objective.

Training partner

The best motivation for me, so far, is training with someone else. We are talking about spouses, partners, friends – everybody who can support you.  It is always easier to go to a workout training when a friend of yours is going as well. If that does not work for you, hire a coach.


It is important to find the sport that you truly love. When you are around so many sports clubs and studies, it’s easy to find something you like. You have a pretty wide choice in Denmark, which lies somewhere from aerobics to Zumba.

If you do not like sports clubs, go for a walk around the neighborhood. If you are motivated by the company, enjoy tean sports together with your friends: some movement has never done too bad!

Plan your time

Do everything you can to remove the barriers to exercise . If you are under time pressure, do not waste the trip to the gym – try exercising at home. If you are too tired to exercise end of the day , set your alarm earlier in the morning and work out.

Forget the past

Do not let previous bad experience you languish. Maybe you were not the sportiest kid at school but its time to forget it now. It was a long time ago. Now, your main goal  is to exercise in order to stay healthy and enjoy life.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself for your efforts – not a piece of chocolate cake, but rather something pleasant though not edible, such as a good movie at the cinema, nice smelling flowers or a new garment from a clothing store.

Your before picture

And finally it is so motivating to see visual results because often you don’t realize how far you’ve come. So, as slightly mentioned before, take pictures!

As Woody Allen once told “80 percent of success is showing up”. Keep up the good work and be proud of yourself!

New Ideas For Autumn Fitness

As the temperature drops and days get shorter, there are fewer activities left outdoors. But, on the other hand, many classes at the gyms and elsewhere get started exactly in fall. So, look around and see if something intrigues you. Fall is the perfect time to gain new physical skills as you burn fewer calories when you begin a new activity. If you learn something new now, by the next summer, you’ll have mastered the skill and you’ll burn more calories doing it, just in time for swimsuit season. And, NO, spring or the day after the New Year isn’t the right time to get ready for the bikini season.



From autumn Fitness World gym is presenting two new classes for the girls (who knows, maybe it could become one of your favorite activities…). The first one is called H.I.T. which stands for High Intensity Training and that’s exactly what you get at this class: lots of exercises with high intensity. The training is structured so that you alternately make the pulse and strength-based training in blocks. In pulse blocks you will get cardio exercises without choreography. The interval-based heart rate exercises boost your form and send your metabolism towards the clouds. At the same time, the exercises are kept so simple that you can focus entirely on getting as much as possible from the workout. Strength exercises are focused on activation of the major muscle groups. In addition, the exercises are complex, so you always work with more than one muscle group at a time. That way you get efficient strength training with high intensity that is guaranteed to produce results. In short, the result of this class will be greatly increased combustion, muscle strength and entirely toned body.

The second class is called PowerToning and it’s an hour of strength training where the exercises are taken to the next level. The class is structured into four workouts: three strengths rounds and then so-called power-round. In strengthening rounds you will work with efficient and challenging exercises. Exercises are combined with a high-intensity and give you effective strength training that increases your muscle endurance and strength, and gets your metabolism up. In one of strength sessions the instructor will focus on core exercises. Moreover, power-round is a challenge to you through intense strength exercises where you will be working with heart rate and muscle endurance. This is the round that really helps to improve your shape and makes a significant scale of your combustion account. Strength Round is often structured as a challenge when it comes to give it as much gas as possible. All this helps you achieve a leaner, more toned body.

And for the end… don’t forget to fuel your body. Lots of fruits, vegetables, and water will help your body stay energized longer and achieve better results when exercising. So, start planning your new autumn activities today and maintain your fit body.