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Yummy Home-Made Facial Masks

I remember my mother saying that “Sunday is a treat for woman’s beauty”. I remember that I used to love to see what my mother is doing for the whole day on Sunday. I would observe every single beauty ritual she would be doing, such as scrubbing her body, preparing home-made facial masks, moisturizing her face with various facial creams and doing pedicure as well as manicure. For a child like me, back then it seemed something what I couldn’t really understand and follow, yet nowadays I started treating my Sundays as a day for take of myself: and my Sunday skincare routine always includes preparing a fresh, home-made facial mask. Therefore I decided to share some yummy (yes, indeed, delicious!) masks with you that you might put on your face with pleasure.

Chocolate Mask

For the first time in my life I have tried a fresh chocolate mask, I saw an immediate result: my skin became soft and tender instantly. I would highly recommend such mask if you are suffering from a “tired”, sensitive skin.

For such mask, you will need:

- 50gr of dark chocolate (without nuts, raisins or any kind of filling),

- 2-3 fresh strawberries,

- tiny bit of milk or creme fraiche.

dark chocolate for facial mask


Melt the chocolate, mash strawberries and mix it with a bit of milk or a small spoon of creme fraiche. Put it on a slightly wet, washed face for about 20 minutes. Wash carefully and apply a daily usage moisturizer afterwards.

Avocado Mask

Avocado has probably been the only fruit, which has been used for used a long time in various beauty companies to prepare a number of moisturizing products. Avocado facial mask will not only make your face feel fresh, but will moist it a lot.

You will need:

- 1/2 fresh, soft avocado,

- 2 small spoons of natural honey.



Mash avocado and mix it with honey. Apply on a washed face and leave it for about 10 minutes. Wash off with a relatively cold water. You will not even need the cream afterwards since avocado facial mask will revitalize and hydrate the skin.

Guatemalan banana mask

If you have an oily skin type and constantly suffer from extensive oils, it could be a good idea to spoil your skin with a very easy, yet also very effective Guatemalan banana facial mask. For such mask you will need:

- 1/2 of the fresh, ripe banana

- Lemon juice



Mash the banana and add lemon juice. Apply on face and keep for 10-20 minutes. This facial mask refreshes and smoothes the skin, stabilizes the protective fat coating.

Even though the weather outside does not remind of the spring at all, make sure you spoil your skin a little so that it looks fresh regardless of a bad weather!

Enjoy your Sunday, ladies!

Skincare Tips To Feel Youthful

Women have always cared about their looks. I remember my mother and grandmother having discussions about their facial creams and eye serums. It’s true: we women don’t want to face the fact of aging, therefore we want to keep our skin looking as youthful as possible for the longer time. And, since our skin is the main traitor showing our health state and age, women constantly look for products, foods and positive habits to keep skin clean, refreshed and youthful. Not only the genes, but also a balanced diet, sports and knowledge of how to look after your skin makes it look good. There are a couple of simple tips to help your skin look fresh and youthful.


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1. Anti-aging foods

If you want to have elastic and youthful skin, your diet has to be full of vitamins and proteins. Eating beans, berries, fish, spinach, nuts and kale will definitely help your skin look better.

2. Sleeping on silk

If you do not have silk bed clothing yet, it could be relatively expensive to purchase the whole set. Yet is recommended to sleep at least on a pillow which is in a silk pillowcase. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is also recommended in order to have healthy hair.

3. Glasses and sunglasses

It is recommended to get good prescription glasses (if you need them) in order to avoid wrinkles around the eyes. Squinting makes tiny eye wrinkles appear faster.

Besides, don’t forget to purchase a pair of good summer glasses. It could be a good idea to purchase sunglasses before the summer has come, since sunglasses are a little cheaper when the season has not come yet.

4. Serum

It could be a good idea to get an eye serum or anti-dark circle pencil for your eyes. The skin around your eyes is very thin, therefore if you experience a lot of stress and do not sleep enough, it could be a good idea to spoil your the skin around your eyes from time to time. Even if you are only in your twenties.

Written using sources of allwomenstalk.com

Top Beauty Foods

The elder generation has constantly reminded us that we have to treat our skin and face with more patience and care than anything else.  The calendars of fifties and sixties have been full of advice on how to improve the two with the help of natural products, that you can generally find in your fridge. 


Beautiful skin

If you cared about the rule “one carrot a day”, the skin “doctor” would definitely need to stay away. Or, vice verca, would come closer to ask why does your skin look so good. Beta-carotene, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, will make your skin look resilient and young. You should also not forget to consume as much water as possible; since it simply is responsible for moisturizing your skin.

Good mood

Mackerel, brown rice and broccoli it is! Generally, broccoli is said to be the healthiest vegetable on Earth. It contains a number of B group vitamins, iron and folic acid. Due to the numerous amount of vitamins, usage of broccoli is said to give an energy boost.

Brown rice is rich in B3, which is said to be able to improve the mood, however, the result is a relatively short-term. And mackerel is rich of omega-3 fatty acid as well as vitamin D, which is definitely needed for people living in relatively grey and not sunny countries.

Improved digestion

It is said that one has got a better digestion with the consumption of bananas, pineapples and dairy products. Since dairy products are full of needed and beneficial bacteria’s, your metabolism will improve greatly. Bananas, which are generally thought to be the richest fruit, will guarantee bowel cleansing. And last, but not least, scientists have found that pineapple consists of 16 beneficial micro-elements,  which improves metabolism, contributes to slag removal and improves immunity system as well as mood. Happy healthy eating!

Written by using the sources of shape.com

Modern Solutions For Having Healthy Looking Skin

Did the harsh weather temper with your skin again? Do you have a hard time tempering with your skin ? Do you wish you would have some kind of extra help to maintain your skin clear, glowing and healthy looking? Then I promise reading this won’t be a waste of your time.

As we all women want to look beautiful at all time we should take into consideration that we live in the 21st century. Not saying that the old remedies don’t work, but they don’t work as  fast and efficient as a modern woman wants. Therefore I am going to be completely modernist and say: let me open the window to innovation and let you on some products that were tested and proven positive a numerous amount of times.

The first wonder product is Zineryt. It is a combination of two old and reliable remedies for acne, the antibiotic erythromycin and the nutrient zinc, in a convenient lotion form. It is not as fast acting as some other combination treatments for acne, but it’s inexpensive, has few side  effects, and usually gets rid of about 2/3 of blemishes in 3 months or less even if you don’t do anything else. But there are very simple things you can do to get rid of the other 1/3 of your acne blemishes with little effort and very little money while Zineryt is doing its work. Again it depends on the type of skin and how bad the condition you have is , in order to be estimated how it works.

The second wonder product is from Clinique’s Acne Solutions Clear Skin System. It is simple, scientific and efficient. It works in this way: Gentle exfoliation opens clogged pores and evicts acne-causing bacteria. Medicated ingredients rush in, to accelerate the treatment. Just cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize twice a day. This will make your skin clear and healthy looking or how they say you get your money back .

The 3rd and which in my opinion is the crown  jewel of acne treatments is presented by the French cosmetics firm  La Roche Posay which presents 2 fantastic products: Effaclar DUO Dual Action Acne Treatment and Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Daily use facial cleanser for oily skin.These 2 products work efficiently for cleansing, repairing and maintaining the skin healthy and beautiful. Although a bit pricy it is a good investment.

Effaclar Duo Patent is a combination of Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide [5.5%] that reduces acne and Micro-exfoliating LHA [0.4%] which exfoliates and evens the texture. As seen in the published clinical study of the June dermatology journal issue of Cutis.

It gives results in only 3 days. Dual action treatment reduces the number and severity of breakouts, improves pore size and provokes minimal irritation. Apply all over face one to three times daily depending on how severe the condition is.

Likewise Effaclar DUO has won the following Awards:

2012 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner: Acne Treatment

2012 All You Best Beauty Buys: Acne Treatment

2011 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner: Acne Treatment

2011 Real Beauty Gold Star Awards: Best Face Products