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Kenzo x H&M: High-end Fashion made Affortable

Back in May H&M announced that Carol Lim and Humberto Leon from Kenzo are the latest designers to bring their work to the masses via collaborations with H&M.


Good news – while Kenzo is a high-end fashionwear brand, with the latest collaboration there might be something for everyone. So starting from November, shoppers will be able to get a piece of the action for way less, and Kenzo x H&M collection will hit stores on Thursday, November 3.

The Kenzo x H&M lookbook stars a global cast – DJ Juliana Huxtable, photographer Youngjun Koo and activit writer Amy Sall. The newest collection, which is described as “colorful comfort fashion” will celebrate where Kenzo Takada began and where the fashion world has taken the brand to.

Spoiler: it’s been worth the wait. The collection, which was designed by Kenzo’s creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim is as bold, colorful and bright as you’d expect, featuring animal prints, oversized style and, obviously, tiger logos, which has become Kenzo’s trademark.

Make a note of your favorites by browsing below.

Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M


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Kenzo x H&M Sweatshirt

Courtesy H&M

Available from 3 November in selected H&M shops and at hm.com.

Shopping Guide To Cheap Outlets in Denmark

Are you sick and tired of paying a fortune for good and well-known clothes and shoes brands? Shopping in Denmark can be very expensive and it may seem impossible to be able to purchase clothing that Danish girls love wearing, such as Samsøe Samsøe, Designers Remix and by Malene Birger. One thing I’ve learnt from my Danish friend so far is that it is always possible to get a good bargain in terms of price-quality equation, where the quality of the product is outstanding and the price paid is small. Such quality branded clothing can normally be purchased in outlets, where you can get your hands on the popular and normally expensive brands. Try visiting outlets in Copenhagen and its suburbs – I guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed.

Clothes On a Rack

For the last couple of years, outlets have become a very popular trend in Denmark. And of course – why not? Who doesn’t like a good bargain. In outlet stores you can save up to 80% of the original price on some of the highest fashion and popular brands within the categories of clothes, shoes and/or accessories. Yet another advantage – visiting outlet stores you can find all clothing essentials (plus accessories, normally) at one place. Big exhibitions such as Outlet Messen sell more than 3.000 well-known brands while permanent outlets such as DanskOutlet always rely on reduced prices on their different assortments of everyday clothes, party dresses and sports wear.

Good to know

If you choose to visit a store with permanent location and opening hours you don’t need much planning though when you visit one of the big exhibitions it is a good idea to start your day early to avoid massive queues and improve your chances of snatching the best items offered. There can sometimes be a lot of people shopping, so it may be a little challenging to get an overview of the heaps of clothes and shoes. But whether you choose one or another you will for sure be guaranteed some valuable purchases.

Outlet list

You may be wondering where and when the different outlets take place. At the shopping portal katoni.dk you can find a complete list with outlets in Denmark. By typing your location, you will get an overview which the outlets are closes to your location. As you can see, whether you are looking for your newest party dress or fitness outfit you will find it at outlets. That way you don’t need to ruin your savings account or use half of the day walking from store to store the next time you want to go shopping in Denmark.

Happy (and cheap!) shopping!

January Saving Tips

As we hit the halfway point of January, many of our bank balances have been depleted and our lunchpacks for work are made up of leftover cookies as well as some leftover Christmas salad. As for New Years resolutions we have promised ourselves to be more savvy when it comes to finances. I bet many of us have also written down a NY resolution related to saving – “spend less, save more”.

To help you on the way we’ve got a list of most useful money saving tips that will serve you in the long run keeping in mind the objective to spend less and life comfortably. And, overall, spend wisely to avoid financial deprivation both in short and long term.

Leaving shopping mall


“Think before you shop” should be the golden rule from now on. Do a food audit once a month carefully examining what you actually have (also, by looking at all the jars of jam and sauces you’ve saved up). Careful examination will help you to make the list of necessary items which will be helpful once shopping. Also, cutting down takeaway and trying to cook more at home may save you a great amount of money.


As crazy as it may sound, doing some shopping in January might be a good idea. A number of stores are offering considerable discounts for the items that you might have dreamt of a long time, and it may be one of the best times to get something you’ve wanted with the great discount offered. Also, basics like soap and cleaners are usually on sale because they’re in holiday packaging. However beware of false savings – stop purchasing the things just for the sake of discount. We only encourage you to get the things you really want and need.


When it comes to entertainment, planning is your best friend. Planning your entertainment, including holidays, may save you a huge chunk of money. Have a look at the deal websites offering entertainment packages and holiday deals – by doing this in advance you can save up a couple of hundred euros. Cinema, theatre and a great number of entertainment centers, such as swimming pools and bowling centers normally have discount offers on specific timing and days – make sure you plan your entertainment to save a penny (or two).

Do you have any ideas on how to save money after the crazy period of spending? Share your thoughts with us – we’d be happy to hear from you!

Sales For The Perfect End Of January

Now that the holidays have past, the New Year brings us yet another gift: Sales.

Regardless of our differences all girls love to pamper themselves with a shopping session around town. Therefore I’ll make it easy to find all the hot spots for various type of products both around Denmark and particularly in Aarhus.

The only trick is to keep in mind is get the goods you actually need (or simply can get cheaper and can store) – so that you do not purchase unneeded cheap goods just because of their price.

Between the 20th till the 26th of January most of the shops have sales. Therefore the following article will be a highlight of some sales going around, and some must haves for any type of person.

Matas goes on 20% sale for cosmetics and the following are having over 50% sale from their normal price so considered good quality must haves for the season.

These highly rated items can be found either in Matas stores or on the Matas website. Visit them for more insight on the 20% off sales.


H&M is clearing out winter closed therefore loads of sales are coming and what girls doesn’t want some items which she can blend into the upcoming spring like skirts, funny fresh pullovers and office jackets.

If you’re a busy bee and you unfortunately don’t have time for shopping the internet will always be here to help you.  Therefore I strongly advice to go online and get those sales while you can.

Here are some links that you might find extra helpful (although note they are in Danish):



Here you can actually find the best nearest shops and sales therefore personalizing your shopping experience. So don’t wait and miss all the sales going around, but go either personally or via online and get whatever you need, for a lower price.