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Cleansing Oil De-Maq from AEOS

AEOS – Active Energised Organic Skincare seems to be knowing what they are best at: producing rich, luxury facial products that smell like a piece of heaven – or simply like a bouquet of rare, magnificent flowers that your lover gave you promising his heart.

Oil de-maq

I have had an opportunity to be introduced to AEOS products, which have left me amazed on how fresh skincare products can smell, at the same time moisturizing my skin yet controlling the oils on my cheeks and forehead, the places that regularly “shine” due to excess oils. It is said that AEOS is the next generation in advanced organic skincare – resonant preparations from the kingdoms of plants, minerals, colour and light.

AEOS stands for Active Energised Organic Skincare, which means that:

Active – the ingredients used in the products are “alive”; they have been sourced from a soil which has been nourished and activated for optimal performance.

Energised – usage of the unique energizing process to enhance each element contained within AEOS products.

Organic – the company owns a biodynamic, certified farm, where they grow as much as they can use for the products, sourcing other ingredients from organic and bio-dynamic farms across the world where necessary.

Skincare – new concept of skincare, since the products, as well as their usage, are unique.

I am happy to have had a chance to try six AEOS products, which should generally be part of a daily skincare routine.

It is said, that this particular cleansing oil is contains a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils; plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals in order to hydrate the skin.


I was guided to use the cleansing oil as the first product, especially just right before going to sleep. “Moisten cotton wool pad with warm water and add a few drops of the cleanser. Apply using upward sweeping movements over the face and neck”, said a leaflet that I got together with the product. To my surprise, I probably have not ever seen such a dirty pad ever! I used to use cleansing wipes in order to take my make up off, but I see the benefit of cleanser: it really takes it all off your face. Even though my daily usage of make up include only one coat of mascara and a little bit of blush, I was surprised to see that my cotton pad got so dirty that I had to take another one (and this one got dirty too!).

In addition to the product itself, it is also worth mentioning the package design: it is simple yet absolutely comfortable to use.  Since all AEOS products are highly concentrating, it is worth knowing that you only need a couple of drops each time. Therefore, an easy applicator at the top of the bottle makes it comfortable to put exactly a couple of drops on a cotton pad (not too little yet not too many).

One particular thing that impressed me a lot is a great texture: even though it is a cleansing oil, it does not feel oily at all. Sure, it is rich and moisturizing, but my face did not feel greasy after application. Since the oil is made out of spelt oil, jojoba oil, grape, sesame seed and avocado oil as well as is rich in vitamin E, you could instantly notice a fresh flower smell.

Pros: great texture, soft and gentle yet not greasy. Amazing smell and great cleansing.

Cons: price (£40 = 350 DKK), yet I would argue that it is a reasonable price for a luxury product.

It is also worth mentioning that AEOS products work best when they are used together. After AEOS Cleansing Oil De-Maq it is suggested to use Dew Facial Wash, which cleanses your faces and opens pores.

For product purchase or more information please visit http://www.aeos.net/ 

Dew Facial Wash from AEOS

AEOS – Active Energised Organic Skincare company seems to be knowing the secret of beauty: usage of fresh oils and tocopherols (Vitamin E) made from natural sources enriching its products seems to be giving it’s best result: fresh, moist skin and an amazing smell. 

Dew Facial Wash

Dew Facial wash should be used after Cleansing Oil De-Maq. According to AEOS, this particular facial wash cleanses the face mildly and relaxes the skin as well as prepares it for an upcoming absorption of moisturizers.

I was guided to use the Dew Facial Wash on either a cotton pad or a Dew Facial Cloth. Since I did not have the cloth, I simply used it on a cotton pad. It is said that you have to squeeze out excess water and place over the face. Leave it for a few moments and repeat this up to 3 times, allowing pores to open and prepare the the skin for the maximums benefit of the products to follow.

Yet you have to keep in mind that all AEOS products are highly concentrated, therefore only a small amount of product is needed each time you use it.

The first thing I personally noticed after I put the water from the cotton pad on my face was an amazing fresh citrus smell. No wonder why, since the product is said to be made of spelt oil, honey, lemon oil, lemongrass oil and orange extract… My face face felt refreshed and pleasantly wet after the usage. Besides, product package is very user-friendly since it has got an easy-to-use mini sprayer, which helps to apply the right amount of the product on a cotton pad/water.

Pros: smell, texture, deep cleansing.

Cons: price (£40 = 350 DKK), yet I would argue that it is a reasonable price for a luxury product.

After this cleanser it is recommended to use Energising Conditioner, which will balance skin oils.
For product purchase or more information please visit http://www.aeos.net/ 

Daily Exfoliator From DanishSkinCare

Daily Skin Exfoliator, according to the company DanishSkinCare, is a must-have product. It is said to be great for acne, rosacea and sun damage treatment in order to help the skin look healthy and minimize pimples as well as wrinkles. 

Smooth skin

An exfoliator does not have any particular smell and is transparent, therefore suitable for the usage of an allergic, irritated, tired and acne-prone skin. Even though the product is said to be most effective in diminishing pimples and I do not have them, I decided to try the product anyways. ”It is A MUST HAVE product in ones daily skincare rutine – use is every night after washing your face and before you apply cream.”, said Martin from DanishSkinCare, after I was guided to use it on a cotton pad after I wash my face and before I apply a daily cream and both me and my boyfriend tried the product.

After application on my face I could notice the prompt reaction: I felt a slight tension on my face. And, to my surprise, my face absorbed the daily cream that I use much faster than usually.

Pros: helps to fight the pimples, smoothens the skin, fits all skin types, pleasant consistency (not too oily).

Cons: slightly bit pricey.

It is a little difficult to evaluate the exfoliator not having tried other products from the DanishSkinCare, yet after having tried an exfoliator on two skin types: relatively greasy skin with some pimples (my boyfriend) and dry skin (me), I would consider the ideal user of a daily exfoliator to be young individual facing acne and generally having an irritated skin.

For product purchase and more information visit http://www.danishskincare.dk/

EOS Shaving Cream: The Smell of Lavender

A shaving cream, which is rich in natural oils, shea butter and antioxidant vitamins E and C. “Can a shave cream make you smile? We think so. That’s why we invented this one”, claims eos. Indeed, it makes you smile!

shave cream

A smooth cream texture and an amazing, fresh smell are definitely the first things you notice when trying it. The texture is light and easy to apply, it does not irritate skin at all and the fresh lavender smell is very pleasant.

Interesting packaging (eos definitely knows that packaging can attract customers’ attention!) definitely makes not only the product itself, but also it’s  product stand out.

It is a non-foaming cream which moisturises and softens the skin. The cream can be used for both wet and dry shaving. Even though it is non-foaming (and I love those) it still does its best: makes the shaving easier as well as smoothens the skin afterwards.

Even though the product is a little pricey (99 DKK), I believe it’s worth purchasing due to its great smell and amount: only a small amount of the cream is needed for one shaving session and the whole bottle contains a little over 200ml. Since eos lip balm was my favorite product from the company, shaving cream is definitely my second favorite product from eos!

For product purchase as well as additional information visit  http://www.naturesource.dk/eos-m-17.html

ACAI Body Oil From Rudolph Care

ACAI Body Oil from Rudolph Care seems to have won the prize of “Luxury bodycare product of the year” with a good reason: it’s incredibly smooth and moisturizing. Even though I had my doubts before the usage, I was left extremely satisfied after I tried it. Out of all the Rudolph Care products I tried, its Anti-Stress Facial Cream was my favorite product and Body Oil was my second favorite.

Acai body oil

It is said that with the usage of ACAI Body Oil, the elasticity of the skin will increase considerably and the skin will get a shiny glow. It is easy-to-apply. I personally tried the oil after having taking a shower. I could see that after a week of the product usage, the skin on my legs became much smoother. Besides, the oil does not have any smell, so it could be a good choice for women that have sensitive skin or allergies.

Since I am a huge fan of massage, I found that this particular oil can replace a massage oil nicely. Massage oil generally only hydrates skin, but ACAI body oil moistures and leaves it smooth and soft to touch, and the skin absorbs the oil amazingly quickly.

Rudolph Care seems to be in love with the ACAI berry, which is the cornerstone of all their products. ACAI is a tiny small berry that is rich in antioxidants, which protects the skin from damage caused by sunlight and oxygen.

The use of the ACAI Body Oil gives a great luxury experience: the easy-to-use yet luxurious package design, smooth texture and amazing after-use effect definitely satisfies customers.

For product purchase as well as additional information, visit http://rudolphcare.com/

ACAI Cream Soap From Rudolph Care

In the very beginning, I was a bit cautious, and caught myself wondering if one should actually buy luxurious hand soap. I wouldn’t have done it, yet having a chance to try Cream Soap from Rudolph Care and using the hand cream changed my mind; I could see an instant result as my hands became much softer.

Cream soap

In my teenage years, I had a quite common problem that sometimes still keeps showing up: red hands. I wasn’t used to wearing warm gloves and would generally wear more fashionable things, instead of something that is warm. I got myself into trouble: the skin of my hands would usually be a little more red compared to the skin of my arms and body. My hands would get red when it’s warmer or colder than normal, so I did have troubles finding the right skin care that would not irritate my already irritated skin.  I have tried a number of hand creams that supposedly should have helped me, but the result was not as satisfactory as I expected.

The hand cream is rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that have anti-aging and revitalizing properties.

I cannot say much about the soap itself, as I used it together with the hand cream right after washing my hands. Yet the cream soap has a very nice consistency and no smell, and it looked like my hands liked the combination of hand cream and cream soap. With the usage of these two products, my hands became softer and less irritated than usual.

For product purchase as well as additional information, visit http://rudolphcare.com/