Tag: Relationship

Dreaming About Him

…and he left. Only for a couple of days, certainly, just to visit his family.  But now she enjoys her blanket alone. The whole bed for her, still full of his scent – and oh, even when he’s gone she feels like he’s somewhere near, probably just taking a quick shower after one of our one-other body thirst saturations and it feels like he might come to the bedroom just in a second. Her fingertips start wandering through her blazed belly… Thinking about him… his…


She’s known him for a long time. Has memorized his smile and stored after the first time they met, and had it somewhere in a rear memory storage drawer. When they met the other day, she definitely could recall it. However, it was a different smile, different eyesight. Different breath. Different chat. Probably a different him. He perfectly knew how to change and amaze her though it would be just a piffling transformation. Just a different lip corner up. A different haircut maybe. Just a different word said, a different situation. He knew how to fidget her emotions and her. And now, she was waiting for the very next day for him to come so that she could be amazed. Again.