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Lace Pancakes

Lacking some inspiration for the Valentine’s day snack? We have a solution. This recipe is a great idea for a Valentine’s Day snack, cake or ice cream decoration. It doesn’t take long to prepare and looks extremely impressive.

Lace pancakes


100 gr flour

150 ml soy milk

1 egg

2 table spoons honey

5 strawberries

2 teaspoons cocoa

2 teaspoons matcha tea

2 drops of green food colouring


 Whisk the flour in a bowl and form it along the edges. Place the egg in the middle, and stir, adding slowly milk to the batter. Add honey and stir well.  The batter should not be too thin, as for the flat pancakes, but still liquid. Divide it into 3 equal parts; mix one with mashed strawberries, second with cocoa powder and third with matcha tea and green colouring. You need the colouring because the matcha tea does not give a strong colour, although it does give strong taste, therefore, less tea and a bit of food colour will give your pancakes the nice green colour. Of course, you can choose any fillings you like to add the colour, or go all natural. Brush a bit of oil on the pan (you don’t need much, the pancakes are so small that they do not stick to the pan), fill a pastry bag with batter and let your imagination free! Do not flip the pancakes, if you want to retain that beautiful colour.

Fluffy Vanilla Pancakes

This is a perfect recipe for breakfast, as the batter is quick to make and the pancakes themselves are really delicious! And, generally thinking, what could be better than a sweet and smooth texture – and a lovely taste in a grey and cold morning? This is what you will need for the batter:


100 ml low fat cream (approximately 18%)

200 ml milk

3 eggs

50 gr sugar

seeds from 1/3 of vanilla straw

150 gr of flour


Beat the eggs into a bowl, mix them carefully.  Then add sugar, milk and cream and stir the mixture, until even. Sieve the flour into the mixture and add the seeds from the vanilla straw before mixing it all together. The batter should not be too thick; the consistency should be of a heavy cream, maybe a bit thicker. If it is too thin, you can add some more flour, otherwise, add some more milk. Now you have the batter to make some delicious pancakes!