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Kenzo x H&M: High-end Fashion made Affortable

Back in May H&M announced that Carol Lim and Humberto Leon from Kenzo are the latest designers to bring their work to the masses via collaborations with H&M.


Good news – while Kenzo is a high-end fashionwear brand, with the latest collaboration there might be something for everyone. So starting from November, shoppers will be able to get a piece of the action for way less, and Kenzo x H&M collection will hit stores on Thursday, November 3.

The Kenzo x H&M lookbook stars a global cast – DJ Juliana Huxtable, photographer Youngjun Koo and activit writer Amy Sall. The newest collection, which is described as “colorful comfort fashion” will celebrate where Kenzo Takada began and where the fashion world has taken the brand to.

Spoiler: it’s been worth the wait. The collection, which was designed by Kenzo’s creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim is as bold, colorful and bright as you’d expect, featuring animal prints, oversized style and, obviously, tiger logos, which has become Kenzo’s trademark.

Make a note of your favorites by browsing below.

Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M


Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M


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Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M

Kenzo x H&M Sweatshirt

Courtesy H&M

Available from 3 November in selected H&M shops and at hm.com.

Enter a Dual Reality, White Surf from DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN

Take a journey with us to a parallel universe where the ornamental past bonds with the immaculate present. Inside ancient palaces with elaborate, in­tricately carved ceilings. Step outside into a serene beach awash with white surf and sand. It’s all part of this season’s exotic approach to getaway glam, where the red thread is white.

Malene Birger models

You don’t need to book a ticket. Or a hotel. You just need an adventurous mindset to embrace luxurious laid back styles inspired by the two themes – “Orientalism” and “White Surf”. Reflecting the vision of DAY’s founder, Keld Mikkelsen, to blend ethnic craftsmanship with a modern take on classics in a unique expression of everyday couture.

“Orientalism” echoes the interiors of old palaces from India and Mo­rocco in swirly patterns on a sultry beaded dress. Sequins appear as slinky arches on tunics. As gorgeous graphics on cardigans. And like stars sprinkled on a drapey evening dress. Watch for semi-transparent separates. Elongated silhouettes. Wrapped skirts. 3Dcut-out patterns. Atrace of lace. And leather in a nude coloured t-shirt. In contrast is a classic, crisp look in men’s tailoring with a femme factor, deep in the designer’s dna. Seen in tuxedo jackets and waist­coats, soft structured shirts and floaty trousers.

Patterns expand the story where ethnic prints are modernised and mixed. Featuring architectural arches, a liquidy moiré print, a fresh angle on paisley, as well as bold, graphite brush strokes.

Escape to a far away feeling of a breezy beach with miles of white sand stretching out into eternity. A place called “White Surf”. Wearing a beach dress with embroidered accents. Surf wear inspired separates, such as a wet suit-like jersey with lace. Fluid suitings and a sarong approach to trousers and skirts. Go from daywear to a dressed up look in sequined t-shirts worn with sexy, white cropped jeans. A metallic draped asymmetrical ensemble. Or a bustier dress with interwoven Indian embroidery contemporised.

White is the essence of airy tranquillity where both themes converge together. Look for a range of chalky whites and pale, sun-bleached pastels in contrast to slate greys and black. A splash of sunburnt yellow and pink as pip­ing for a sporty beachwear effect.

DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN invites you to travel in your mind to two adjacent worlds. An ancient ornamental temple and a dreamy seascape just outside. Expressed in a stunning collection merging exquisite, ethnic orna­mentation with a breezy approach to understated elegance.

Bon voyage!

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A New Star Has Risen In The WEEKDAY Sky

weekday white outfit

Weekday, producing urban fashion with sporty influences, is constantly and rapidly evolving – as a concept and as a company. A bold attitude and an eagerness to try new things is largely what defined Weekday when first starting out in Stockholm and it still is today, growing to become a global company.

The latest addition to the progressive Weekday offering – 1440 – is a collection line that will further emphasize the multiband concept.

The first 1440 collection is designed by Nhu Duong, a Berlin/Stockholm-based and emerging design talent with a huge fan base throughout Scandinavia.

Take a sneak into the launch event in Berlin:

weekday black and white

weekday presentation

weekday designers

About the designer:

Nhu Duong is no stranger to Weekday clients. When graduating from Beckmans College of Design in 2008, she was chosen to create her first collection for Weekday.

Nhu Duong

Her return, however, is something different. 1440 (pronounced 14-40) is a cooperation between Nhu Duong and the Weekday collective and the result is a well-balanced mix of sports and elegance with a distinct urban feel to it. “The collection is inspired by extreme sports and high performance clothes in an ergonomic aesthetic exploring the relationship between technology, the body and the environment. Most of the garments may seem quite minimal and classic at first, yet all the garments are multi-functional or have technical applications making them interactive and fun“, Nhu Duong says.

The colour range in the first collection goes from black to white, neon, silver and pastel accents.

The collection is targeted toward an urban clientele. And the name? A full (week)day equals 1440 minutes. And 1440 is truly a 24 hour concept – for multi styling and usage.

weekday silver dress

weekday jacket

weekday black dress

gloves by weekday

MONKI + Coloud Headphones = Sweet, Sweet Music

Music is the second (a very close second) love of the imaginative Swedish fashion concept Monki, as anyone who has ever attended one of their sweet-sounding instore events knows. The brand never fails to showcase an up-and-coming band or DJ whenever they get the chance, and its Monki Mozik programme presents a funky and fearless deejayette every month, whose specially selected playlist runs in all Monki’s 60-plus stores every weekend.

And now the brand is proud to present a whole new Monkitastic way of listening: their very own, inhouse-designed headphones! The high-spec headphones, made by Coloud Headphones in unmistakable Monki style. The launch of the headphones is not surprising, as Monki made a statement  to honour technology in all its forms with its SS13 collection.

“Our Monki girls love music, and we love our Monki girls, so head- phones felt like a really great thing for Monki to do”, says head of design Tallulah Topac. “And the design is just a little bit more fun than most others out there – just like our girls!”

Black coloud

pink coloud

white coloud

MYKITA S/S 2013 Eyewear Collection: The Perfect Round Form

LUZ Amber, YOLANDA Taupe

LUZ Amber, YOLANDA Taupe

MIKYTA, an international eyewear manufacturer from Berlin, Germany, seems to inspired by a circular form, which is the recurring theme in MYKITA’s collections for the spring/summer 2013 season.


Round is the fashion statement for 2013, and the YOLANDA model is the quintessence of that principle’s realisation; the fine temples and delicate bridge keep a low profile so as to highlight the round form of the lenses.

The large, dark-tinted lenses create a geometric precision that gives this frame its character. LUZ is a tribute to the sporty/outdoors look of the 1960s. Still vaguely recognisable as a classic panto form, the curved top line and the high keyhole-style bridge lend LUZ the cool character of early aviator frames.Both frames are available in the colours Blue Pearl, TaupeChocolate Chips, Tobago and Black with corresponding lens colours.

Kai SA Gold/Warm Grey, SIGUR Silver/Neon Pink

Kai SA Gold/Warm Grey, SIGUR Silver/Neon Pink

With the models SIGUR and KAISA from the MYKITA Lite collection, the focus is on fine contours. KAISA is the panto form for the 21st century: the classic form, translated into MYKITA’s modern stainless steel concept, is transformed into an ultra-contemporary option by the colour combinations Silver/Neon Pink, Gold/Warm Grey and Silver/Black.

SIGUR is marked by the radical simplicity of the round form. Delicate and modern at the same time, it likewise has imaginative colour combinations providing a decisive accent:

Silver/Neon Pink, Gold/Warm Grey and Silver/Black.


Taulant Glossy Gold SPORTIV & VINTAGE

Taulant Glossy Gold

The shape of TAULANT is a reference to the early days of sports goggles.

Those first frames boasted a long bridge that connected the two frame sections and boosted stability. This was the moment when the double bridge was born – a symbol of activity and sportiness. Back then invented for outdoor pursuits like flying a plane or cruising along on a motorbike, the sporty-classic vintage look of the 1930s is transferred here by MYKITA into the present. TAULANT is available in the versions Glossy Gold with green lenses, Pearl

with bordeaux red, Black with black and Shiny Silver with black-grey lenses.