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Wednesday’s Must-Have: A Sweet Glory

Summer is full of wonders. Blue skies and blue seas. Green walleys and fresh air. Trees are treating us with the sweetest fruits, flowers are blooming and the whole atmosphere is full of heat, energy and love. 

High-end fashi0n designers claim that 2013 summer should be full of bright colours (especially tops and light jackets). If you would rather settle with pastel colours, try matching those with some bright accessories, such as an edgy bag, bracelet or earrings. Other than that – choose something bright and eye-cathing – well, it’s summer, and you do not want to be in autumn mood, do you?

Pink dress by Mango

Pink dress by Mango

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Thursday’s Must-Have: An interesting skirt

Short, simple and very flirty. What? A skirt.

This simple garment, usually perceived to be women’s clothing in western world, also serves a clothing purpose for men, as for example, in Scotland and Ireland men wear kilts. That is the reason why fashion designers (for example, Jean-Paul Gaultier), got inspired and created a series of kilts.

Did you know that in certain cultures it is illegal for a woman to wear trousers? Such rules are valid in now, in 21st century. I personally believe that trousers should be forbidden in Europe at least  in summer time. Well, in summer men usually enjoy examining girls’ legs. So let them enjoy that at least for three months – make sure you put a nice, flirty skirt on and answer a warm look at you and your legs with a smile! ;)

Skirt by MANGO

Skirt by MANGO

Monday’s Must-Have: Stylish Yet Simple Shirt

Mondays are exciting. A little stressful, a little bugging. A little tiring, yet it’s like a day for a new destination, new thoughts and new goals. It’s the beginning of a new week and it is totally up to you how will you end it. It is totally up to you what will you do, what will you achieve and how will you represent yourself as an individual, professional and woman. 

Today’s Must-Have is a simple white shirt with decorated shoulders from Mango. If you have ever learnt Russian you might know the phrase “izjom” (a raisin), which might be used describing a girl or an outfit; it means something more than usual, i.e. something more than one could expect. Something more than one could think of. Something a little more exciting. A little better. Therefore, be a girl “with the raisin” and express your personality with small, tiny, edgy details. Find your “raisin”.

shirt with decorated shoulders by MANGO

Shirt with decorated shoulders by MANGO

Friday’s Must-Have: Let It Rain

When it’s raining and all blue, I somehow want to match the weather. I want to become a part of the blue world, where blue means peace, relaxation and nothing more than that.

When looking from an artistic perspective, blue colour used to be one of the most inspirational and widely used within impressionists. Even Van Gogh would differentiate the various shades of blue: cobalt blue, lighter blue, bluish white of the Milky way, sea blue and prussian blue. Probably that’s why human’s eye is capable of distinguishing “sad” and “happy” shades of blue.

If it happens that it’s not raining, then  I start dreaming about drowning into the invisible waters of Friday’s joy (regardless of the fact that in the English language blue often represents the human emotion of sadness!), and I want to match the rainy, hypnotizing and warm summer weather. Therefore, I put a blue shirt on.

Blouse from ESPRIT

Blouse from ESPRIT


Wednesday’s Must-Have: Blue Lagoon

Dark/navy blue is one of most popular colours for 2013 spring/summer season. It’s classical yet feminine. And, since all of us, women, need a simple but edgy shirt that could reflect our personality and passion, it could be a good idea to get a piece of a navy colour. Since Wednesday is a middle of a (hopefully productive) week, let it be a business style shirt!

A decorated part of a shirt will definitely make you look different than others. And again, probably one of my favorite features of a decorated shirt is, that it can be perfectly worn in an evening when matched with a short skirt or skinny jeans. Let it be your choice whether you want to look corporate or funky.

Blue Blouse from ESPRIT

Blue Blouse from ESPRIT

Monday’s Must-Have: Contrasts

Make your Mondays a creative start of the week. Look corporate but classy.

We advice you to contrast your outfit with a tailor-cut blazer. Choose bright colours underneath. This navy and white print will turn up the volume on any ensemble regardless of a shape or colour you are wearing underneath. Such a choice definitely catches an eye, as accentuated shoulders maximize the menswear-inspired silhouette.

Jacket from MANGO

Jacket from MANGO