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I must admit that I have never been a fan of people interested in yoga and medidation. For some reason they have always seen too calm and stressless, therefore I have perceived that they must also be careless about their busy lives. However, after a friend of mine has dragged me into a bookstore full of stories of people who practice medidation regularly I was left amazed. It seems that only ten minutes of daily medidation (i.e. regular ten minute not-thinking-about-anything relaxation) can give great benefits to your mind and body.



Medidation is a practice where an individual trains its mind in order to get a psychological and physiological benefit.  As I got interested in medidation, I stumbled upon an inspirational TED video where a neuroscientist who stidues the effects of mindfulness, Dr. Hedy Kober, said that “It did to my mind what going to the gym did to my body – it made it both stronger and more flexible”.

Time out

Probably the greatest benefit of a daily (or simply regular) medidation is time out. As you have a couple of minutes just for yourself and concentrate onto nothing (literally!), you spend some minutes relaxing your mind and body while getting out of a daily busy life.

Health Benefits

It is said that constant practice of meditation brings serenity and improves many conditions, such as arthritis or high blood pressure as well as better sleep (if you happen to be suffering from insomnia). Well, the only thin to find out is to try, right?

Stress Issues

I guess it is pretty clear that a ten minute break can calm you down, especially if you feel you are going to burst. Do you remember your childhood times you would get angry? In such situations, I bet, your mom used to tell you “breath deep”. This particular situation, when one has to deal with a lot of stress, is probably known to all of us. In such cases the best exercise would be a ten minute meditation time where you relax, breath deep and calm down.

Psychological issues

It is said that medidation stimulates brain work and creativity as well as builds self-confidence. It purifies character and increases emotional stability. Or in other words, one becomes its own version of an optimist where one knows how to enjoy joyful situations and knows how to handle stress.

Watch the TED talk on meditation.