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How to Recreate the Latest Summer Makeup Trends

Only a few days left til the official calendar summer starts! Whether you’re hitting the beach or are getting ready for the party, stay up to date on the newest summer make up trends that will keep you looking fresh and feminine.

Aqua Eyes

Make a splash this summer with some hot blue shades! Keeping your eyes the focus of the whole makeup is definitely one of the 2017 summer trends. Stick to bright popping blue colors and choose one that will make your eye color stand out.


Pink Tones

Think pink! A sweep of soft, feminine pink eye shadow, blush and/or lipstick gives you fresh, healthy look. For the more classy make up choose monochromatic tones – i.e. same-colored eye and lip patterns.

Soft pink, peach and color tones have already stolen the hearts of Avoid cold undertones that will add some purple tint – what you want is a healthy, glowing and warm look.


Ombre Lips

To create an illusion of fuller lips try mixing two lipsticks into a warm ombre effect. First, pick out a lipstick in any shade that you prefer wearing and then pick a slightly lighter version of the same shade that will be used for the “inner” side of your lips.

Need inspiration? Here’s a cool DIY tutorial just for you!


Stretch Your Beauty Budget

Beauty products can get really expensive. Especially since we, women, generally use a number of products for various purposes and after all it turns out to be quite a shocking amount of money that we spend for skincare, hair care and make up products. If you happen to be in search for new ways on how to save on beauty products that you need, it could be a good idea to know a few simple rules that will help you to save lots of money in a long term.



Quality over quantity

I know, many of you would contradict me that they would prefer to have more products rather than something really expensive, and I would totally understand this womanly need of “the more the better”. Yet one thing to know: if you buy good quality products (which generally are a little more expensive), they tend to last longer. It is better to purchase a little more expensive, yet better nailpolish rather than 3 or 4 cheaper ones simply because a better quality nailpolish would last much longer. And if you think that a cheap one would last only 2 or 3 days and you would have to get a cotton pad and a nailpolish remover, remove your make up, apply a new one and do it all over again after a couple of days… No way. A quality product wins in such case – a good nailpolish will last over a week!


If you happen to be lucky and catch a good product during sales, be sure you get something that you need or might need soon. If you know that your mascara, for example, is about to end relatively soon, grab another one if it’s on sale: you will be able to save some money in a long term (even though you might spend a little more than you expected now).


Since sustainability issue has become extremely popular and it’s become fashionable to be eco-friendly, make sure you do your job: in case you have some products that you don’t need, share them with your friends. And encourage your girlfriends to do the same!

Make Up While On A Budget

Are you searching for creative and new ways to increase your daily budget , but you just can’t live without make-up? So has Oana Parvu, a make-up enthusiast who has ventured to find new creative ways of purchasing make-up and bringing to life the British drug-store make-up to life in a Danish Concept. Having had a challenge to purchase good yet cheap products it’s became clear that it is not too difficult to purchase good for a small amount of money.



In case you cannot find a product or you do not like it, you can find alternatives of the mentioned products. Such drugstores as Matas or Esthetique generally offer a number of products that are on sales and the products are adapted to every woman’s taste. A diverse range of make up sets as well as single products of various shapes and colors will definitely make you choose.

These are some recommendations of products used by  a Modern Woman:

FoundationRimmel London Wake Up foundation – 89.95 , which can be found recently in  Matas as an item on sales  3 for 2 .

As for powder I recommend the following – Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder or Maybelline New your dreams matte powder. The first is  49,95 ,the  2nd  is 69,95 both cheap and good quality, plus a must have! Another option would be face powder from E.L.F- complexion perfection, perfect for oily type of skin.

As Concealer I have 3 or 4 options – from  MUA Brush on Concealer Pen (it has a  solid consistency and highly efficient but lacks too many color choices therefore for a more dark skin tone there wouldn’t be much to chose from) but it’s cheap and great for a very good price  2 gbp -18 dkk

Another very good product can be found at MUA Cover and Conceal Wand, (it has a bit more watery consistency and it provides medium coverage so it is not very recommended for skin types with a lot of imperfections ) it does have though great quality offering coverage for dark circles and it comes in 3 colors  only for 1,5 gpb -13 dkk.

The 3rd  is from Garnier roll-on anti dark circles. Although it has a watery consistency it is higly pigmented and covers up all imperfections , a sale is now currently on at Kvickly, 30 dkk for one as in general it is almost 60 dkk

As primer I use the one from E.L.F, as I think it is very efficient and with silicon si which is not everyone’s cup of tea but it does offer coverage of pores and makes your skin seem flawless and silky smooth with only 3,75 gdp.

Now I have the Color Pallets from MUA, which are very pigmented, not powdery at all , actually they have a creamy consistency and used with a good primer they can last almost all day , one palette has 12 colors and it costs only 4 gbp-34.53 dkk. The pallets are as good as the high brand one , for example their Undressed palette is similar to the Naked palette from Urban Decay, therefore quality for an acceptable price.

Mascara: Personally I use Volume Mascara – L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes, Maybelline Express Volume, and MUA Mega volume mascara… they all have similar shapped applicators and the only difference are the prices . Whereas the first are around 100 dkk the last one is only 3 gbp – so it becomes a little under 50 dkk.

There are actually some tricks to multi task with what make-up you have as to fill in your brows using eye shadows or the elf all over color stick which can become a blush or bronzer and then a lipstick or eye primer.

When it comes to lipsticks, MUA has some amazing ones for only 1 gbp and there are so many colors to chose from. A tip for those girls which have a problem with lips: lip pealing will make your lips seem healthier. A natural pealing recipe requires only a little bit of honey. Take some honey and put it on a tooth brush or some small brush and brush it over your lips a few times, it will help your lips regenerate and seem healthier, plus you’ll look fabulous with any lipstick on.

I used to use a bronzer from H&M for 39.99 dkk (the big version  for 59.99) it is a fine and not too sparkly bronzer. As for the blush, I would use Estee Lauder but now because of budgeting I have discovered the one from MUA - Mosaic Blusher and there is no real difference between them, only the price is differing but not the quality. This one is up to3 gpb – 26 dkk”

Tips: If you want to consider your budget but you still want the look advertised MUA has a wide range of products similar to other high brand ones for example some nail polishes are very similar to MAC ones but can be purchased with only 1 gbp – 9 dkk maximum. Their Blush nb. 3 is remarkable similar to the one from Nars - Orgasm but is only 1 gbp – 9 dkk .  The postage to DK from UK takes 7 days and there are no supplementary taxes besides the delivery ones which usually are not that expensive around  5 gbp – 43 dkk .

There are other good and cheap British drug-store makeup brands such as Famous X, which provides good quality for a good price. Therefore don’t be afraid to expand your horizons if you want to keep a tight budget.

Bigger & Softer Lips WITHOUT Cosmetic Surgery

I have recently noticed that one of my friends has gotten bigger lips. Knowing that she is from a relatively wealthy family, I thought she could have done it with a help of a good cosmetic surgeon. Yet one day I noticed she would put some kind of lip gloss on her lips that had a shape I have never seen. It was a small bottle, that has changed her “love pilgrims”, as Shakespeare would say. (and I am sure even he would be amazed!)

I could not have been less polite, but I simply had to ask her what was it, what she did. And I was left with an amazement that she simply bought a lip plumper – a special kind of lip gloss having lip plumping effect. Such lipsticks and lip glosses accelerates blood circulation, making lips look fuller. After the usage one could feel a tingling, yet refreshing feeling. And the results are visible in about 15-30 seconds.

Generally, lip glosses and lipsticks that have plumping effect are a little more expensive. After having figured out an interesting plumping trick, I have tried 2 lip glosses myself. Certainly, you should not spend more than you can afford, but if possible, I would strongly advice to get one either from Dior (great colors, nice and smooth texture) or Too Faced. If you are seriously thinking in investing your money in a good, branded cosmetics, I will tell you one little secret: purchase it in the airport. You will notice that some products are even 50kr cheaper than in the city. For example, one of my favorites, Dior lip maximizer costs 256kr in the city and 204kr in Copenhagen’s airport.

Lip plumping is probably most beneficial for mature women over 40-ies, since over time lips become narrower and start losing their shape.

Lip plumper or a lip gloss having a plumping effect are not the only solutions. Did you know that you can get sexier, even more attractive lip looks if you would put a little bit of white eye shadow above your upper lip, in the center? In such case you would get the “full upper lip” effect immediately.