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Thai-Inspired Salad With Peanut Butter Sauce

salad with peanut butterSince about 5 years ago I have decided that February is a perfect month to challenge myself: compared to the other months, February is much shorter so this fact alone gives me quite a boost of motivation :) Since this realization I’ve had a month of veganism (which turned into my lifestyle), a month of intensive sports, a month without added sugar and this year I decided to try a “raw month”. Constantly looking for “raw inspiration” online I created my own salad which is

- Sexy

- Super easy to make

- Fulfilling

- Very delicious

- Sweet, savory and rich

So why not give it a try? You’ll need just a few simple (and affordable) ingredients and will nourish your body with delicious, vitamin-rich items. Let’s get started!

You will need

- Fresh spinach

- Red bell pepper

- Ripe avocado

- Sweet, ripe mango

- 1 small carrot

- A spoonful of pistachios

For the sauce

- 1 spoon of peanut butter

- 1/2 can of semi-fat coconut milk

- 2 spoons of soy sauce

- 1 garlic clove


On a nice, big plate put the spinach “coat”. Grate the carrot, serve it on top of the spinach layer. Chop the bell pepper and mango in long stripes, add avocado cut in full-length and put it on the spinach “coating”. Mix all sauce ingredients using your blender and drizzle on top. Crush pistachio nuts and generously add on the very top. Garnish with lime.

* If you want to “tune up” your meal, I advice you to fry some firm tofu and pour the peanut sauce straight in the pan, it’ll become a bit thicker. For the richer version of the meal you can also use glass noodles underneath – instead of a raw salad it’ll rather make a full salad-meal. Super delicious with the hot tofu on top!

Spiced Sweet Corn-Curry Soup (vegan)

On such days, when I am terribly tired and hungry but want to treat my tummy with some amazing vegetable-based food, I choose to eat spiced sweet corn curry soup. It’s simple, fulfilling and very yummy – any better options for a tiring Monday evening?



- Ginger

- Garlic

- Curry

- Olive oil

- Sweet corn

- Potatoes

- Onions

- Vegetable buillon

- Chili (optional)


Chop ginger in small pieces, crush it together with 1-2 cloves of garlic, curry paste and olive oil and chili (if you prefer so). Set it aside. Chop 2-3 large onions and cook it in a pot, in olive oil. When they’re nice and soft, add a pre-made spice mix and mix well. Cut potatoe in small pieces and add it to the pot together with 1 cub of vegetable buillon. When potatoes are cooked, put 1 can of sweet corn and let it boil for 2-5 minutes. When cooked, blend it until even and serve with a spoon of corn and dill. Enjoy!

Cold Avocado-Pea Cream Soup

It looks like I’m trying to make rainbow out of my soups lately. What can I do, if I don’t like chewing on cooked vegetables? I just make them liquid. This soup can be served as starter in small portion or main course in bigger, as it is super filling. You are also free to play with toppings. Add some chicken, shrimps, greens, roasted onions, Philadelphia with garlic and salt, vegan cream or whatever your imagination or kitchen cupboard comes up with and it is ready in no time. Cooling down might take some time, so if you are impatient you can eat it warm, but the cold version is way better.

Avocado pea soup


- 1 bag of frozen peas

- 2 large onions

- 2 avocados

- Olive oil

- 1 cube vegetable bouillon

- Water


Sauté onions in the pot until soft, add the broth and peas. Broth should cover peas. Bring it to boil on medium heat and let it simmer for 5 min. Remove from heat and add avocados. Using hand blender, make it creamy and smooth. Taste for salt and pepper. Put in the fridge for about 1-2h to cool down and serve with the topping of your choice. Enjoy and stay healthy!

Beetroot Soup

Beet soup

Some time ago we have already posted recipes of some yummy dishes with beets. This time we are presenting you a traditional Russian dish, which is very healthy and is great to enjoy for dinner on hot summer days (if there will be any here in Denmark). You will need the following ingredients:

- 400-500 gr meat (beef or chicken with bones)

- 3 carrots

- 2 small onions (or 1 large)

- 10 pepper corns

- 2 laurel leaves

- 5 small beets

- 2 table spoons of tomato paste

- 1 tomato

- 1/2 of small cabbage

- 1 piece of garlic

- spring onion

- Some fresh dill and parsley


Wash the meat, and cook it in a pot with 4 litres of water. When the water is boiling, remove the foam, add 1 onion, 1 carrot, laurel leaves, salt and pepper corns. Set to a medium heat and boil for another 40 minutes, or until meat is properly cooked. Meanwhile, cut onion, carrots and beets in bitesize pieces. Fry them om a pan with some olive oil, until onion becomes transparent. Now add tomato paste and shredded tomato to the rest of the vegetables, and cook for additional 5-10 minutes.

When the stock is ready, remove laurel leaves, pepper corns, onion and carrot. These cannot be reused, and can therefore be thrown out. Chop the meat in a bitisize pieces and add together with cooked vegetables to the stock. Reheat the stock. Shred the cabbage together with green onion, dill and parsley, and boil the soup for additional 5 minutes. Shortly before turning off the stove, add minced garlic. The soup is now ready. Enjoy it with some fresh cream for better taste.

Pumpkin Soup

If you happen to be interested in healthy foods, this time we’ve got something exactly for you. I have recently become very interested in various dishes which have got pumpkin in it. Pumpkin is not only used for Halloween to make giant pumpkin-candle decorations. Pumpkin is a low-calorie vegetable widely used in food industry. Pumpkin pie, for example, is a traditional part in American Thanksgiving event and, I must admit, after having tried various meals with pumpkin, I would be more than happy to share some with you. This time we are tasting a simple and very tasty pumpkin soup, which is perfect for those who are interesting in having a balanced, healthy diet.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/


- 1kg pumpkin

- 2 potatoes

- 1 large onion

- around 1-2 liters of vegetable stock

- creme fraiche or milk

- a little bit of oil

- muscat

- spring onions and/or croutons


Cut vegetables in small pieces and stir-fry in an oily pan for about 5-7 minutes. Boil the vegetable stock and, as soon as vegetables in a frying pan start getting soft, put them in a bowl with vegetable stock. Add salt, pepper and muscat, let it boil for about 20 minutes. If you see that there’s too much water, take some water out. The soup has to be viscous. Then, add creme fraiche or milk. Cut the soup with the blender until even. If needed, add some more milk. Serve with pieces of fresh spring onion and/or croutons. Enjoy!

Pearl Barley Dish

Pearl barley is a very common dietary food, as it is rich of fibers and antioxidants. Additionally, it prevents the formation of cholesterol. Therefore, together with other ingredients this dish makes a perfect dietary supplement.

Pearl barley


- 100 gr pearl barley

- 1 onion

- 2 pc. garlic

- 1 red bell pepper

- 150 gr champignon

- 1 medium-sized eggplant

- Some olive oil

- Spice mix


Rinse pearl barley in a sieve (this prevents foaming), put it in a pot, add plenty of water and cook it on a medium heat for about 40 minutes (or follow the instructions on the package). While the grains are cooking, chop bell pepper and onion in small squared pieces, chop garlic and place all on a preheated pan together with some olive oil. Cut champignon and eggplant in smaller pieces. When onion on the pan becomes transparent, add the rest of the vegetables, seasoning and fry until ready. About the spice mix I usually use – this is Trocomare from A.Vogel.

sea salt

This is an ecologic mix of sea salt with herbs, and it can be found in almost any Danish shop eco-food department. Personally, I like it, as I don’t use much salt, and it is a perfect seasoning for almost anything. If you prefer to mix spices yourself, I would suggest salt, pepper, some bell pepper and basil for this dish.

When pearl barley is ready, remove the remaining water and mix with vegetables. This dish can also be served as garnish for almost any meat recipe. Enjoy!