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Colors of January In Your Outfit

Since the end of January is not yet spoiling us with the lovely springish weather, why don’t we match the nature and take all it’s best? The Earth gives us glittering white snow and soft, tender snowflakes. In a fashion industry, the white glitter sometimes is change with a little bit darker shade, i.e. metallic color.


Sweater by Topshop

Metallic dress by Topshop

Metallic as well as dazzling white are on the top of this year’s January fashions. Pure white and slightly bit “dirty” grey (hmh… Does grey really have fifty shades?) can seem casual as well as can become a wise choice for your evening gown.

Top Shirt by H&M

Dress by Topshop

Sales For The Perfect End Of January

Now that the holidays have past, the New Year brings us yet another gift: Sales.

Regardless of our differences all girls love to pamper themselves with a shopping session around town. Therefore I’ll make it easy to find all the hot spots for various type of products both around Denmark and particularly in Aarhus.

The only trick is to keep in mind is get the goods you actually need (or simply can get cheaper and can store) – so that you do not purchase unneeded cheap goods just because of their price.

Between the 20th till the 26th of January most of the shops have sales. Therefore the following article will be a highlight of some sales going around, and some must haves for any type of person.

Matas goes on 20% sale for cosmetics and the following are having over 50% sale from their normal price so considered good quality must haves for the season.

These highly rated items can be found either in Matas stores or on the Matas website. Visit them for more insight on the 20% off sales.


H&M is clearing out winter closed therefore loads of sales are coming and what girls doesn’t want some items which she can blend into the upcoming spring like skirts, funny fresh pullovers and office jackets.

If you’re a busy bee and you unfortunately don’t have time for shopping the internet will always be here to help you.  Therefore I strongly advice to go online and get those sales while you can.

Here are some links that you might find extra helpful (although note they are in Danish):



Here you can actually find the best nearest shops and sales therefore personalizing your shopping experience. So don’t wait and miss all the sales going around, but go either personally or via online and get whatever you need, for a lower price.