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Kiss Me When You Come Home

She would constantly catch herself thinking about him, rather than something that she was supposed to. Just like the other day, for example, she would think about his strong arms and seducing scent when she was in front of her papers, working. Her boss didn’t mind her reckless distraction, or rather he did not care because she was good at what she was doing. In such cases, she would try to focus on the documents she had to finish and deadlines she had to meet, though the only “meet” she wanted to happen soon was to meet him, her arms to meet his, her lips to meet his, and her whole body slowly, romantically, dreamily vanish into his hug.



She came home after her job and undressed slowly. Looking into the big mirror hanging on the wall, she imagined his arms sliding around her shoulders and his lips touching her neck… She noticed the goose-bumps that had suddenly risen on her skin, put a robe on and went to the bathroom.



Even though it had only about 9 hours since she saw him, she missed him badly… and so did her body. Letting her hair down while staring at her face, she couldn’t help thinking about him again. Now she was thinking about him coming back home, with a boyish smile on his face. “Kiss me when you come home…”, she whispered to herself, thinking about him. “He’s home soon, in about 17 minutes…”

Feng Shui Practices For Fulfilling Sexual Life

Why do we sometimes feel let down and bored, especially when it comes to our intimate life with the partner? Could the reason be that we don’t actually know how to improve it?

Having discovered an interesting Feng Shui intimate life practice, it has become obvious what a few things could be improved. According to Feng Shui, we have to enjoy every single moment we spend with our partners and have to seek for psychical and physical harmony in every step.

The Eastern World has always been good at sex. In Eastern countries sex is equal to meditation, where, according to Dao practices, two individuals making love are seeking not only to experience physical pleasure, but also to align their souls.

According to Feng Shui, sex cannot be fast. The rule “fast and hot” cannot be applicable. Certainly, using only mechanics one can experience the pleasure, but that is only a daily experience: we ate, we drank, we forgot…

Bioenergetical specialists claim that during the act we exchange energies. If we are only aiming to please our instincts, then we are exchanging lowest-level energies. Therefore, in order to improve, it is being advised to make love to a long-term partner and your soul mate.

Do not forget foreplay – actually, it is being advised that foreplay should not take any less than 30 minutes.

In order to avoid difficulties, it is being advised to take care of where the furniture is being placed. Feng Shui practitioners advise to put your bed in a south-west part of your bedroom. And it would be better if your bed is not a sleeping sofa, since it creates a “line” between you and your partner. The perfect option would be a big bed with one double-sized mattress.

Some floral elements, such as flowers, mini bushes or artificial flowers will create a harmonious environment, helping you to relax and focus on each other. However, you should be aware that pets should not be allowed in your bedroom since they can be a distraction – and you would probably not feel relaxed looking at your pet while having an intimate moment with your partner…

Do not forget to change positions while having your intimate time with each other. It will help you to feel your partner better, and it is also advised not to take long “breaks” when changing; sex has to be an intimate souls’ and bodies’ dance between the two. The ideal intimate time, according to Feng Shui, should take a couple of hours – and you will probably need some practice to melt into each others bodies and still keep the lust – but it’s worth trying!


                                                                             Article written using sources of pravda.ru