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How to Create Scandinavian Hygge at Home

Winter, especially January and February is a time when many of us can feel a bit low in energy. All we crave is a big cozy blanket and a cup of hot fragrant tea. And perhaps a pumpkin pie. And a good movie. The holiday season is over and spring seems to be still a long way off, so no wonder we get a bit of the winter blues “knocking on our door”. And let’s face it: winters can be rough. Days are shorter and colder, we don’t get as much sun anymore so it might be a bit challenging to stay positive, even indoors. In Scandinavia (i.e. Norway, Denmark and Sweden) the weather never really gets crazy hot and autumns as well as winters are long and dark so Scandinavians know pretty well how to improve the winter blues with a bit of hygge. If you have read my old-favorite post on the reason why Danes are thought to be the happiest nation on the Earth, (hint-hygge), then you know what I’m talking about.

So let’s get started and make our homes a bit more hyggeligt!


A pleasant warm glow is one the easiest (and probably cheapest) ways to make your home interior feel more comforting. Since bright sunshine is not too frequent in Scandinavia, Scandinavians try to get as much of natural daylight as possible: after all it is essential to our well-being and is tends to make us happier. Get rid of heavy curtains and keep window sills free from ornaments. In Scandinavia people rarely use any curtains at all, but if you feel you need some privacy, get sheer floaty fabrics and semi-transparent white material curtains instead. Keep it light!

Rustic Modern

Forget cheap plastics, imitations and extremely bright, bold colors in your interior. Stick to organic furnishings: move towards wood, ceramics and stone. Choose quality, natural products which will create “modern rustic” feel. Scandinavians love producing and supporting local designers and rather invest in a few, but well chosen home accessories, such as an interesting frame, a chic rustic mirror or alike. To create a more Scandinavian-like interior, avoid too much acrylics and “temporary fashionable” items, rather invest in a few but well-made and well-designed pieces. Also consider soft rugs in tonal colors (preferably soft, warm grey) and smooth, simplistic patterns.


A big part of Scandinavian hygge is cozying up in the afternoon with a good atmosphere by the candlelight. Scandinavians LOVE lights – all the time, everywhere, for any occasion (or no occasion at all). Candles are light during cozy afternoon chats, for lunch time, evening by the TV and sometimes even in the office to create a more home-y, relaxing atmosphere. It’s probably not surprising why: Danes love enjoying the little pleasures in their lives and candlelight helps creating intimacy and coziness in the smallest everyday moments, which is something hygge is about. After all, hygge is all about the constant pursuit of homespun pleasures, such as wearing cozy fluffy socks, having an interesting chat by the candlelight, eating yummy oat porridge topped with nuts or baking Danish Drømmekage together in a good company.

Fun fact: Danes burn more candles per head than any other nation in Europe, according to the European Candle Association.

A few tips to make your home more of a hygge place:

- Candles – ALWAYS light up a few. Even in a daylight!

- Don’t be in a rush – rushing somewhere destroys tranquility and, therefore, hygge.

- Treat yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but has to make you feel the life worth living.

- Enjoy the things. If there’s something you dislike – change it.

- While buying interior items, stick to the same color pattern. Gray is always a good choice.

- Choose soft, pleasant and natural over cheap, bold and vibrant.


DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are probably the most pleasant action before Christmas; when the most beautiful celebrations of a year are coming ahead. I believe that there‘re people who decorate their houses not only with decorations which they have bought, but also create something original and festive! I have already began thinking about how to decorate my home and therefore I‘ll share some creative ideas with you. Let’s get ready? ;) 

To make this small “Christmas tree“ the only thing you have to work for is getting a huge cone (I took it home one summer from Croatia), white paint and any festive strips of any color and appearance were necessary. I sprinkled the edges of the cone with “snow“ using white paint and later on just decorated with a “garland“. It‘s very simple yet beautiful!


Some more ideas on how to use cones so that it would make a festive decoration.


dazzling cones

It’s not obligatory to buy a Christmas tree and it doesn’t need to necessarily be green! Do a Christmas tree yourself and use it instead of a real one or simply as a decoration on a table or anywhere else.



paper trees

christmas trees out of paper

Some more small present and Advent calendar ideas that you could use and surprise your beloved ones for at least a couple of days in a row before Christmas.

Advent ideas

Mini santas

One of the easiest-to-accomplish ideas: advent calendar made out of… toilet paper!

toilet paper roll

With you to have pleasant holidays which would be full, rich and entertaining. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, ladies!

DIY Ideas: Decorate Your Home

As the section I’m writing about is called “Free time”, I’d like to share some DIY ideas which would definitely make your free time more useful and creative. Since I fancy do-it yourself-ideas  which will not result in cost and would be original, I am presenting you three very easy, simple yet decorative ideas that can give some freshness to your apartment. And I bet – you will be busy with an interesting and useful activity for a while! Let the creativity flourish!

do it yourself


DIY 1: Rope basket

You will need: rope cord and thread;


1. Start by winding your cord into a tight spiral. You’ll want to start with the rope end on the left side, and wrap your spiral going clockwise.

2. Set your sewing machine stitch to zig zag, then start sewing your rope from the center, where the rope end is. Make sure you’re sewing the edges of the rope together, otherwise you end up with gaps in your basket;

3. Once the spiral is large enough, tilt your bowl and sew the rope at an angle. If you want a bowl with perpendicular sides, tilt your bowl 90 degrees. For a shallower bowl, tilt the bowl at a shallower angle. This part was tough for author, so she had to do it over a couple times before she got it right. Practice makes perfect…right?

4. Keep sewing, until your basket reaches the desired height. To make a handle, mark off equal areas on your basket, and skip that portion when you’re sewing. Then on the next round, incorporate the rope back into the basket as the next layer. When you make a handle, you’re essentially making a hole in the basket, where the rope isn’t sewn.

5. Other steps: use your imagination!

Rope basket


DIY 2: Pillow with letters pattern

I believe that no instructions are needed here, right? ;) Just make sure the pens and/or markers you use are not easily washable, otherwise you will get the pillows dirty relatively quickly.




DIY 3: Herbs at home – yummy and decorative

When the summer growing season comes to an end, I feel the need to preserve some green freshness in my apartment by growing some herbs for a beautiful indoor display. Besides, I have always fancied homes with stylistic, yet simplistic details. Something interesting and eye-catchy yet not too expensive. Although pot herbs on the windowsill is more or less a tradition, I think that hanging bar with small pots would be even more interesting and exceptional. Therefore, to my mind, a decorative hanging stand with fresh, nice-smelling herbs could be one of such solutions, where you decide to improve your home with simple and yummy decoration, especially, since such herbs do not only serve the purpose of decoration. It’s usable and yummy!



As you can see, it is relatively easy to implement new DIY decorations, which would also serve a certain meaningul purpose. More to come… :)

How To Use Euro Pallets?

Euro pallets are probably the most recyclable (naturally used in storing various stuff) things which have extremely wide range of possibilities how to improve your room or home. I believe that most of you have seen Euro pallets thrown away near supermarket’s warehouse as majority of people don’t know that they are re-usable. If you can get a couple of them for your home (simply by asking at the store or picking them up) – you could organize Euro pallets and turn them into funky-looking furniture. Well, anyway these who really want to use them at home will definitely find a way to get Euro pallets.

Euro palets

So, if you have enough fantasy, you would probably think of using them in a creative way, literally everywhere. Perhaps the most popular way to use them would be a table or a basis under the mattress (even at my home the mattress is put on the pallets). Well, other ways to use them could be as follows: shelves, stands for the plants, lamp holders, wardrobe, decoration of the walls of any room, even bed edgings and dog beds!

grey flat

Bedroom improvements:


White carpet

The hook

Create your own shelf!

Green slef

More pictures at http://www.e-interjeras.lt/kita/euro-paletes.html


Clothing Design + Interior Design = ?

If you are wondering why these two, seemingly, different areas are quite equal, I’ll try to explain the idea that lies behind. This is just my personal opinion but I believe that most of you girls would agree with what I have noticed. Well, clothing design, packaging design, graphic design, interior design… what do they have in common? Design is design, no matter what kind of design that is. Sometimes even lines, textures and styles are related but not everybody catches a sight of it.

Dresses everywhere

What catches your eye first when you flip through the fashion magazine? Probably the answer would be a model wearing some fashionable clothes. But have you ever peeked deeper? Almost every photo has at least one secondary detail which helps to make a photo totally finished and perfect. This detail could be a field, roof, bus, chair or any other interior detail which is more preferable for me.

Blue blue blues

Clothing design and interior design are very close. If you fall in love with one, you can’t ignore the other. If you want to live in a harmonic interior you will also want to look respectively and vice versa…

flying chairs

please eat!

Did I force to think and look deeper? Let me guide you slowly through the photos and you will definitely take a notice of both: clothes and interior details. You should also note that clothes style are extremely similar to the interior style… and vice versa, as if they merged together into a great synergy, complementing and perfecting one another.


Photos source: www.skarp.se

ASOS: Trendy Interior Of a Trendy Online Shop

I believe every woman-girl knows ASOS e-shop (I sometimes buy some clothes here too) but have you ever had a chance to sneak into ASOS headquarters? Isn’t it interesting to see it from inside? Well, I can share this amazing interior with you, all Fameiva’s readers right now!

ASOS, one of the largest UK online fashion and beauty stores, based online, is primarily targeting young women, offering a wide range of trendy clothes and everyday beauty products as well as accessories. ASOS’s expansion reflects the significant growth of the company within the last year, where its active customer base rose 35% to 5.4 million across 160 countries. ASOS had a very clear vision which was to create the next chapter in the ASOS success story, designing a space where people want to be, where they can innovate together and continue to build the story.

Now you can “feed”your curiosity and take a look at some magnificent spaces and rooms. It seems that the interior of ASOS is as trendy as its products. What catches your eye first? For me it was a partition from fabrics used in ASOS clothes. I totally adore this solution which repeats at lounge zone where poufs are also covered with differently patterned fabric.

fabric options at Asos


ASOS Webshops

AOS headquarters take more than 3000sq.m area over 3 floors! Did you noticed stairs? Every step is individual and as well as wood boards which gives industrial and rustic mood. Generally, the whole interior is so non-binding, creative and fresh.

White asos office

fresh ASOS office

It would be a sin not to show you these amazing sketches…

ASOS Sketch

Sketch of ASOS

I hope you enjoyed this sneak-peak as well as I did and extended the “luggage”  of your interior design knowledge.

See more at: http://www.e-interjeras.lt/