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3 Tips for Dealing With Change

We, humans, are simple creatures.

Despite the fact that your neighbour claims he hates routine and is slowly dying in front of his office desk, he’s more than happy to just get home, turn on TV, grab some chips and ponder about the future while doing nothing for a few hours.

And admit it, so do you.

Human brain is not programmed to make us take risks, change our lifestyles and challenge us constantly. Our brain is designed to STOP us from doing all these things that biologically speaking are or might be a threat to our survival.

Challenging yourself and agreeing to things you are not certain about is extremely scary. But also, a hell of a fun.

…and now imagine the scenario that your neighbour suddenly starts jogging (after being a couch potato for years), stops buying his favourite chips and snacks on raw carrots with hummus instead. His oxytocin levels rise, he feels happier and more powerful and then – BANG – he decides to quit his job and actually do something he’s always been passionate about.

It took him 10 minutes to get dressed for his first jog that got him hooked.

It took him a few weeks of meal prep to get used to the new routine.

And it’ll be months or even years of joyous moments filled with self-satisfaction and pleasure.

Starting something new is difficult; achieving change requires a sense of urgency and active involvement in change efforts. But it’s not impossible if you focus on positives, talk to others and break the big, scary change into small, manageable pieces.

1. Focus on positives

Instead of focusing on the hurdles that you will face, focus on the positives that you will enjoy. Leave the difficulties aside (they will step in no matter what), but rather learn to see the positive aspects of each situation.
E.g. it might be costly and difficult to move from the US to China, but I’m sure it’ll broaden my knowledge, will challenge me and I can’t wait to try the wonders of the local cuisine!

2. Talk to someone who’s done it

At first, you may freak out about your resistance to change. But you’re not unique here – it’s completely normal; we are afraid of the unknown. To eliminate the fear of the unknown and to familiarize yourself with what’s coming next, give it a try and talk to someone who’s been through the same experience – it’ll help you prepare mentally.
E.g. I am intimidated by what it will bring, and I would like to know how my life will change. I know my friend’s cousin went through the same experience – why don’t I talk to him!

3. Break it down to actionable steps

Starting big is way scarier than starting small. Preparing yourself fully for the change is close to impossible, but making yourself aware of the change and starting to prepare is.
E.g. I have to move to China in two months. Why don’t I start a Chinese crash course now, to prepare myself for the upcoming change? I might as well find a few pen pals now to get myself introduced to the culture.

Accept that there will be a new chapter in your life that is meant for you, have an open mind and accept everything as it comes your way.

Because change, after all, is scary.

It’s terrifying.

But it can also be the best thing you’ll ever do.

How to Recreate the Latest Summer Makeup Trends

Only a few days left til the official calendar summer starts! Whether you’re hitting the beach or are getting ready for the party, stay up to date on the newest summer make up trends that will keep you looking fresh and feminine.

Aqua Eyes

Make a splash this summer with some hot blue shades! Keeping your eyes the focus of the whole makeup is definitely one of the 2017 summer trends. Stick to bright popping blue colors and choose one that will make your eye color stand out.


Pink Tones

Think pink! A sweep of soft, feminine pink eye shadow, blush and/or lipstick gives you fresh, healthy look. For the more classy make up choose monochromatic tones – i.e. same-colored eye and lip patterns.

Soft pink, peach and color tones have already stolen the hearts of Avoid cold undertones that will add some purple tint – what you want is a healthy, glowing and warm look.


Ombre Lips

To create an illusion of fuller lips try mixing two lipsticks into a warm ombre effect. First, pick out a lipstick in any shade that you prefer wearing and then pick a slightly lighter version of the same shade that will be used for the “inner” side of your lips.

Need inspiration? Here’s a cool DIY tutorial just for you!


New Year’s Resolutions

Let me guess: you, just like the great majority of other people, have set some special targets for the 2015. You want to challenge yourself and have already planned to learn a new language, pick up some crazy dance moves or decided to finish learn how to masterfully play a long-forgotten guitar. New Years resolutions or simply a targeted self-improvement is a shared American hobby, which, unfortunately, fails pretty often: according to the research performed by University of Scranton, only a tiny fraction of us keep our resolutions. According to the study, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. Where’s the failure, you may ask and what are the secrets behind those who succeed? Experts say that the biggest secret lies within keeping the resolutions simple and attainable.




Keep it simple

Be realistic and judge yourself carefully whether you can feasibly reach your goal throughout a year. Keep it short and simple: if your resolutions’ list exceeds 10 you can be fairly certain that soon you’ll forget what you have even wanted to achieve. According to the researchers, a small number (1-3) of attainable goals is better than a huge list of goals that a fairly hard to reach. Be realistic and evaluate your abilities and attainability of goals: can you actually do that? Can you achieve it? What is needed to achieve a goal? Set up a list of actions and work towards the goal.

Set up “deadlines” and make it tangible

Once you have managed to write down a short list you have to keep working towards your goal. If you set up some deadlines your work becomes easier, experts say. Set up a certain half-way target, fx. “spend 2 hours every Sunday on learning French grammar” and try to turn your purpose into a small tradition which you will try to do on a specific time. If it doesn’t work out, set up some metrics for your goal which you could actually “check” afterwards, fx. “learn 20 new Danish words until Thursday”.

Start now

As soon as you start thinking that you goal can be “postponed” you can be certain that the goal will not be reached. Benjamin Franklin once said, “never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today”. Keeping that in mind you should utilize an opportunity to do whatever you have hoped for this year as soon as you have an extra free minute.

Good luck!

Valentine’s Day Ideas

For those who haven‘t come up with the idea ion how to surprise your beloved one (probably, that‘s more applicable to women because generally women make this kind of presents) but still want what to give a present for your beloved one for Saint Valentine‘s day I suggest some interesting ideas. A beloved one will definitely be astonished by such an attention!

For those who intend to demonstrate their cooking abilities during the Valentine‘s day I‘m showing how to represent sweet regale in a romantic way.


Here’s the recipe!

be mine

raspberry muffins

Small presents not requiring a lot of investments and you‘ll remember and be impressed for a long time!

small presents


And when you find or make a present, do not forget to beautifully wrap it or add a card! Another cute idea would be a love jar full of compliments or promises.

love card


More ideas for this beautiful day: http://www.e-interjeras.lt/idejos-valentino-dienai.html

Wearable Tech – When Fashion & Technology Come Together

How about a stylish bike-helmet that is invisible and protects both your brain and your looks? Or an alarm clock that wakes you up without making a sound. Not interested yet? Maybe, a wearable computer that looks like futuristic glasses, or a sweater that changes colour according to your emotions? It is not a fantasy, it is very real and with reach. Let’s take a look at some of this wearable tech.

wearable technology

Wearable tech is technology worn on the body or, in some cases, even in the body. A few years ago no one heard of wearable tech and now, with the creation of Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch, this fast growing industry sparks the interest of investors, consumers, and, of course, the fashion industry.

Until recently the world of technology and elite fashion did not seem to go hand in hand, but with the increasing popularity of wearable tech, these two diverse industries begun to collide.  In 2013 Apple has hired two fashion giants, Angela Ahrendts, who had been the CEO of Burberry for 7 years, and Paul Deneve, former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent.  This decision marks the beginning of the new era in the wearable tech industry, the era of fusion between fashion and technology.

So if you think that fashion can’t surprise us with something entirely new, it is just because you haven’t heard about wearable tech yet.

Hövding biking helmet

Already today we can have a taste of this upcoming trend, in the form of the sleek Hövding versatile helmet.

 Swedish invisible bike helmet

This fashionably looking collar that comes in few different styles is in fact an airbag helmet that opens up in situation of the rapid movement. In terms of functionality, it is not really a threat to the traditional helmet, but it has filled the niche of demand for a bike helmet in which you can look good and stylish.

The air-helmet was developed by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin in 2005 as part of their master thesis project for Industrial Design at the University of Lund. At that time, under Swedish regulations helmets were obligatory for children under 15. But what about adults? Shouldn’t they protect their heads as well? Haput and Alstin came to the conclusion that most of the “casual” bikers who use bike as a mean of transportation refrain from using a bike helmet due to the concerns over their looks ( it is true that is how little it takes to stop is from protecting our lives) . They also noticed that the market of bike helmets offers only sport models and lacks any more casual in style, and that is how they came up with the idea of a slick inflatable urban bike helmet.

What started as a thesis project quickly evolved into a business. Their award winning designs can now be found in bike shops across the world as well as at their online store.  The price is maybe a bit higher that for regular helmet, but it is nothing compared to what some people are prepared to shell out for a pair of stunning shoes.

bike additions


Germood sweater by Sensoree

colours of vest

There is a long list of things that were once invented as something very different from what they ended up being. The most famous is Coca- cola which was once invented as a medicine and became one of the biggest icons of pop-culture.

The same might happen with, Galvanized Skin Response (GSR), a method initially developed for lie detectors , which was used by the Sensoree to create a sweater changing its color in accordance to the emotions of its wearer. GSR did not succeed in pleading people guilty or not, but might just be on its way to becoming a new trend in fashion or a new treatment for sensory processing disorder.

A color changing mood-meter is hardly a new idea, and it even had its moment in in the pop-culture in the 1970s with the mood-ring, which changed its color in accordance to temperature. This forgotten idea, was given a futuristic form and brought back to life by Germood Sweater.

The sweater uses Galvanized Skin Response Method (GSR), a method used previously in lie- detectors. A sensor placed in the hand measures the conductivity of the body to define the level of excitement and nervousness. While GSR method did not make a career in getting people plead guilty or not, its great moment is maybe still about to come with the Germood sweater, which is according its creators will take human interaction into another level.

While it may be a fun gadget, do we always want to wear our hearts on our sleeves? Is there no more need for intimacy in our world, shaped by social media and modern technology? Sensoree, the creator of Germood sweater, responds to these concerns by presenting it as an innovation in the world of human interaction. They have even coined a new word for it “extimacy”, an externalized intimacy, defined as a tool for enhancing intimacy and telepathy. Once I got past the name which gives me the impression of internal contradiction, I gave it another thought.  Don’t we all, sometimes have these days when we feel like screaming “stay away from me”, but we can’t because it would be rude, inappropriate, or we just don’t want to be bothered with defining our mood. Maybe “extimacy”  gives us an opportunity to avoid  many misunderstandings, arguments and unpleasant moments. After all the body often tells us what the mind is trying to hide. The increased body-awareness could lead to a new means of communication for people suffering from sensory processing disorders such as Autism or ADHD.

Whether any of these products are functional or not, they are certainly new, interesting, and give us the opportunity to express ourselves and let’s be honest, it is not functionality but beauty, the self-expression and the exclusivity that stand at the core of fashion, and fashion is now a very strong player in the world of wearable tech.

Aspired By Real Women

Last spring photographer’s Jaime C. Moore daughter turned 5 and for this occasion mother wanted to make creative 5year-olds pictures. After looking for inspiration for themed children pictures she noticed a pattern of little girls being dressed as Disney Princesses. Of course I don’t say that being a princess from a fairy tale is a bad thing when you are five, however, it might create a little bit unrealistic situation there.

I don’t have kids but I know that one day I will and what Jaime C. Moore did actually inspires to pay more attention in the thoughts and effort you put in bringing up your kids. Photographer decided that she will dress her daughter as the influential and successful women of real life. Women who actually achieved something with their own magic not a fantasy. As Jaime Moore puts it “My daughter wasn’t born into royalty, but she was born into a country where she can now vote, become a doctor, a pilot, an astronaut, or even President if she wants and that’s what REALLY matters. I wanted her to know the value of these amazing women who had gone against everything so she can now have everything.”

Such a brilliant idea, fun and educational as well. And all just because the photographer put slightly more effort in thinking about such an occasion. The photography series called “Not just a girl…” and more of Jaime Moore photography you can find here.


Source: Visual News