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Hair Mask For Extreme Hair Growth

Maintaining your hair so that they are strong, thick and healthy is not an easy task. Especially since majority of us use a number of tools that damage our hair in a long-term. The more we use, the worse it becomes…

It is thought that hair growth treatments and products promoting fast growth are incredibly expensive which is partially true. Partially, because they are expensive, but you can always opt another option – make a home-made hair mask that will help your hair grow thicker and faster (and won’t make your purse any less thinner, we promise)!

You will need:

- 3 spoons of mustard,

- 3 spoons of avocado oil,

- 1 big spoon of cinnamon powder.

Simply mix all ingredients until even and apply on your scalp. It’s important that you apply the mask on your scalp and not your hair.  Keep it for about half an hour ant then wash it off. Don’t overuse it: since mask has a warming effect, it can easily affect scalp skin irritation.

In order to stimulate your hair growth even more, it is advised to brush your hair at least twice a day. Brushing hair stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal, which is essential for hair growth. Besides brushing your hair try to massage your scalp with your fingertips as often as possible. Try to massage your scalp a little longer while applying shampoo and conditioner. And, certainly, use the mask! This natural home-made mask has a warming effect which, again, stimulates blood circulation. Use mask once or twice a week before washing your hair.