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Do Men Give Presents For 8th of March?

Eight of March is Women’s Day (originally called International Working Women’s Day) and it primarily is celebrated in a former Soviet bloc. The day is celebrated in order to note and show the appreciation towards women for social and political achievements. Yet with the years as well as changing political and cultural live 8th of March in post-bloc countries have gotten a slightly different context: nowadays, men would simply appreciate their mothers, wives, girlfriends and daughters. It has simply become a “women’s day” to note the necessity and appreciation of all women.



Danish Jonas, who has got a Bulgarian girlfriend, said that he has heard about the day yet didn’t know the precise date nor that it is specifically celebrated in post-Soviet bloc. “Actually, I did not know that I should give my girl friend a gift for that day… I have never celebrated any of that kind of holidays in my family, and prefer giving gifts when I want instead of decided holidays”, says Jonas. “I used to celebrate Women’s Day when I still lived in Uzbekistan”, says Uzbek Akmal. “We would usually give flowers and say nice words for women. Besides, on 8th of March we would have a free day, we would not have to work”, adds he.

Yet according to the recently organized research in one of the post-Soviet bloc countries, it has become clear that men have no idea on what do women expect as a gift for 8th of March. According to the research, majority of women would highly prefer to spend some time with the partner rather than getting a present, yet men think that a bouquet of flowers or a practical gift would mean more.

Hm, well, I personally don’t think that presents are needed for such a celebration as International Women’s Day. However, since I myself come from a post-Soviet bloc country, I would love my boyfriend to cook a dinner for me and appreciate me for the way I am (at least). Baby?.. ;)

Inexpensive Gifts For Your Girlfriends

Are you on a tight budget, yet you are invited to a friend’s birthday party? If you are, it could be a good idea to personalize your gift and make the gift yourself, or buy something nice. We’ve got you covered!

For lucie


Handmade Jewelry

If your friend is a fashionista with her own style, you can buy some gems or beads and create a necklace or bracelet. They’re easy-to-make and unique.



Bottle of Wine

Who doesn’t like wine? It’s a classic and very chic gift.  A bottle of wine usually doesn’t cost a lot, and if you’ve got a spare minute, you can also nicely decorate the bottle (get some inspiration here).



A book

If your friend loves to read and get inspired, grab a book! Usually novels, stories and photo-albums are not very expensive. Yet before purchasing a book, you have to figure out what she likes.




Candles, as well as candle holders, are probably one of the most romantic gifts. You can purchase a nice, long-lasting candle in such stores as H&M for around 50DKK! The ones from H&M not only create a romantic atmosphere, but also make your room smell really fresh.


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Framed photos and collages

If you have some nice pictures with your friend, it could be a good idea to print and frame it as a birthday present. You can also make a simple collage and use it as a main picture.  It’s a good idea if you’ve known her for a long time and share a lot of memories together.

photo frame


Cake or muffins

If you are on a budget and have a couple of eggs, some flour, butter and chocolate or fruit inside your fridge, be creative and bake her a birthday cake! It is relatively easy, and not such a time-consuming task.



Bath products or cosmetics

Admit it, we all love nice-smelling bath goodies. For those on a low budget, you can find relatively cheap sets in  The Body Shop (50+75DKK) Another option is to buy some products online; for example: the Yves Rocher shop sells inexpensive, good quality products.



It’s also a good idea to get her a birthday card (or make one yourself!), telling her that you appreciate her a lot, that she makes your life better/more interesting, and so forth.  Yet the one thing to remember is that it does not matter what you choose, as long as you do it with your heart!