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3 Healthy Hummus Recipes

Say hello to my favorite snack! Hummus is perfect for just anything: on top of bread, a cracker, a chip or simply as a dip for fresh veggies. When I lived in Denmark I used to buy a ready-made hummus but now I’ve gotten into the habit of making it myself since it’s so quick and easy. Plus you can variate some ingredients and you at the end you will be left with new amazing tastes. All you need to have is a can of chickpeas, virgin olive oil, a few garlic cloves, tahini and lemon. Even if you don’t have the latter two, your hummus will still end up being absolutely delish.

What’s not to love about hummus? It’s healthy, tasty, easy-to make comfort food. Also, it’s inexpensive and can be really fulfilling.¬†Everybody loves hummus. If you don’t love hummus I can nearly bet you’ve never tried a good, flavorful one! So grab your blender and give it a go: I’m sure your taste buds (along with your tummy) will thank you :)

1. Classic Hummus


Hummus is a simple dish. All you’ve got to do is puree some chickpeas and tahini, add a few extra ingredients and voila, you’ve got you’ve got yourself a nice snack, spread and a dip. If you’re not feeling too adventurous this time – try a classic hummus and grab a slice of bread along.

- 1 can of chickpeas (approx. 400gr)

- 2 small garlic cloves

- Juice from 1/2 lemon

- 2 teaspoons of virgin olive oil

- Pinch of salt and pepper

- Cayenne pepper and smoked paprika (not obligatory)

All you’ve got to do is put all those wonderful ingredients in a tall bowl and give it a good blend. To give it a bit of a different taste and freshness I also add 1 to 2 teaspoons of dried parsley or dill.¬†If it turns out to be a bit too thick, don’t hesitate to add a bit of water (that’s what I normally do) since it should be the creamy consistency of mashed potatoes. Now all you need to add is a pinch of salt and pepper (as a garnish), a bit of cayenne pepper and smoked paprika. I sometimes also add a few chickpeas that I mash with fork to give it a bit of a ‘chewy’ texture :) Yumm!

2. Sun-dried Tomato Hummus

This one is my favorite! Sun-dried tomatoes in this particular combination give hummus a rich, smoky, salty flavor that I enjoy very much. This particular hummus works very well as a dip with toasted pita chips and tortilla chips as well as a tasty spread in sandwiches (especially with fried tofu!). Sun-dried tomatoes give a beautiful coral-like color to hummus and tastes absolutely divine. Give it a try!

- 1 can of chickpeas (approx. 400gr)

- 1 small garlic clove (I don’t enjoy this one being too garlic-y)

- 2 teaspoons of tahini

- A teaspoon of virgin olive oil

- 1/2 jar of sun-dried tomatoes in oil

- A teaspoon of tomato oil (from canned tomatoes)

- 1/4 juice from one lemon

Blend all the ingredients together until you have a nice, creamy, smooth texture. If it’s too thick add some water; for this amount of hummus I normally add around 50-70 milliliters of water, otherwise it turns out way too thick for me. Enjoy!

3. Beet Hummus

This pink, delicious hummus gets gorgeous color and very fresh flavor from beets. I remember I tried my first beet hummus for the first time in Aarhus, Denmark, in a raw bar along with the seed cracker and despite my fear for its unusual color I was left amazed with its fresh, slightly sweet taste. Due to its unusual color it also makes a fun cracker dip. I’ve brought this hummus to a few parties and it’s always been a hit.

- 1 can of chickpeas (approx. 400gr)

- 2-3 small garlic cloves (I don’t enjoy this one being too garlic-y)

- 2 teaspoons of tahini

- Two teaspoons of virgin olive oil

- 1/2 juice from one lemon

- 50gr of pre-cooked beets (I normally buy them in vacuum)

- A pinch of salt & pepper

Put all ingredients into a tall bowl and blend well. You might need to add 20-30 milliliters of water so that it doesn’t end being too thick. If you want to lift your beet hummus and give it even a more luxurious taste, top them with cooked & chopped walnuts. Enjoy!