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DIY Ideas: Decorate Your Home

As the section I’m writing about is called “Free time”, I’d like to share some DIY ideas which would definitely make your free time more useful and creative. Since I fancy do-it yourself-ideas  which will not result in cost and would be original, I am presenting you three very easy, simple yet decorative ideas that can give some freshness to your apartment. And I bet – you will be busy with an interesting and useful activity for a while! Let the creativity flourish!

do it yourself


DIY 1: Rope basket

You will need: rope cord and thread;


1. Start by winding your cord into a tight spiral. You’ll want to start with the rope end on the left side, and wrap your spiral going clockwise.

2. Set your sewing machine stitch to zig zag, then start sewing your rope from the center, where the rope end is. Make sure you’re sewing the edges of the rope together, otherwise you end up with gaps in your basket;

3. Once the spiral is large enough, tilt your bowl and sew the rope at an angle. If you want a bowl with perpendicular sides, tilt your bowl 90 degrees. For a shallower bowl, tilt the bowl at a shallower angle. This part was tough for author, so she had to do it over a couple times before she got it right. Practice makes perfect…right?

4. Keep sewing, until your basket reaches the desired height. To make a handle, mark off equal areas on your basket, and skip that portion when you’re sewing. Then on the next round, incorporate the rope back into the basket as the next layer. When you make a handle, you’re essentially making a hole in the basket, where the rope isn’t sewn.

5. Other steps: use your imagination!

Rope basket


DIY 2: Pillow with letters pattern

I believe that no instructions are needed here, right? ;) Just make sure the pens and/or markers you use are not easily washable, otherwise you will get the pillows dirty relatively quickly.




DIY 3: Herbs at home – yummy and decorative

When the summer growing season comes to an end, I feel the need to preserve some green freshness in my apartment by growing some herbs for a beautiful indoor display. Besides, I have always fancied homes with stylistic, yet simplistic details. Something interesting and eye-catchy yet not too expensive. Although pot herbs on the windowsill is more or less a tradition, I think that hanging bar with small pots would be even more interesting and exceptional. Therefore, to my mind, a decorative hanging stand with fresh, nice-smelling herbs could be one of such solutions, where you decide to improve your home with simple and yummy decoration, especially, since such herbs do not only serve the purpose of decoration. It’s usable and yummy!



As you can see, it is relatively easy to implement new DIY decorations, which would also serve a certain meaningul purpose. More to come… :)

Decorated Shoes: a Sign Of An Impeccable Taste

“Diamonds are girl’s best friends” –  an American model, singer and actress Marilyn Monroe would say. However, I wouldn’t totally agree. Since twenty-first century has brought a lot of change not only in our daily lives but also new winds to our closets, I would also add “..and so are the shoes”.


One of this seasons’s highlights are the decorated heels. It is a must-have and could save your outfit in a second. Decorated heels could become an interesting detail in your outfit and could save it – imagine wearing a petite black dress and a pair of stunning decorated shoes – and you’re ready to visit world’s most popular clubs and cafés, for sure. However, you have be aware that plastic heels are not always secure to wear – so before investing in an expensive pair of decorated shoes, make sure that the heel itself is not loose. So, for the brave ones, next time you go shopping, you know which shoes to buy – those, with the decorated heel!

No matter if it is gold, silver, plastic, wood, metal, patchwork, colorful beads or mini jewels…the more it contrast the shoe brings, the better it looks.

An important tip – leave the shoes to be the subject of attention in your outfit. Dress simply. Do not steal away the spotlight of your shoes by overdressing.


If you on the other hand want the shoes to be the finish of your fabulous outfit, you can choose one-colured pair or a simple element on it which attracts the attention. It could be a simple black boot with a ribbon at the back, an interesting pattern another detail that catches the eye.