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Aviendo: Natural Vegan Cosmetics

I had an opportunity to try natural skincare line by Aviendo, the company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Even though the company has opened not too long, I feel they’re quickly aiming for the leaders position in the natural skincare market since 1. they are local and affordable, 2. natural, 3. firming and refreshing.


Aviendo is a company and a concept which has a goal, as they claim, to “enrich and inspire” promoting health-giving lifestyles. Being passionate for pure and natural products, Aviendo offers a wide variety of skincare products including facial creams, serums, eye care products, body moisturizers and cleansers.

Night face cream

If I had to be honest, I did not hear about the company before I tried the products. After receiving the products, I started following the company and was positively amazed with their positive, inspirational message that they send to users worldwide, yet mainly in Denmark. I liked the clear product description on their page and inspiring posts on their Facebook page, which definitely made me smile. It seems that the company is not only focusing on clean and healthy skincare, but rather on a healthy lifestyle and daily inspiration. Besides, I liked the fact that Aviendo offers a relatively small range of products, which made me sure that they rather focus on skincare and try to improve the level of their offerings instead of offering a wide range of so-so products.

I had a chance to try Aviendo’s extra firming aloe vera day and night face creams. After using both facial creams for about 2 weeks I have noticed that my skin got a healthy glow. Since both products should rather be used together for the best result, I did apply a small amount of day cream in the morning, after having washed my face, and a small amount of a night cream before going to bed. The first impression was great: I did feel the firming effect, skin absorbed the cream very quickly (so I did not have to go sleep with the oily face…) and it had a natural, pleasant smell.

According to Aviendo, creams are supposed to improve the overall structure of the skin creating natural firmness and binding moisture. Since both creams contain aloe vera extract, one should expect the skin to get protected from damage. Even though I actually have 5-6 different facial creams on my shelve in the bathroom, I currently am still using Aviendo. Could be a nice coincidence since I started eating healthy, too, but I have noticed that my small pimples on my cheeks disappeared as well.


+ Natural, pleasant smell

+ Simple packaging

+ Pumps (i.e. easy to use)

+  Great texture

+ Skin absorbs creams really quickly

+ A noticeable glowing effect after the usage


- Pumps would sometimes stop working

- Cream does not get absorbed too quickly if the face is damp

Even though the company is relatively new in the market, it seems that they are doing a good job when it comes to marketing healthy lifestyles and natural skincare products. Feeling like learning more about Aviendo? Check their inspirational Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AviendoNatural and their webpage, where you can also purchase the products: http://aviendonatural.com/

Danish Christmas Dish: Caramelized Potatoes

The first time I tried Danish caramelized potatoes during one of many Christmas dinners with my friends some time ago I didn’t believe I am eating potatoes. They were small, firm, sweet and smelling like something in between of apple and candy. This incredible and easy Danish Christmas dish can be used as a side dish together with roasted pork or as a dessert (well, I am a weird foreigner, so it’s allowed, I suppose?). 

http://honestcooking.com/ by Kalle Bergman



- Sugar (2/3 of a cup)

- Butter (150-200 gr)

- Small potatoes (1 kg)


First of all, boil potatoes. It is advised to boil them with the skin on and peel it off when they’re cold. Melt the sugar in a completely empty, clean pan until it becomes liquid. Add butter and stir it all until even on a small heat. When it starts caramelizing, add all potatoes in. Constantly stir and bake them for about 20 minutes. Those brownish, sweet and sticky potatoes make a perfect match together with roasted pork and red cabbage salad. Enjoy!

Danish Language – The Biggest Advantage

Being an international professional in such country as Denmark, where everyone speaks fluent English, living and finding a job seems a relatively easy task, however, the reality hits hard: without any Danish knowledge it is hard to find a good job where your professional skills would be needed and valued. At least basics of a conversational Danish is already valued – and will definitely increase your chances of getting a job.

keep calm


Language centers

If you are interested in learning Danish, there are some options: either going to classes physically or learning online. Besides the language center Lærdansk, bigger cities offer Danish classes in universities and student houses. Another option is to find a personal private teacher, which, having seen many examples, is a good option after you have already learned something but are still afraid to talk.


Reading material

A good idea would also be to read in Danish, especially newsletters and newspapers, which contain interesting information on current affairs.  It could be interesting and valuable to read such newspapers as Alt om København and Jyllands Posten. Women, who are interested in reading articles in Danish, could take a look at Woman.dk magazine for women, which is a Danish Cosmo version. And, without a doubt, try speaking Danish as much as possible – without the courage to speak one can know the grammar but will still be unable to express the thoughts…

When you feel comfortable speaking Danish, it could be a good idea to switch to Danish instead of English with your Danish friends – it’ll for sure take time to get used to speaking in a new language, however, you will see that your language is improving really quickly. Just do not stop learning and speaking – the more you practice, the better it becomes.

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