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Noni Care – An Eco Luxury Treatment For Your Skin

I’ve recently had an opportunity to try Noni cosmetics – facial mask and facial cream. Having heard some partially mystical, partially weird stories of the Noni fruit itself from the earlier days I must admit I was a little bit skeptical. My presuppositions, however, proved to be wrong.


A bit of history

Noni plant  (Morinda citrifolia) was used as a source of food and medicine about 2000 years ago. The leaves of the Noni fruit, together with the fruit itself, stems and the seeds are often used for medicinal purposes. The fruit is rich in anti-oxidant properties, which therefore have great moisturizing effects when used on a skin. In addition to that, Noni fruit juice is very rich in vitamins, aminoacids and microelements. Some people believe that the fruit fights a number of human diseases, starting with slow metabolism and increased body fat finishing with something a little more private, such as sexual issues. The roots of the fruit are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat abdominal pain, impotence and menstrual disorders. Even though such beliefs that the fruit might treat a number of diseases might not be fully true, one thing for sure – the fruit is rare and quite interesting, as it does have nourishing properties and is widely used in both food and medicine across Polynesian cultures.

The effects

The facial creams and masks are produced using the blend of Noni juice and Aloe Vera extracts, which have antibacterial and antifungal activities and therefore help treat minor skin infections. For a number of years, Noni juice has been promoted by practitioners of alternative medicine as a medicine, though has only recently been experimented together with other mixtures in cosmetics. Noni juice and Aloe Vera extract mixture proved to have antibacterial properties, which is the reason why the mixture is usually used together in cosmetics, specifically facial creams and masks. The juices of Noni fruit, when used together with Aloe Vera, are said to to improve cell regeneration, inhibits the growth of precancerous cells and balances out skin, nerve cells as well as blood vessels.

After having tried the facial cream, mask and the lipbalm I’ve noticed that my facial skin has become smoother and a lot softer. I’ve also liked the fact that my skin would quickly absorb the facial cream not leaving any greasiness at all, which is important specifically during the hot summer time. Facial mask, which I used once a week, would leave the skin feeling refreshed and nourished. I’ve noticed that a number of facial masks would usually make my facial skin extremely dry after usage, which was not the case with Noni Care facial mask, as it rather left the skin feeling nourished and smooth.


+ Natural, pleasant smell

+ Lovely, simple and easy-to-use packaging

+ Ecological

+ Cheap

+ Nourishing and not greasy


- Rare to find

I am a little surprised myself this time as this time the only disadvantage that I did actually see is a rare, hard-to-find distribution, as Noni Care cosmetics would not be sold in convenience stores nor pharmacies, but sold only online. To be honest, after having trying out the products I have tried to Google all the possible places where the cosmetics line is sold, and the ones I found were only Lithuania, Poland and Russia. Too bad. If you by any chance find out more distributors, please let us know in the comments below. Other than that, my evaluation is very good – I am giving them 4,5 points out of 5! (the half missing because of distribution).

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Get Great Skin In 2 Weeks

Is it your birthday coming up? Wedding? Any other major event, where you simply must look stunning, yet you find yourself in a miserable situation since your nose is full of blackheads and skin is extremely dry or very oily? Read easy tips to get great skin fast so that you not only enjoy the event, but also look and feel stunning.

beautiful skin in 2 weeks

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1. No fast food

Fast food is full of unhealthy sources of processed fats, sugar, and excess sodium. You should avoid consuming fast food, including processed snacks such as cereal. Cutting out excess salt, sugar and fat is the best way to improve the state of your skin quickly.

2. Vegetables

The more veggies, the better it is! Fill your plate with fresh salad, steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Also, try kale with sweet potatoes. Spoil yourself with as many vegetable dishes as you feel like.

3. Water

If you want to keep your skin youthful and feel good, drink more water. Instead of drinking 3-4 glasses of water try drinking 6-8 and you will instantly feel better. Just don’t “overdose”: if you drink too much water your body will not be able to eliminate water from your body as quickly and you will wake up with the swollen eyes.

4. Get enough sleep

Ideally, that amount should be 8-9 hours, but make it a minimum of 7-8. Make sure you plan your day so that you could also nap, if you feel like. Make this priority for glowing skin and energy that lasts all day.

5. Wash your make up

Did you know the fact that your skin ages six times faster if you go to bed with an unwashed face? Make sure washing your face with a gentle make up remover and facial wash becomes your routine. Besides, make sure you moist your skin so that it can get the needed vitamins. To get great skin fast, you must properly care for your skin by treating it gently and consistently.

Implementing these simple choices from your diet, exercise, sleep and skincare routines will effectively change your skin without you having to dish out tons of kroner and energy on products that just cover up the real problem.

Written using sources of allwomenstalk.com

Skincare Tips To Feel Youthful

Women have always cared about their looks. I remember my mother and grandmother having discussions about their facial creams and eye serums. It’s true: we women don’t want to face the fact of aging, therefore we want to keep our skin looking as youthful as possible for the longer time. And, since our skin is the main traitor showing our health state and age, women constantly look for products, foods and positive habits to keep skin clean, refreshed and youthful. Not only the genes, but also a balanced diet, sports and knowledge of how to look after your skin makes it look good. There are a couple of simple tips to help your skin look fresh and youthful.


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1. Anti-aging foods

If you want to have elastic and youthful skin, your diet has to be full of vitamins and proteins. Eating beans, berries, fish, spinach, nuts and kale will definitely help your skin look better.

2. Sleeping on silk

If you do not have silk bed clothing yet, it could be relatively expensive to purchase the whole set. Yet is recommended to sleep at least on a pillow which is in a silk pillowcase. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is also recommended in order to have healthy hair.

3. Glasses and sunglasses

It is recommended to get good prescription glasses (if you need them) in order to avoid wrinkles around the eyes. Squinting makes tiny eye wrinkles appear faster.

Besides, don’t forget to purchase a pair of good summer glasses. It could be a good idea to purchase sunglasses before the summer has come, since sunglasses are a little cheaper when the season has not come yet.

4. Serum

It could be a good idea to get an eye serum or anti-dark circle pencil for your eyes. The skin around your eyes is very thin, therefore if you experience a lot of stress and do not sleep enough, it could be a good idea to spoil your the skin around your eyes from time to time. Even if you are only in your twenties.

Written using sources of allwomenstalk.com

ACAI Anti-stress Facial Cream From Rudolph Care

I am not a big fan of facial creams, since they usually leave my face moisturized but greasy. Consequently, if my friends happen to be taking pictures of me, I seem to have an extremely greasy face. Yet I am happy to have tried Acai anti-stress cream, since it moistures yet keeps the face dry enough.

Anti stress cream

To be honest, out of the products that I tried, the anti-stress facial cream is my favorite product from Rudolph Care. It’s extremely nourishing and controls the oils on the face. After using the cream, my facial powder stayed longer and my forehead did not get oily as quickly as usual. I could also see that my skin was not irritated. Usually, my nose is very dry, so one thing I was concerned about is whether the facial cream would be good enough to keep my nose moist, so that I would not have any flakey skin on it. Guess what – my nose looked and felt amazing!

Both I (young skin) and my mother (mature skin) tried it. After 5 days of use, one could spot that my skin became smoother and softer. The cream also controlled the oils on my skin. My mother (she has also tried it for 5 days) claimed that the cream has smoothed her skin, and that her skin felt richer, a little more elastic and soft.

The anti-stress facial cream seems to deliver nourishment to the face quickly – and one can see the results in a short time. It is simply an organic facial goodie that I fell in love with. I usually am quite picky about the facial creams, but I must admit that this cream scores 5 points out of 5. Well done, Rudolph Care! Amazing product indeed.

For product purchase as well as additional information, visit http://rudolphcare.com/

ACAI Hand Cream by Rudolph Care

Danish TV star and radio host Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph knows what women need: luxurious cosmetics that takes care of their skin and shows natural beauty.

Rudolph Care is a series of exclusive beauty products that nurtures and cares for the skin, and that isn’t harmful to humans or the environment.

Having tried the luxurious Acai Hand Cream from Rudolph Care, I can conclude that it is a real treat for your hands: high-quality, it smells like soft cotton, and is rich and creamy but not oily at all. Yet, to be very honest, it was not something I would usually use, since I am used to strongly sweet-smelling hand creams. If I wanted to purchase a luxurious skincare product from Rudolph Care, I would rather invest in Rudolph Care anti-stress facial cream.

Rudolph hand cream

Yet getting back to the hand cream: the cream contains Shea butter and organic oils, providing the skin with deep-acting care. The company describes the cream as a softening luxury for your hands. Smooth consistency and texture and moisturizing by all its means.  It moisturizes and leaves skin silky smooth. The cream has a pleasant and slightly sweet smell. It is said that the smell of the products in Rudolph Care depends on the year’s harvest conditions, which creates natural variation of fragrances. The cream is very soft and tender; even a very allergic friend of mine liked it! “Smells and feels like as if soft cotton were touching my arms…”, she said.

It is being advised to use the product together with the Acai Cream Soap for the smoothest skin; the best results can be acquired faster and maintained longer.

For product purchase as well as additional information, visit http://rudolphcare.com/

Glitz & Gloss – All About Nail Polish

My mom always used to say that your nails and shoes tell people who you are. It was not until I slowly started to build up my nail polish collection, it dawned on me – my mom, after all, was right. From then on I can’t help but notice everyone’s hands, shape of their nails, and, most importantly, their nail polish. You would be surprised how much nail polish can tell about one’s personality, life style, and, in some cases, even mood.

Knowing the importance of skin care products and skin care routine, I thought I would tell you how to take a proper care of your nails, and transform them to a stylish detail, complimenting your outfit.

Firstly, it is important to take care of your hands, so hand-cream is a must. If you are too lazy, or forgetful, it helps to keep a tube on your night stand. My go-to cream at the moment is extra-moisturizing lavender one from Crabtree&Evelyne.

Secondly, cuticle care is also very important, since it not only moisturizes your skin around the nail, but helps with nail growth and strength. I like to use natural oils, simple olive oil would work wonders, but I prefer something a little lighter, than an olive oil, so Pro Nails Cuticle oil works as a treat.

Then the last step before applying nail polish, is to find a good base coat, since that not only helps your nails to grow, but it saves them from staining if you use darker or more pigmented colors. You can choose ones which promise to help your nail growth, the ridge filling one, or just the one you, or rather your nails, prefer the most. My suggestion would be SPA rituals lacquer lock, which helps your nail polish to stay in place during a busy day.

And now you are ready to paint a nail color onto your nails. Which color and which nail polish brand you choose, it is completely up to you, you can choose it according the occasion, mood or to accentuate one or another detail in your outfit. And then you should remember to seal your nail polish with a top coat, there you can choose to use a regular one, which adds shine and protects polish from chipping, or you could use the effect ones, such as Zoya Fleck effects or Essie Lux effects, if you are out to a party.

If you need a nail polish which would help you to nail a job interview, you might want to consider a matte effect, e.g. one from Gosh, which helps you to create sophisticated, but not shiny in your face kind of look.