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Warm Summer Salad

I am vegan, and I choose compassion. Which to me not only means not only choosing to substain from animal-based or animal-derived products, but also translates into a number of healthy and delicious meals – lots of fresh fruits, interesting vegetable combinations, legumes and thousands of interesting spice variations. Oh, and I’ve just recently started learning a bit about spices and their combination – my God, there’s so much unexplored!

…and yet despite the fact that we all might find an avocado, a slice of bread and a few tomatoes no one really knows how to “treat” me as a guest. So instead, I usually invite people to our apartment so that I could prepare something nice and (un)expected for them. Here we go: a simple, delicious 15 minute meal – salad!



- Salad mix

- Fresh, ripe mango

- Avocado

- Firm tofu

- Zucchini

- Bell pepper

- Almonds

- Sunflower seeds


- Coconut milk (200ml)

- Soy sauce (2-3 tbsp)

- 1 garlic clove

- 1 tbsp brown sugar

- A scoop of peanut butter



First, prep the sauce: in a tall dish blend together all sauce ingredients and set them aside. In a new, clean pan fry sunflower seeds along with almonds until you start smelling warm, nutty flavor. Once done, set aside.

On a big, pretty dish start plating the salad, sliced mango and avocado. Set aside.

In a big frying pan (best = wok), cook big slices of zucchini and sliced bell pepper. If you like a bit spicier meals like I do, once cooked, add a bit of sriracha sauce and cook for 1 more minute and add directly to the plate.

Cut tofu in small cubes, fry on a bit of oil until it’s golden brown. Once cooked, pour the sauce on top and let it summer for 1-2 minutes. Plate tofu cubes on top and add 2-3 spoons of the sauce. Garnish with sunflower seeds and almonds.


Danish Dream Cake


If you have spent some time in Denmark, you have most likely already tried Danish Drømmekage (eng. Dream cake). A sweet and slightly bit spongy coconut taste dessert that Danes (as well as foreigners) praise for its taste.

The history of the Danish Dream cake brings us back to sixties where a woman called Jytte Andersen participated in cake baking contest in a large food company in Denmark. She used a mixture of butter and coconut to make a crunchy top for the sponge cake, which turned out to be so good that the cake was nominated to be the best in competition and the cake has later become probably the most popular cake in Denmark. So if you’re feeling like treating yourself a little here’s an easy recipe of the Dream Cake that will make your taste buds happy.


- 300 gr of flour

- 3 eggs

- 200 gr of sugar

- about 200 gr of margarine/butter

- 2 teapoons of baking powder

- 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

- a little bit of water

- brown sugar

- shredded coconut


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Melt the margarine and put it aside. Mix eggs and sugar together. Add vanilla to the mixture. In a separate bowl, mix baking powder with flour and set it aside. Put 1/2 of flour and powder mixture to the egg and sugar mixture, stir gently. Add remaining flour and about 1/3 of the butter, stir it, put dough into a prepared pan and bake it for about 20 minutes.

During the baking time, prepare the frosting: add brown sugar and shredded coconut to the rest of the butter until you have a thick paste. Pour it on the baked cake and bake it for 5 more minutes, then wait until it cools down. Enjoy!